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STAR TREK NEW WORLDS BREAKS NEW GROUND AT RETAIL Irvine, California, August 29, 2000 - 14° East, a division of Interplay Entertainment Corp. (NASDAQ: IPLY), is pleased to announce that the first ground based strategy game set in the Star Trek® universe, Star Trek®: New Worlds(tm), is now available at retail. Star Trek: New Worlds lets the player colonize, mine resources, research, and protect the frontier and its colonists, resulting in an unequaled, up-close and personal gaming experience. Star Trek: New Worlds is available for Windows® 95/98 based computers

Star Trek: New Worlds is a real-time strategy game created in real 3D, combining cutting edge technology and total interaction with a uniquely immersive gaming experience. The player may choose to play as an honorable member of the United Federation of Planets, as one of the Klingon Imperial Task Force or amongst the regiments of the Romulan Star Empire and develop or destroy the frontier in 42 challenging missions. New Worlds, like no other Star Trek game before it, allows the player to experience the final frontier first hand. No more starship bridges or view-screens to separate the player from the action; just expansive planet surfaces and meeting the enemy eye-to-eye. Players will command new, never-before-seen vehicles, including the Federation Phaser Tank, the Klingon Mobile Disruptor Battery and the DragonWraith Class Romulan Cloaking Tank. The gamer will be able to construct colonies from a vast array of structures, including Hydroponics Bays, Photon Artillery Launchers and many, many more. Explore a variety of classic Star Trek environments, including tranquil green valley worlds, alien desert vistas and inhospitable icy tundra's. Every structure and environment in New Worlds is fully modeled and texture mapped, and remains true to the Star Trek universe. The player's crew will evolve and grow with each new experience, becoming perhaps the most valuable resource of all, but along with authority, comes the acceptance of tough decisions. In a tight spot, the gamer may be faced with sacrificing one of his key colonists to ensure the safety of his entire crew. As well as combating old foes, New Worlds will also let the player's crew do battle with ruthless Orion Pirates and three new terrifying alien races from the Alpha Quadrants past. For the latest Star Trek news and information, visit the official Internet home of Star Trek at www.startrek.com. Viacom Consumer Products merchandises properties on behalf of Paramount Pictures, Paramount Television, Viacom Productions, and Spelling Entertainment, as well as third-party properties. Viacom Consumer Products, a unit of Viacom Entertainment Group, is a subsidiary of Viacom Inc. To learn more about Viacom Consumer Products and our properties, please visit us at www.viacomcp.com

Star Trek and related marks (tm), ® and © 2000 Paramount Pictures. All Rights Reserved

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