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The Nite-Surfer Keyboard Line set for Late Fall 2000 release!

Bellingham MA, August 11, 2000 - Twenty-First Century Technologies, Inc. is proud to announce plans for the product releaseof the Nite-Surfer Keyboard later this Fall. The Nite-Surfer keyboard is designed to use your keyboard with your computer system invery low light conditions.

Why is this important? There are many applications where computing in dim environment is necessary, or useful. In this day and age where eyestrain from computing is so prevalent that there are now "Computer Eye Drops", many people have tried to remove the cause of the strain: THE GLARE. The product has the potential to relieve or at the very least reduce symptoms of computer vision syndrome (CVS),such as eyestrain and headaches. Our concept puts the light only where is needed, on your input devices (keyboards, mice, trackballs, laptops, etc).

The illuminated keyboard feature aims to allow users to more easily function in the dark. With the widespread use of wireless technology, many future consumers are going to find themselves snuggled up in the dark on their couch with their keyboard using possibly their larger TV screen to actually surf the net and send email, play games etc. The days where the computer owns its own room in the house, are changing. As the focus changes, the computing devices and peripherals need to adapt to the environments on how and wherepeople wish to compute. We believe our technology is just the first step in "Adaptable Environmental Computing".

The Nite-Surfer is the alternative to a growing demand in commercial, government markets and in the consumer retail market as an "add-on" product. Our product line offers its customers a quality, a low cost solution, which will greatly enhance their computing environment. (Competition prices range from $800 to $3,000 vs. The Nite-Surfer $49 to $149). Our technology is affordable to all customers.

Our relationship with technology is changing. The more dependent we become on machines in our day to day lives, the more they are changing like us. Gone are the days of the blocky gray CPU boxes, today's machines are diverse, colorful and have curves, rounded edges making them anything but square. No longer is only the function of a product important, but also the look and feel. The more eye-catching the better. Enter The Nite-Surfer TM. Put this in the center of a dark room filled with people and it will attract attention.

The Nite-Surfer offers a fantastic "First to Market" opportunity, as well as a major innovation in the keyboard industry "changing the way people use their PC's."

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Pictures: Conceptual mock-up : http://home.att.net/~btechinc/kbconcept.jpg

Actual Close Up: http://home.att.net/~btechinc/proto1.gif

With Monitor #1: http://home.att.net/~btechinc/Proto4.jpg

With Monitor #2: http://home.att.net/~btechinc/proto2.gif

The founders of Twenty-First Century Technologies, Inc. went to High-school overseas, and then to the same University here in the states. We have discussed about many different projects which we thought would be successful enterprises. In several cases, some people actually did what we discussed and made a success of that idea. After several years of working for the same employer, our CEO (David Byrd) started his own computer programming consulting company, and encouraged Andrew Katrinecz to do the same in his field of finance and marketing. During a business trip, the two conceived the concept, and began researching how to design it. The rest is history.

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