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Bellevue, WA (September 1, 2000) - Sierra Studios(tm), a member of the Sierra On-Line family, today announced a varied and exciting lineup of titles to be showcased at the European Computer Trade Show (ECTS) in London, England, stand number HS 250 from September 3rd through 5th. Continuing the momentum established by the unprecedented success and acclaim of its flagship title Half-Life, especially after amassing over 50 Game of the Year awards, Sierra Studios will present a slate of five groundbreaking titles on the show floor. The lineup includes Tribes 2(tm), Zeus(tm): Master of Olympus(tm), Half-Life(r) Dreamcast(tm), and proudly announces two new games, Warrior Kings(tm) and Gunman Chronicles(tm).

"Our fall 2000 lineup, more than ever before, reflects how we are continuing to raise the bar for cutting-edge action and strategy games and offering excellent choices for both genres," commented Jim Veevaert, vice-president of marketing for Sierra Studios.


TRIBES 2 Tribes 2 is the eagerly awaited sequel to the 1999 Online Action/Strategy Game of the Year: Starsiege Tribes. The game is the ultimate in team-based action and offers massive, breathtaking worlds for exploration and battle, as well as unprecedented innovations in team-based, tactical gameplay. Tribes 2 offers an environment where brainpower and teamwork are the only true keys to survival and victory. This experience is not limited to the online players alone. Tribes 2 also adds a new single-player component that allows players to fill their teams with computer-controlled teammates before heading into the epic battles for which the Tribes franchise is known. Tribes 2 will be available this fall and will be featuring a worldwide challenge to gamers in the "Tribes 2 Olympics" with $50,000 USD at stake. ZEUS: MASTER OF OLYMPUS From Impressions Games, the development team that brought the world Pharaoh and the Caesar(tm) series, comes Zeus: Master of Olympus, the sixth game in their award-winning City Building Series. Zeus, set in a mythological ancient Greece, serves up a world filled with the likes of Hercules, Athena, Ares, Medusa, the Minotaur, and many others. Players build and rule Greek city-states while summoning heroes and gods to protect their land from monsters and other Greek cities. Easy to learn, and quick to get in and out of, Zeus promises to be the most fun city building game yet. Zeus will ship this November.

HALF-LIFE DREAMCAST Scheduled for release this fall, Half-Life Dreamcast is in development by Northern California-based Captivation Digital Laboratories in conjunction with Gearbox Software and Valve LLC. Half-Life: Dreamcast is set to be even more extraordinary than the original PC version. In addition to the exclusive new mission, Half-Life: Blue Shift, the Sega Dreamcast edition includes the original version of Half-Life with several enrichments, including highly detailed characters, enhanced weapons, and more articulate animation to showcase the power of the Sega Dreamcast and deliver a fresh and exciting experience for console gamers.

WARRIOR KINGS Warrior Kings is the ultimate in the evolution of the real time strategy game. A next generation medieval fantasy, a true 3D RTS allows gamers to create and train their own army, oversee their economy, conduct espionage, fend off dark forces by evil, wage war - in short, become a King. In development by UK-based Black Cactus, Warrior Kings allow players to command battalions in magnificent arrays as easily as a single unit using their revolutionary Battlefield Enhanced Simulation Technology (BEST). The game features a massive single player campaign, giving hours of play as well as an active/passive LAN/Internet play with up to sixteen players a game. The game is due to ship in early 2001.

GUNMAN CHRONICLES Gunman Chronicles is a fast-paced futuristic 3D-first person shooter based on the Half-Life engine, originally created by Valve Software LLC. It is a stand-alone PC game and offers a completely new experience, taking place in a universe unfamiliar to Half-Life veterans. The game features five unexplored planets, and a variety of habitats for enemies. There are hundreds of realistic new textures and fantastic architecture making the levels in Gunman Chronicles some of the best ever seen. In development by ReWolf, Gunman chronicles also showcases all new monsters, configurable weapons, vehicles players can drive, and original sound and music. It will be available for the PC this fall.

Sierra On-Line, Inc. (www.sierra.com) is one of the original developers and largest worldwide publishers of interactive entertainment and productivity software. Sierra is a division of Havas Interactive, a global leader in interactive content, and is one of the world's largest publishers of education, entertainment and home productivity software. Its divisions, Blizzard Entertainment(r), Coktel, Knowledge Adventure(r), Sierra(tm) and Flipside.com(tm) are famous for releasing critically acclaimed and award winning titles. Havas has operations in the US and in Europe and is a subsidiary of the French publishing house Havas, part of Vivendi Communications.

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