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Totally Unreal Hits Store Shelves!

Hello Frag-Fans!

Totally Unreal is on store shelves now, so go grab a copy, give the missus some shopping money (or send her to her parents? house), fill up the mini-fridge by the PC and get ready for an all-nighter of non-stop first person action at its best!

Totally Unreal jams all of the white-knuckled action of Unreal Tournament Game of the Year Edition and the heart-stopping single player experience of Unreal Gold into one MONSTROUS pack!

Totally Unreal Includes the original 30 eye-popping single player missions of the original Unreal, PLUS 17 NEW crusades from the Unreal Mission Pack: Return to Na Pali. Ruthlessly intelligent new enemies await you, each with their own unique personalities. The latest and greatest Unreal technical improvements will blow you away!

But wait, there?s more! You also get the original version of the award-winning Unreal Tournament, PLUS Rocket Arena UT and Chaos UT! Play all versions of Unreal Tournament online, and have your frags tracked by NG Stats!

Did you think we were done yet??? Think again! You also get an exclusive FIRST LOOK at the upcoming Unreal Championship for the Microsoft Xbox video game console AND at the next epic installment of the Unreal universe?Unreal II! So, what are you waiting for?

You would think a package like this would cost you hundreds of dollars, but not here folks -- if you head to your local retailer in the next 30 minutes, you'll get all this for the low, low MSRP of $19.99!!!

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