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BELLEVUE, WA (September 1, 2000) -- Sierra Studios(tm) today announced Tribes(tm) 2: World Domination, an entirely online worldwide competition based on the team-combat PC title, Tribes 2. World Domination is expected to be the largest online competition of its kind, breeding a new kind of athlete. With tribes from three regions (North America, Europe and Asia/Pacific) likely to participate, Tribal World War will pit the greatest players and teams against one another for a chance to win a grand prize of $50,000 (USD).

When Tribes 2 hits store shelves later this fall, gamers will begin recruiting teammates and signing up their "tribe" online at www.tribes2.com. Individual tribes will also be able to practice and hone their teamwork prior to the tournament's commencement, slated for early 2001. World Domination officially commences with three regional tournaments: one in North America, another in Europe and another in Asia/Pacific. The top tribe from each region will advance to the final and compete for the grand prize.

"By working with Flipside.com and other strategic partners, Tribes 2: World Domination will be the largest international action gaming event in history," said Dave Georgeson, senior producer at Dynamix. "Tribes 2 is one of the few games that can support a tournament of this magnitude and will offer any competing tribe a chance to earn the right to represent their region, not to mention a large sum of money."

Tribes 2 continues to evolve the award-winning gameplay introduced in the original, Tribes(tm) game with all-new weapons, missions, play modes and vehicles. Community building innovations, such as in-game voice and text communication, web-based message forums, and automatic player and tribe web page hosting, will also be embedded in Tribes 2.

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