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SWAT 3 GotY By John "Award" Del Percio
November 7, 2001
Developer :Sierra Studios
Publisher :Sierra
Release Date :3rd Quarter 2001
Demo Available : No
Table of Contents

· Introduction
· Closer Look
· Facts
· Final

Get Down on the Ground!

Gameplay in SWAT may seem a bit unusual to those who are unfamiliar with the series. Where most games reward you for the more kills you can score, SWAT, as with the real police department, is focused on saving lives, thus, you do better the more people you can scare or use CS gas on and get in handcuffs than if you go in shootinig at everything that moves. Included in your arsonal of law enforcement goodies is your choice of several weapons, glow-sticks, an Optiwand (for viewing around corners), CS gas grenades, flashbang grenades, handcuffs, C2 explosive for blowing door locks open, a tool kit (for picking locks), and, of course, special gear and protection.

When you enter a mission, you are usually placed in a stealh disposition. When entering the building, your primary goal is to sneak up on hostile suspects, either scare them with a flashbang, make them cough with gas, or scream at them to drop their weapon. If the suspect remains uncooperative, you may have to resort to shooting them if they are armed. If the suspect surrenders, you are to cuff them and radio to have them arrested. Don't worry if you have to shoot,though, you can shoot them in the foot to disable them if the situation escalates to the point of requiring a fire-fight.

Missions involve a certain level of stealth and secrecy. If you're noticed or walk into a room full of suspects, you likely won't live through the mission, or you (or your AI (or human) team may lose control and open fire rather than arresting.) Fortunately, the game doesn't lose its interest, even if you repeatedly play the same missions. Hostages and suspects may be randomly placed in the map, and may wander around the map, so the tactics that worked on the map one time, my not work at all the next time.

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