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Expanding RTS into a new experience for gamers

Far Gate, winner of the ‘2000 Independent Games Festival Audience Choice Award’, is a strategy combat game that chronicles a future conflict that has cost millions of lives. Now, the continued existence of life as we know it lies in your hands.

An international release from games publisher, Microids, and developed by Super X, Far Gate is an exciting and atmospheric race against time. Building space stations and amassing your own fleet of traders and warriors you hope to defend Earth’s colonists against a Universal alien threat - and discover the true nature of the Imperial Navy’s mission at Proxima.

The game takes you on a white-knuckle ride across the Galaxy through inter-linked Wormholes into another space and time, where only your strategic skills and fast reactions can save you and the colonists you protect. Played out within a truly massive setting that spans tens of solar systems containing literally thousands of objects, Far Gate is an epic tale of courage and determination.

Far Gate begins where games like Homeworld and StarFleet Armada left off - in terms of interface, visuals, and gameplay - raising the stakes as the next generation of 3D RTS titles, and expanding the genre into a new experience for gamers. Even the alien enemy has been created using Microids’ own proprietary geometry warping algorithm, giving it a fluid, organic feel. Each mission takes place in a unique solar system filled with true-to-life celestial wonders - stars, planets, moons, nebulae, asteroid belts, wormholes, spatial anomalies, etc, all physically modelled in an entirely dynamic system. A typical mission may span millions of light years, involve some several HUNDRED spacecraft and last over two hours!

Far Gate will have strong appeal to real-time strategy fans of games, with all the core elements of RTS games extended into an almost infinite space setting controlled via a simple, intuitive interface.

The game features:

· Distinctive state-of-the-art visual effects
· Fast-paced action that keeps the game moving, with the ability to watch the action from a 1st person perspective
· Scalable 3D Engine that supports low-end PC’s whilst taking advantage of the very latest features in high-end machines (bump mapping, detail mapping, texture compression, hardware Transform-and-Lighting, etc)
· Easy to use and innovative full 3D Interface
· Dynamic 3D battlefield with massive solar systems containing thousands of objects
· Advanced physics Engine giving smooth, realistic motion to every object in the game
· Engaging, cinematic single-player storyline with 30 missions set in solar systems across the galaxy
· 2-6 player Multiplayer via LAN, modem, or Internet
· 3 Unique Races, with 25 distinctive units each, including 2 alien races unlike anything seen in any 3D space game before!

Far Gate is simply an awesome game to watch and to play. Never before has a real-time strategy title been so immersive, sucking the player right into the middle of an epic space adventure.

Minimum Requirements:
O/S: Windows 95, 98, 2000 Professional, or Millenium
CPU: Pentium II 233 Mhz
Video Card: 4 MB Direct3D-compatible
Audio Card: DirectSound-compatible
Input Devices: Keyboard and Mouse

28.8K modem or Null Modem cable for head-to-head play
Internet Connection for 2-6 players

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