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News Archive for October 2001

October 17, 2001
 Visions of Reviews -- Shattered Galaxy
15:42:44 EDT - Award 
take a look with us at the first fully massively multiplayer online real-time strategy game, Shattered Galaxy, and determine if Shattered galaxy is the king of the hill, or if the players are left picking up the shards.

From the review:
Of course, gameplay isn't exactly like playing Starcraft. Unlike most RTS games where you must build a base, harvest resources, build a huge and balanced army to attack your enemy, you are given units and only units. Not only do you only get units, but you are limited in the number of units you have. Usually you get six units at a time, if you boost you stats enough you can get up to twelve units. This is where the teamwork comes in. Some players may bring air support, some may bring tanks, others may bring anti-air, others may bring fast infantry units. All players need to work together to form attacking (or defending) parties when going out on the map.

To read the full review, click "Review" below, or simply click the Shattered Galaxy image in the "featured" bar!

 Second Links 2001 Expansion Coming
1:50:33 EDT - Award 
Microsoft announced today that the second expansion for Links 2001 is set for release in November.

From the press release:
Links Expansion Pack Volume 2 owners will be able to line it up in the natural desert terrain of Arizona?s Stone Canyon Club or lakeside on the Robert Trent Jones Alabama Golf Trail?s Links Course at Grand National. Also, players can tee off on the newly-updated dramatic cliff-lined fairways of The Fazio Foothills Course at Barton Creek, and enjoy updated graphics on the panoramic scenery and challenge of Scottsdale?s Troon North. As an added bonus, PC golfers can enjoy Ayrshire Dunes (also known as Northern Dunes), a fictional course created with the Arnold Palmer Course Designer by Links enthusiast Mike Jones.

The Expansion Pack also includes over 300 new objects for budding architects who want to create their own courses with the Arnold Palmer Course Designer (APCD). Additionally, the Links 2001 Expansion Pack will contain the Links 2001 Course Converter that allows players to convert up to 36 Links LS courses for play with Links 2001 (courses must be previously owned), and the 1.1 update for the APCD.

For more information on Links 2001 expansion 2, click "More" below.

October 12, 2001
 Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Set for Spring 2002 Release
21:10:33 EDT - Award 
At long last a release date has been set for the much awaited Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. Slated for a Spring 2002 release, Morrowind is the third installation of a now-classic series of some of the most detailed RPG experiences to date.

From the press release:
Morrowind is the sequel to Bethesda's award-winning titles Arena and Daggerfall, regarded as two of the most intricate and compelling role-playing games ever released. The company has captured the best of previous Elder Scrolls games in creating Morrowind, combining the elements that have made the series a classic among core gamers with the latest in 3D graphics and AI technology.

In some expanded Morrowind news, Bethesda Softworks also sent along this juicy little teaser:

[We've] released the first in a series of short Morrowind videos we'll be releasing over the Internet in the next few months. The videos were also put together on a CD that will be included in specially marked copies of our RTS/RPG Magic & Mayhem: The Art of Magic, which will arrive in stores this month throughout North America. This first video is called Next Generation Technology. It is narrated by Todd Howard, Morrowind's Project Leader, and discusses some of the technical aspects of Morrowind.

You can download the videos from the official Elder Scrolls page at We also hear that nVidia will be hosting the videos as well, in case you can't get them from the Elder Scrolls site, but I'm unsure when they will get it up on their servers.

Of course, you can count on GameVisions ot have complete coverage of both Art of Magic and Morrowind. If you're interested in reading the entire press release on the launch of Morrowind, as always, click "More" below.

 Empire Earth Demo Available October 19th
20:58:53 EDT - Award 
Fans of the highly anticipated Empire Earth who have not had a chance to pre-order the game, have no fear, you'll still have your chance to test drive the game! Sierra announced today that the interactive demo should be available for download on October 19th.

From the press release:
The Empire Earth Demo includes four of Empire Earth's Training Scenarios, which introduce a few of the many special features available in the full game. Also included are two exciting scenarios from Empire Earth's four epic Campaigns. In one scenario, you command British troops during the Napoleonic Wars. In the other, you guide Manfred von Richthofen, the famous "Red Baron," at the start of World War I.

For further information on Empire Earth and the playable demo, click "More" below to read the entire press release.

 Lords of the Realm III In Development
20:53:33 EDT - Award 
Sierra announced today that it will be the publisher for Impressions Games' latest installment of the Lords of the Realm series: Lords of the Realm III. Impressions is known for its extensive list of building games which includes the Lords of the Realm series, the Caesar series, and the Pharoh series.

From the press release:
Like its predecessors, Lords of the Realm III is a historically-based strategy game combining resource management, castle building, siege, politics and conquest. However, unlike its predecessors, Lords III utilizes an all-new 3D engine developed by Impressions Games, and is played entirely in real time. The game may be played by a single player, or by two to eight competing players. The multiplayer game includes various short, single-session scenarios or modes of play in addition to longer campaigns.

For futher information on Lords of the Realm III, read the entire press release by clicking "More" below!

 Visions of Gold -- MechWarrior 4: Black Knight
13:06:36 EDT - Award 
Microsoft informs us that the MechWarrior 4 expansion pack, Black Knight, has gone gold and will ship to retailers in November.

From the press release:
MechWarrior 4: Black Knight Expansion pack introduces five new ‘Mechs™ for the player to pilot: the Sunder, Ryoken, Uller, Wolfhound and Black Knight. It also includes several new vehicles, such as the Demolisher II Heavy Tank and the Nightwind Attack Helicopter; and new weapons, like the incredibly devastating Cluster Bombs.

Players will also have access to some of the hardest to find weapons through the game's newest feature, the Black Market. The Black Market allows the player to take salvaged 'Mechs and weapons that they don’t need, and trade them for something they do need. Players are no longer restricted to items salvaged from the battlefield, they can now take their chances on the Black Market.

It sounds like it adds some nice features. To find out more about Black Knight, read the entire press release by clicking "More" below!

October 10, 2001
 SWAT 3 GOTY Ships Today
17:26:07 EDT - Award 
The SWAT series just got a bit bigger today. Shipping today, SWAT 3 Game of the Year Edition features an extra CD filled with all the action you've come to expect.

From the press release:
Sierra today announced SWAT 3: Tactical
Game of the Year Edition (TGOTY) is taking over store shelves throughout North America. Available on PC, this special third installment in the award-winning SWAT(tm) 3 series ( is a two-CD edition including 27 missions, 10-person multiplayer, new weapons and mods along with an unprecedented Advanced Tactics CD. Developed in conjunction with LAPD SWAT, SWAT 3 places an emphasis upon saving lives and rewards gamers for non-violent resolution of each mission.

As a side note, for anyone who already owns Elite Edition or Close Quarters Battle, you can download all of the GOTY material from the game's official site, except for the second CD.

For more information on SWAT 3 GOTY, check out the official press release by clicking "More" below!

October 9, 2001
 Visions of Gold -- Art of Magic
20:22:11 EDT - Award 
Bethesda Softworks sent word out today that Art of Magic, their new tactical role-playing strategy game has gone gold and will soon be shipping.

From the Bethesda Softworks announcement:
Bethesda Softworks today announced that Magic & Mayhem: The Art of Magic has gone gold and will begin shipping to stores throughout North America in the next two weeks. Art of Magic is a unique blend of strategy, tactical combat, and role-playing brought to life with full 3D graphics and an epic storyline. Players can test their skills in the single-player campaign, featuring more than 30 challenging missions, or battle human and AI opponents in multiplayer battles over LAN and Internet, including GameSpy Arcade support.

In addition, we've released four new screenshots on the official Art of Magic Web site: An Art of Magic demo is also available that features several single player missions, as well as the ability to try multiplayer battles over the Internet. You can download the demo from the Downloads section of

Take a look at those screen shots if you're interested in a great looking title. As always, stay tuned to GV for the review!

 Visions of Gold -- Sid Meier's Civilization III
20:15:00 EDT - Award 
Infogrames announced today that Sid Meier's much awaited Civilization III has gone gold and will ship to stores on October 30th.

From the Infogrames announcement:
Infogrames and FIRAXIS Games are thrilled to announce that the ultimate version of the greatest strategy game of all time will soon be in the hands of the millions of fans around the world who’ve been eagerly awaiting it’s completion. Sid Meier’s Civilization III has gone gold and will ship to retailers October 30th with games reaching store shelves soon after. The most highly anticipated game of the year, Civilization III embodies all of the elements of it’s predecessors that have made it a four-million-selling franchise and many new and improved features that will make this the greatest Civ experience ever.

Pre-orders for Civilization III and Civilization III Limited Edition are topping the charts at major retailers. The estimated retail price of the standard product is $49.99 and the special limited edition is $59.99.

I don't know about you, but I certainly can't wait for another installment of Sid Meier at his finest (unless you count Sim Golf...)

October 5, 2001
 Visions of Gold -- Asheron's Call: Dark Majesty
0:56:11 EDT - Award 
Dark Majesty, expansion pack to the hit MMORPG Asheron's Call officially went gold today. The expansion ships with the full version of the original game, so new players can experience the entire universe without having to buy two games.

From the press release:
Asheron's Call Dark Majesty includes the full version of Asheron's Call as well as new additions such as housing and storage, two of the most frequently requested features. Players will be able to purchase their own homes on pre-designated locations, as well as use their residence for secure storage purposes. Technically, the expansion improves upon the original by introducing all new models and textures which will now require a 3D graphics accelerator.

For more information on Dark Majesty, check out the entire press release by clicking "More" below!

October 3, 2001
 Asheron's Call Expansion Pre-Orders Open
0:53:36 EDT - Award 
Microsoft announced today that pre-orders are open for Dark Majesty, expansion pack for the MMORPG Asheron's Call.

From the press release:
Asheron's Call Dark Majesty includes the full version of Asheron's Call as well as new additions such as housing and storage, two of the most frequently requested features. Players will be able to purchase their own homes on pre-designated locations, as well as use their residence for secure storage purposes. Technically, the expansion improves upon the original by introducing all new models and textures which will now require a 3D graphics accelerator. Regular players of Asheron's Call know that the story-line has continued to unfold monthly for almost two years. The Expansion Pack kicks off the next chapter in the ongoing Asheron's Call storyline by introducing the island of Marae Lassel. Marae Lassel is a sprawling new landmass which will contain new quests, dungeons, and treasures. The island will be accessible to all levels of players who purchase the Asheron's Call Expansion Pack.

In addition to the announcement of the pre-orders, the official Dark Majesty web site is now up and running. You can check it out at

Of course, if you're interested in finding out more about Dark Majesty or how to pre-order it, check out to official press release by clicking "More" below!

 nVidia Unveils GeForce Titanium Series
0:46:17 EDT - Award 
nVidia unveiled its new Titanium series of GeForce GPUs in a press release today. According to a second release, top PC OEMS are already buying up the GeForce3 Ti chips.

From the press release:
today announced its new GeForce Titanium series of Graphics Processing Units (GPUs). The GeForce3 Ti and GeForce2 Ti series of GPUs deliver breakthrough graphics technologies, each providing unprecedented levels of performance and visual quality. These new products also utilize NVIDIA's high-performance Detonator XP driver, incorporating special software optimizations that immediately take full advantage of the newest features of the Microsoft® Windows® XP operating system.

For further details about the GeForce3 Ti series, check the official press release by clicking "More" below!

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