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Mech Commander 2 By John "Award" Del Percio, June 05, 2001
Developer :FASA
Publisher :Microsoft
Release Date :Mid-July 2001
Demo Available : No
Table of Contents

· Introduction
· Closer Look
· Facts
· Final

Ready to Roll

The game also has another intersting addition: The special units. As you aquire more credits by capturing resource buildings you can afford more specials. Specials range from the cool, to the cooler. The most basic of them is calling in a repair vehicle to repair your damaged mechs (with the exception of destroyed limbs and the like.) Next on the ladder is the salvage crew. Calling this will cause a salvage team to fly in an take command of a damaged enemy 'Mech without a pilot so it can be used in your current mission, regardless of existing weight limits. In theory you can have an army of infinite weight by this method. You may also summon scout choppers, call in stationery long range artilery units, or my personal favorite, call in an air strike to take out a rather nice strip of an enemy base. These commands make the game truly tactical, and make it quite different from anything else out there.

Now down to the slightly less appealing side of the game, and stuff that will hopefully be changed by the time the final release comes out. Units have an extremely bad tendancy to explode when destroyed. That in itself isn't bad. The bad part is that they usually take out a radius of a few miles, and usually most of your mechs at once. Unfortunately, I have found no way to avoid the blast radius. This is one thing that really has got to go by the time the game is released. In the third or forth mission, there is a map where you must begin by overrunning a base, and capture a mobile HQ vehicle. This, needless to say, takes quite a toll on your units alone. Then you recive orders to capture a building in a base on the other end of a map. Unfortunately, when I attack it, I nearly always lose my entire patrol to a big explosion. The game does sport a nice in-game quick-save/load feature, unfortunately, in the beta release I played, it had a nasty habit of crashing the game, so when I died, I had to restart the whole mission over again. It became very frustrating very quickly.

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