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Aliens vs. Predator 2 By Mike "Despondent" Piotrowski
November 30, 2001
Developer :Fox Interactive
Publisher :Sierra Studios
Release Date :November 2001
Demo Available : Yes - Download
Table of Contents

· Introduction
· Closer Look
· Facts
· Final

Whats a Xenomorph? That's a Xenomorph. Oh. *Gulp*

It's a very rare occasion when a game is made with two movies in mind. It's even more unusual when the game is actually good. It's astonishing when a part two, or deux, comes out and it's even better then before, but if you're familiar with the Alien v. Predator series, and haven't played the second, that's exactly what you can expect. What's even better is, if your just familiar with the movies, you can expect a two thumbs up (?) gaming experience.

One very interesting aspect of AvP2 is that the game has three campaigns, the marine, the predator, and the alien. Each of which are very unique in methods of gameplay and story line, all of which are very fun and challenging. The story line for each campaign is rather interesting. Each can be seen as a different campaign entirely; however, one thing you will begin to notice as you play is that each campaign is intertwined with the other two. Strangely enough at times you will learn of certain events happening, only to find out that either the marine, the predator, or the alien just saved your life. Well ok maybe not the alien. Eventually, no matter how scared you get, or how much you get over playing the game, you wanna' play the next campaign to find out what happens next.

What is very interesting, and makes AvP2 so great is the fact that there is a lot of detail that is put into the game. As a marine you walk through hives, and abandoned bases with the sense of danger lurking right under your nose…or above it. As the predator you feel powerful, and everything you face, or should I say stalk, is nothing but prey. As the alien, well you just want to kill things, and you do it well. The mood in the game is very done very well according to how it was done in the movies.

Basically, AvP2 offers a lot to the player in the respect of fun factor, while at the same time offering an overwhelming amount of sensory overload, giving the game an intensity that is almost unrivaled.

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