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News Archive for March 2009

March 1, 2009
 Visions of Reviews -- Tenchu: Shadow Assassins
2:00:00 EST - Award 
In the shadows of the Wii's "M"-rated titles, Tenchu is poised to strike. But can this serious title prove that the Wii is more than just a party console, or does it get lost in the darkness?

From the Review:
The most striking element about the game, recognizable, almost immediately, is that it does something few Wii titles have been able to do thus far. It transcends the trappings of the Wii and has a feel that I haven't felt in a long while. It feels like a classic PC game. A combination of the blocky 480 vertical resolution, with the overall feel of the gameplay presents a general mood that desperately wants to be PC, yet isn't harmed, and is almost helped by being Wii instead.

To read the full review, click "Review" below, or simply click the Tenchu: Shadow Assassins image in the "featured" bar!

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