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Zeus Official Expansion: Poseidon Surfaces on Store Shelves

Zeus Official Expansion: Poseidon Surfaces on Store Shelves Impressions Games' Add-On Immerses Gamers in the World of Atlantis

CAMBRIDGE, MA (June 20, 2001) - Impressions Games(tm) and Sierra(tm) today announced that Zeus(tm) Official Expansion: Poseidon(tm), the add-on for their city-building hit: Zeus(tm): Master of Olympus(tm) has shipped to stores nationwide. The game takes place in the world of Atlantis, ruled by Poseidon, brother to mighty Zeus.

Poseidon expands the scope of Impressions Games' city-building hit, Zeus: Master of Olympus to cover more of the ancient world. In Poseidon, players build and rule the fabled cities of Atlantis, a kingdom of science and technology. They mine the mysterious mineral "orichalc," establish colonies in ancient Americas, Africa, Europe, and Asia, and trade with ancient civilizations. New industries, massive monuments, and characters unique to Atlantis expand the city-building experience presented in Zeus: Master of Olympus. Never-before seen gods, monsters, and heroes help tell the tale as players build Atlantis into a mighty kingdom. Players can also create their own adventures in Greece or Atlantis with a powerful, yet easy-to-use Adventure Editor.

Designed with strategy gamers of all skill levels in mind, Zeus: Master of Olympus makes it simple to get a city built and running smoothly. But running the city is only a part of mastering the game. Players have to contend with driven deities who can appear in the city to cause happiness or havoc. Famous heroes wander the countryside, and can be summoned when their help is needed. Players must defend their cities from hostile invaders, monsters, and other Greek cities. Mixing the historical with the mythological, Zeus is divided into quests and objectives that can be completed in about an hour, making it the ideal diversion for both moderate gamers and hardcore strategists alike.

ABOUT IMPRESSIONS GAMES Impressions Games has been a leading developer of strategy games for over ten years, with offices in Cambridge, MA. Impressions Games has created some of the most innovative, best-selling titles in the interactive entertainment industry, including the Lords of the Realm( series, Lords of Magic(, Robert E. Lee: Civil War General(, Civil War Generals 2: Grant, Lee, Sherman(, and the Impressions' City Building Series(tm) which is comprised of the Caesar(tm) line of games, Pharaoh(tm), Pharaoh Official Expansion: Cleopatra(tm), Zeus(tm): Master of Olympus(tm), and now Poseidon(tm). More information can be found at

ABOUT SIERRA Sierra On-Line, Inc., a studio of Vivendi Universal Publishing and part of its Games division, is one of the original developers and largest worldwide publishers of interactive entertainment and productivity software. Sierra is renowned for releasing critically acclaimed and award winning titles that represent a wide variety of computer entertainment on both next-generation console and PC platforms. ABOUT VIVENDI UNIVERSAL PUBLISHING

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