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Stainless Steel Studios Enlists Scenario Designer, Tim "Yogurt" Mitchell

Stainless Steel Studios Enlists Scenario Designer, Tim "Yogurt" Mitchell New Strike Team member to contribute to Empire Earth, the next generation of real-time strategy games

November 2, 2000 Stainless Steel Studios, developer of cutting edge strategy games, announced today that Tim "Yogurt" Mitchell has joined the Empire Earth Scenario Design Strike Team. The Strike Team is a group of professional and highly talented hardcore gamers who are helping to develop, design, and create Empire Earth's single player campaigns. Tim is currently working on an exciting campaign that encompasses the 20th Century. He is also providing input on the other campaigns and the game's powerful scenario editor

Tim first began creating scenarios for Age of Empires and has always pushed the boundaries of what is possible in scenario design. His AoE scenarios "The Wayward Prince" and "The Peaceful Seas" were intricate multiplayer scenarios before multiplayer scenarios were common for RTS games. He has also created tremendously popular scenarios for AoE II: The Age of Kings

His scenarios "Christmas Morning" and "Final Hour" were highly rated by the Age of Kings Heaven Web Site and each has been downloaded by thousands of enthusiastic gamers. Fellow Strike Team member Steve "Lobby" Ryan - who describes Tim as "ahead of his time" - recommended him to Stainless Steel Studios after seeing Christmas Morning and SSSI was quick to snap him up

Tim lives in British Columbia on scenic Vancouver Island, where he works for the Provincial Government when he's not making amazing scenarios. He also teaches courses about technology and culture over the web for a distance education program out of the University of Victoria. Additionally, Tim is a published author with a Master's Degree in screenwriting and he has won Canada's Silver National Magazine Award for Fiction

Stainless Steel Studios, Inc., headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is a game design and development organization. Founded in 1998 by Rick Goodman, lead designer and creator of Microsoft's(r) Age of Empires (tm), SSSI will produce advanced real-time strategy titles for the new millennium

Goodman was the winner of the 1998 Computer Game Developer Conference's 'Annual Achievement Award for Game Design and Development'. The company's first title, Empire Earth, a sprawling historical epic covering 500,000 years of human history, is being published by Sierra Studios