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Fur Fighters By John "Award" Del Percio, May 01, 2001
Developer :Bizarre Creations
Publisher :Acclaim
Release Date :January 2001
Demo Available : Yes - Download
Table of Contents

· Introduction
· Closer Look
· Facts
· Final

Made From All Used Materials

There are a few areas where the game goes a bit wrong. The first unfortunate casualty is the graphics. I had a LOT of polygon dissappearance, flickering, and texture degradation. I am using the latest Detonator 3 drivers for my GeForce 2 GTS. It also seems that the game runs behind some sort of wrapper so it was easier to port to PC from Dreamcast. I was unable to take screenshots from it no matter how hard I tried, and it crashes on minimization, a rare feat for a DirectX game.

Another really annoying in the game is the result of the limited sound processing engine aboard the Dreamcast. While the music is terrific (reminiscent of Unreal Tournament), and the sound is pretty good, the voices drove me insane. They are a smattering of noises, vaguely similar to the sounds of the animal it is coming from, played in a seemingly random pattern of one second intervals continuous throughout the entire dialog. Fortunately, there are only some key points in which you engage in a dialog, mainly in the cutscenes, but you are reduced to holding your ears and hoping it stops.

Finally there are the problems which nearly every platform game suffers from: being forced to walk through nearly entirely unlit rooms, trying to break through impossible jumps, over and over and over again until you finally get it right, and getting nailed by the same trap every time you go through the level. Most of this would not be so bad if the game had a static save system (save at any point), but it, instead, follows a "save when you change into another animal" system. A bit tedious if you are using the same animal for a given stretch.

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