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System Shock 2 Cheats

IIn the game hit SHIFT and ; (SEMICOLON) together, then type:

summon_obj [item]

medical kit
psi amp
assault rifle
laser pistol
ap clip
he clip
standard clip
pellet shot box
rifled slug box
large worm beaker
detox patch
psi booster
reflec armor
french-epstein device
portable battery
maintenance tool
hack soft v3
repair soft v3
research soft v3
modify soft v3
EMP Rifle
Electro Shock
Gren Launcher
Stasis Field Generator
Fusion Cannon
Crystal Shard
Viral Prolif
Worm Launcher

*More Items Listed Below.

More Cheats:

psi_fullGive the player full psi points
ubermenschTurns the player into homo superior
add_poolGive player additional build pool points
show_versionDisplay version in game mode
toggle_invToggle inv panel
cycle_ammoCycle through available ammo types
toggle_compassToggle compass state
queryQuery cursor 1 = on 0 = off
splitSplit cursor 1 = on 0 = off
shock_jump_playerJump the player
look_cursorPuts cursor into look mode
reload_gunReloads weapon out of inventory
swap_gunsSwitches primary and secondary weapons
wpn_setting_toggleToggles between weapon settings
select_psipowerBrings up the psi power selection MFD
equip_weaponSearches your inv for a particular weapon and equips it
cycle_weaponCycles through next equippable weapon, 1 for fwd, -1 for back
psi_powerActs like the 1-5 level buttons
open_mfdOpen up an MFD by overlay constant
stop_emailStop any currently playing email/log
clear_teleportClear any existing teleport marker
quickbindBind a quick slot
quickuseActivate a quick slot
use_objUse an object by name
msg_historyToggle message history
play_unread_logPlay an unread log
toggle_mouseSwitch between mouselook & cursor modes
frob_toggleSwitch between modes, also frobbing current selection
frob_objectSimple frob of selected object
frob_object_invSimple frob of selected object, in world or in inv
interface_useInv use an item
fire_weaponFire weapon 1 = start 0 = finish
drag_and_dropDrag & drop 1 = start 0 = finish
drag_and_drop_frobDrag & drop 1 = start 0 = finish
drag_and_drop_modeDrag & drop 1 = start 0 = finish
quicksaveSave to 'current' subdir
quickloadLoad from 'current' subdir

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