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Sacrifice By John "Award" Del Percio, December 17, 2000
Developer :Shiny Entertainment
Publisher :Interplay
Release Date :November 2000
Demo Available : Yes - Download
Table of Contents

· Introduction
· Closer Look
· Facts
· Final


Upon loading the game, I was taken back to something I never thought I'd see again. I was greeted with a black and white text screen that said "Sacrifice: Loading.../". It reminded me of the old Quake console games, though this time, the programmers didn't have to deal with DOS. As the swirling background and demonic music began to play, I figured it would be one of those creepy games that you really don't want environmental audio enabled while playing in the dark.

Too late?!?
I never did like necromancers
Gravity? Why don't they ever tell you about these things?

Fortunately for me, as I began to launch one of several well laid out--and extremely helpul--tutorials, I discovered it's not all that creepy. In fact it was sort of funny at parts. But it wasn't until I created my character and began the single player campaign that I realized just how unique an experience it was going to be. The engine-rendered cut scenes depict a story starting at a post-magical-apocalyptic time at the end of the world of whatever the people there are. After a brief introduction (and some sarcastic interjections by my familiar), the game began. It opens to the five gods arguing with eachother (as always), and the character needing to choose which side to begin with. After some time you do get shut out of the lands of the gods you annoyed, but for a time you can switch.

I'm falliinggg
An altar with a Halo?
Stormy weather ahead
What I wouldn't give for a bottled water now

The five gods are rather distinct in nature. Persephony of Elysium, the noble warrior and crusader of justice has a nature oriented army, and a healing and protection oriented spell list. James of the Glebe, a rather neutral-good character is down to earth. His armies are rock and desert minions, and his spells also involve rock and dirt. Stratos of the air, a rather mis-named neutral-good-evil (still can't figure that one out for sure) character has "air" armies and spells, though he seems to have no more flying armies than any other side. Pyro is the big, bad, fire maniac. He is evil for fun, and destroys what he can. His armies and his spells are primarily involve in--you guessed it--fire. Finally there is Charnel, purely evil, and commander of the undead, and all that is chaos. He lives for two things, death, and torture. Where Pyro seeks to destroy, destruction is irrelevant to Charnel unless it involves death, suffering, or desecration.

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