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dfx announces Immediate availability of Voodoo5 5500 PCI

New product offers substantial performance and visual quality improvements for Mac users.

SAN JOSE, Calif.- August 9, 2000 -3dfx InteractiveŽ Inc. (NASDAQ:TDFX) today announced that Voodoo5(tm) 5500 PCI for Macintosh is in full volume production and available immediately at leading retail outlets. Voodoo5 5500 PCI for Macintosh is the first 3D accelerator for the Mac platform to offer full-scene anti-aliasing (FSAA) in hardware and offers substantial performance advantages over competitive offerings. "This marks an important step in reaching our goal of revolutionizing the Mac graphics market," said Alex Leupp, President and CEO of 3dfx Interactive. "As the glowing reviews of the product validate, we believe Voodoo5 is superior to any other graphics card for the Mac. We are excited about becoming the market leader for Mac graphics solutions." "This product launch marks our official entry into a market that we knew was in desperate need of a superior graphics solution," said Bryan Speece, director of Macintosh business development at 3dfx Interactive. "No other graphics accelerator offers the kind of high visual fidelity and incredible 2D and 3D performance that Voodoo5 for Macintosh delivers." After awarding the Voodoo5 5500 PCI the coveted "Best of Show" award at Macworld Expo, MacWEEK Magazine's (www.macweek.com) David Read wrote in a July 27, 2000 article, "The release of 3dfx's Voodoo5 5500 graphics accelerator marks a fundamental change in how we view 3-D graphics on the Mac. MacWEEK's tests show it to be fast, but more importantly, it renders larger, higher-quality images than any currently shipping Mac graphics board. It also provides impressive features, such as full-screen anti-aliasing. Voodoo5 provides the best image quality we've seen in a Mac graphics card without sacrificing performance." Voodoo5 for Macintosh is the Only Choice for Mac Gamers Worldwide Early product previews for 3dfx's Voodoo5 5500 PCI for Macintosh indicate that the product is considered the top accelerator for hard-core gamers. Overwhelmingly, editors are calling the Voodoo5's FSAA technology a must-have feature. FSAA technology effectively upgrades a consumer's library of games by eliminating jagged edges and pixel popping associated with computer generated objects. This dramatically improves the 3D rendering quality and enhances the gaming experience. "Disabling FSAA makes it appear as if you were playing the old Atari 2600 version of a game meant for Sega Dreamcast," said Kyle D'Addario, assistant editor, The Mac Observer (www.macobserver.com). "It is that stunning. Comparing the Voodoo5 to the [ATI] RAGE 128 is unfair." "A gamer wants two things: no hesitation and no jaggies, in that order," said Rob-Art Morgan, editor in chief, BareFeats.com (www.barefeats.com). "With the Voodoo5, you can have the best of both. In fact, the Voodoo5 screen shots looked better at 800 x 600 x 16 bit with FSAA turned ON than the [ATI] RAGE 128 Pro looked at 1024 x 768 x 32 bit. And at those settings, the Voodoo5 ran almost 3 times faster than the [ATI] RAGE card." "This board rocks!" said Rick Sanchez, senior editor, Mac Games News (www.macgamenews.com). "More than any other feature, hardware anti-aliasing is the one feature that makes this card the ultimate gaming device." Rich Pizor, online editor at MacADDICT.com (www.macaddict.com), also commented that, "FSAA allows smoothing that the ATI [RAGE 128] is simply not capable of."

"Overall, the Voodoo5 5500 PCI for Mac is a blazing fast video card," said Jon Simon, hardware editor, Sharkyextreme.com (www.sharkyextreme.com). "The card provides high-resolution support for 2D with excellent performance and high-resolution 3D with quality that just cannot be matched in any other Mac video card."

Voodoo5 5500 PCI for Macintosh is available immediately for $329.99 MSRP. Customers may purchase their Voodoo5 graphics boards from a variety of leading retailers and online stores including Amazon.com, Buy.com, CompUSA, Egghead, Electronics Boutique, MacMall, Outpost.com and www.shop.3dfx.com. Sales in Japan begin August 11, 2000, so consumers in Japan may look for Voodoo5 products at Softmap, Laox, T-Zone, Yodobashi Camera, etc. Voodoo5 will be available in Europe shortly. Consumers in Europe may look for their Voodoo5 products at Dixons, PC World, Gravis, Karstadt, MediaMarkt, Micro Anvika, Promarkt, Vobis and other retailers. More Voodoo5 for Macintosh information can be found at www.3dfx.com/Mac. A complete set of reviews for the V5 5500 PCI for the Macintosh can be found at http://www.3dfx.com/prod/reviews/reviews-mac-v5.html. About 3dfx Interactive

3dfx Interactive is a global leader in enabling the emerging age of visual communications, and the 3D multimedia revolution in personal computers and consumer products. With its patented and award-winning graphics accelerator chips, boards and software, 3dfx provides the technology to create high-impact visual experiences. The company is recognized worldwide for its ability to bring the world's finest games, educational content, interactive entertainment and media-rich business applications to life. 3dfx products are available in retail stores worldwide, and through leading PC makers including Compaq, Dell and Gateway. 3dfx has headquarters in San Jose, Calif., with engineering and manufacturing facilities in Richardson, Texas, Austin, Texas, and Juarez, Mexico. The company also operates www.3dfxgamers.com, the premier online community for Voodoo owners and gaming enthusiasts. 3dfx Interactive is available on the Web at http://www.3dfx.com.

3dfx Interactive is a registered trademark and Voodoo5 is a trademark of 3dfx Interactive. All other names may be trademarks of their respective holders. Note to Editors: Visit the 3dfx Virtual Press Room at http://www.3dfx.com/comp/pressweb/index.html.

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