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Ducati World By John "Award" Del Percio, May 4, 2001
Developer :Acclaim
Publisher :Acclaim
Release Date :First Quarter 2001
Demo Available : Yes - Download
Table of Contents

· Introduction
· Closer Look
· Facts
· Final

The Leader of the Pack

As you begin to rack up more and more money, you can upgrade your bike, buy new bikes (hence, enter races in different leagues), and buy more equipment. This is where the drive to play comes in. The more you earn, the better you can make your bike. The better your bike is, the more you want to play, etc. etc. Various upgrades you can make (all upgrades come in 2-4 level increments) include tires (better grip), clutch (faster acceleration/engine braking), brakes, engine, and a lighter body for lighter weight.

Progressing up the league chain yields tougher tracks, more laps, and a much tougher AI. The farther you go, the more every mistake counts, and a wipeout leads to failure. You must find the best line around the track, never slow down, and never fall off. I found myself sticking toward the bottom of the ladder for some time.

While many of the screenshots you see here feature an third person view of the bike, don't be fooled. I played the game in third person mode, because it is far easier. You can change the camera view to be a driver's view, or a driver's view without the bike's dash in front of you. It looks much cooler if you're in one of those views, as the course turns sideways during a turn to reflect the driver's view when shifting from side to side. It also makes it much harder.

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