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News Archive for March 2008

March 25, 2008
 Visions of Reviews -- Universe at War: Earth Assault
3:02:57 EDT - Award 
While we haven't yet had our official grand re-opening, we have a teaser for you. Universe at War: Earth Assault is Petroglyph's latest strategy game. GameVisions is back again with our famous in-depth reviews, and we're starting off our unofficial relaunch party with a review of this hot action strategy game. Does Universe at War keep up with the high bar set by the Petroglyph team's past projects?

From the review:
This sudden shift in gameplay is a bit unsettling, and definitely a let-down when you finish the game, and the ending movie that tries to tie the story back together seems a bit like a last minute attempt to cobble something out of nothing. I had to keep wondering what happened in between and what happens next. I smell a sequel or expansion, though. Still, had the metagame been more satisfying I may have been more forgiving on the last third of the game dropping any pretense of story. As it is, though, the metagame feels more like a way of describing a bunch of skirmish matches you must go through than an actual metagame.

To read the full review, click "Review" below, or simply click the Universe at War image in the "featured" bar!

March 7, 2008
 Double Visions
18:02:43 EST - Award 
What happened? Where did the site go? Am I really reading GameVisions, or is it just a mirage?

We realize you've been losing sleep pining over the loss of your favorite gaming site. You've been fasting in protest of our vanishing. You've had nothing but a can of Jolt and a bag of chips sustaining you. We, the staff of GameVisions, must encourage you to eat. Put down the bag of chips. We're back!

We've been gone for a while, it's true. Between hosting problems, the rise of consoles and deterioration of the PC gaming scene, and various other problems we were plagued with, we threw in the towel...temporarily. We've been holding onto our plans for a time when we would again be needed. It seems PC gaming is undergoing a bit of a renaissance, so now is the time for us to return.

We lost some data in the move and rolled back a bit, but we've got the site architecture back up and running. Over the next few weeks we'll be remolding the site and repairing anything that's broken from the ancient backups. After that, we already have plans for new unique content. There are many gaming site out there, and most of them seem to be redundant, and certainly mostly cover the mainstream. GameVisions was created to fill that void, and so we shall again. We'll explore the dark alleys and forgotten tombs that are the unexplored area of PC gaming.

Keep on the lookout in the coming weeks for new GameVisions original content!

(And, seriously, put down the chips. Now. Great, now look what you've gone and done, you've got crumbs in the keyboard. Go on, see if we care when you're stuck at the spawn point. We told you so.)

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