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Return to Castle Wolfenstein By Mike "despondent" Piotrowski
February 2, 2002
Developer :id Software
Publisher :Activision
Release Date :Quarter 1 2002
Demo Available : No
Table of Contents

· Introduction
· Closer Look
· Facts
· Final

WOW! Can it be? A game I actually like!

When I heard that id software was coming out with another edition to the old classic Wolfenstein 3D I thought: cool! Then I thought back to the more recent editions to the Quake saga and I figured: bleh. In this writer's mind I figured that Return to Castle Wolfenstein (RTCW) was going to suffer from the same "I'd rather play the original" syndrome like Quake 2. I also figured that it was going to be mostly multiplayer oriented like Quake 3 Arena. I almost figured it to be unsettling to think that a cult classic was going to crash and burn in the wake of the multiplayer emphasis on all newly released first person shooters.

Fortunately to say, I assumed too much and RTCW is perhaps one of the most amazing FPS titles I have played in a long time. It pretty much has everything to offer, if not offering more than what many titles provide, if not blowing things out of the water entirely and making you think differently. It provides everything, satisfying even the pickiest of gamers. Namely me.

RTCW has you playing the role of Agent Blazkowitz, an operative for the OSA. Nazi's have captured you in your attempt to infiltrate a Nazi archeological dig site. Apparently the SS Paranormal Division is up to something and it doesn't look good. Now you need to get out and inform the OSA what you have discovered of "Operation Resurrection," and you have to do it alone. And that's just the beginning.

RTCW does something that many FPS titles have failed to do in some time now. When was the last time a FPS actually had a gripping story line? I personally can't name any games that held a story since Half-Life and Unreal. RTCW takes you through WWII Europe in almost every sense. It introduces reality, fantasy, and even the deranged. From countryside maneuvers, dreary and haunting catacombs and dungeons, to besieged and decimated cities, and even to secret labs and facilities that you would find in a good sci-fi flick, RTCW has it all. And best of all, its never over exaggerated and done very well. Something that gives RTCW a feel of realness and an immerse quality that will have you looking around every corner and simply never putting it down.

RTCW touches bases with all the secret and undisclosed ideas that lingered with WWII. Secret weapons projects, bioengineering, and perhaps the best representation of what the Super Soldier projects were all about. Now while much of this is all very intangible in a realistic scope, the designers at ID Software gave a very realistic and detailed story line to guide you through your missions. The benefit is that the quality of game play is very diverse, and there is more than just going around and killing everything (even though that's half the fun).

As you play the game you will find many instances where you have no limitations on what you can do. Kill everything, or kill only what you have to. Other times you will find yourself moving into an area having to use complete stealth and surprise to your advantage, many times having to avoid from raising an alarm. On some occasions you can't even risk engaging the enemy and simply have to sneak through a camp, or else fail the mission. Other times you will have to move in quietly and do the wet work, only to find out that no matter what you do there is a guy running for the alarm and you have to run his ass down! On other occasions you will be forced into impossible situations, against impossible odds and your going to have to kick and fight your way through by the skin of your teeth. We're not in Kansas anymore.

So if RTCW has you intrigued, and you would like to know what it has to offer for your valuable time. Venture forward and discover that you get a great game, and you don't necessarily need the best hardware to experience it.

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