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News Archive for October 2009

October 22, 2009
 Visions of Reviews: Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising
15:03:56 EDT - Staff 
Does Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising truly take players "as close to war as they'll ever want to get" while remaining fun, or is the thrill MIA?

From the Review:
The world does feel particularly empty and devoid of life like the stereotypical battlefield more reminiscent of WWII than modern urban warfare, but aside from that there's a sense of real terrain and a real mission. When debating whether to choose Operation Flashpoint versus ArmA II, it's best to keep in mind they're both different. Where ArmA II will likely be king of the PC online multiplayer military sims due to its open server setup, Flashpoint provides a more polished single player and co-op experience, as well as being the only game of its type on console, short of the re-released original Operation Flashpoint on XBox 360. The flaws prevent the score from reaching a high apex, but it's best to keep in mind that while the score is absolute, the experience is relative. If you're looking for a military sim, especially on console, Dragon Rising is a great game, even if objective nitpicking whittles down the score a bit, just keep in mind that it's not an action game and serves a very specific niche of those looking for realistic combat conditions. Wall jumping with a rocket launcher and jumping from rooftops would be very, very unwise.

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October 14, 2009
 Visions of Reviews: Halo 3: ODST
13:23:23 EDT - Staff 
The official expansion to Halo 3, a mere two years later promises to shake up the direction of the iconic franchise. Is this promise the Truth, or does it simply leave too much Regret?

From the Review:
In the Dark Days, the simple primitives made do with games like Quake and Unreal Tournament, and Carmack and Romero and Specter and Molyneux said unto them: "All your base is belong to us," and the gamers lived in the darkness. And Microsoft said, "Let there be Halo," and there was Halo. And the world was transformed into a new and mystical being enthralling and consuming the fanboys of the XBox and the PlayStation and the Windows and the Macintosh and the forgettable Nintendo thingie of the era. And the Dreamcast, yeah, that too. And there was much flame warring. And Microsoft said: "Let there be more Halo," and there was more Halo...sort of...if you don't need an ending, enjoy Oogie Boogie as an evil mastermind to the once faceless Flood, and don't mind a near-clone of the first story. And Microsoft said: "Let there be yet more Halo," and there was yet more Halo. And in the grand scheme of things it was some pretty good Halo...sure it kept the dumbed down gunslinger style, but the layout was great, and we didn't care. And Microsoft said: "Let there be isometric Halo, and even more first person Halo too," and the heads of all the fanboys exploded in a big puff of smoke...

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October 1, 2009
 Visions of Reviews: WET
15:30:40 EDT - Staff 
WET gives us high-flying intense action in the kung-fu film tradition. With its Grindhouse presentation and Kill Bill attitude can this acrobatic arena shooter make a splash, or will it just dry out?

From the Review:
Aside from the linear rail segments that link the arenas together, WET is truly an arena game, not a shooter adventure. Most of the game takes place in the staged arenas, set up like stunt show venues. Your goal is to collect as many score multipliers as you can, remain in constant motion, and shoot continuously to remain in slow motion. The more you keep your moves varied and strung together, the higher your style totals. The higher the point totals, the more upgrade points you'll earn. Stopping or returning to normal speed means almost certain death. In addition, a certain amount of strategy is required in knowing which weapon to use for which enemies, which abilities you've purchased thus far, and what order to close the spawn gates in without getting killed. Easier said than done! In essence, picture Shaun White: Road Trip - the only gamer approved use of the Wii Fit board - now add guns to it. Lots and lots of guns. And a sword. Jump the ramps, flash some style, rack some points, and shoot the crowds by the bucket load on the way down. Sound fun yet?

To read the full review, click "Review" below, or simply click the WET image in the "featured" bar!

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