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Warlords: Battlecry By John "Award" Del Percio, November 2, 2000
Developer :SSG
Publisher :SSI
Release Date :Mid-Summer
Demo Available : Yes - Download
Table of Contents

· Introduction
· Closer Look
· Facts
· Final

Are There any Genres they Didn't Include?

One of the main features of Battlecry is the fact that it combines multiple genres of games. Foremost, is real time strategy. In addition, it has many turn based features left over from the initial Warlords series such as constant mines, shrines, and treasure scattered around the map. This does lend to the feeling of it being part of a turn based series. It also includes some aspects of RPGs in that you the heroes have an inventory screen where they can use special items such as better swords, armor, boots etc. They also have a spellbook (if they are of a magic wielding class) where they can learn more spells as they go. Like in an RPG, characters obtain higher levels as they kill more enemies. The higher the level, the more powerful they are.

Shield spell
The marketplace
Die, Orcish fiends!
Retreat, Retreat!

Another nice feature of the game, in terms of continuous plot, is the retinue feature. As some units become ledgendary, you can add them to your heroes retinue. They gain special stats and abilities as they advance through your retinue, and depending on the mission, you can include them at the start of a map. In addition, one good feature of the level system is the fact that you can choose whether to go onto the path of light or darkness. After a certain incident occurs in the first stem of the plot, you can vow revenge, pledge to darkness, or continue with your mission of solving the Paradox of the Two Tears. This definitely adds to the continuity of the game, giving a slightly different perspective to the story.

The Country Crypt
An operational base
Revenge of the operational base
The spell book

Finally, the last point of the game that is truly worth mention is the different races. There are three different classifications of races in Battlecry: Primitive, Advanced, and Magical. Species such as the humans and undead are advanced. They have high level structures and are all-round good units. The primitive races tend to have rather aggressive units, but little magic and technology. The magical races such as the elves are just as it sounds. They focus most of their efforts on new magics, and less on weapons.

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