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DoubleVisions: NFS: Shift vs. DiRT 2 NEC MultiSync LCD2690WUXi2 Gamer's Mini-Review

Gaming's Saturated Holidays

In our first DoubleVisions review we take two of the hottest racing titles around, DiRT 2 and Need For Speed: Shift and compare them head-to-head. Which gets the checkered flag?

The NEC MultiSync 2690WUXi2 has drawn quite a bit of attention as a high-end color accurate professional IPS display, and drawn many questions about it's fitness for gaming. Our subjective review takes a closer look at the previously unanswered questions about the 2690WUXi2 for gamers!

While some are bemoaning the list of games delayed to 2010, the 2009 release year is still looking exceptional. Perhaps the delays are more about business sense than failure.

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