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Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force (dev team) By John "Award" Del Percio, August 29, 2000
Team :Raven Software
Publisher :Activision
Release Date :Setpember 19, 2000
Demo Available : Yes

IRC Chat Transcript with the Raven's Voyager: Elite Force Development Team

We were fortunate enough to have a live IRC chat with a few members of the Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force development team on August 29, 2000. For those of you unfamiliar with IRC, this is going to be one VERY confusing page. IRC is a chat protocol that allows many people to gather in a "channel" and all type messages into it. It also allows for "moderated" chats. This is an example of that. Only GameVisions staff were able to talk in the main channel (what you're seeing here). Everyone else had to go into a seperate channel and ask us to post their questions for the Raven team to answer. The numbers in the front are timestamps, so you can keep up with how long a delay there was between questions etc.

I have color coded the chat so you can better follow it. All GameVisions staff members are in red. Usually (if you see another name in brackets after the one in red) it is a question asked by someone. Otherwise, it is our own comments. The Raven Software team members are color coded as follows:

JaxxonPhred - Teal - Keith Fuller - Holomatch Programmer
Emorog - Blue - James Monroe - Lead Programmer
Cosmos - Brown - Mike Gummelt - Programmer and Elite Force Script Writer
mjr - Orange - Mike Raymond-Judy - Level Designer
MaxKimus - Purple - Kim Lathrop - 2D Artist

As with any live chat, it is a free forum. There may be questionable or offensive language contained herein that would not normally be found on GameVisions. GameVisions, nor the GV Staff members involved are responsible for any such thing. They are the words of the public who joined the chat, re-pasted in their entirety.

The chat opens as soon as we went into moderated mode. Some of the people had already started talking to the Raven team members before this, but it was amongst idle chatter, and a netsplit. This is where the interesting part is anyway. If you absolutely need to know what came before, let me know, and I'll try to get you a transcript. This should be more than enough though.

The Raven team is a rather lively bunch, and provided us with plenty of entertainment, as well as content. There are nearly 2000 lines of chat here. Not all of it is useful info about the game, mind you, but if you enjoy finding out about the people who made your game, this is one of the nicest, longest chats I've seen. Then again, after you find out who the developers REALLY are, maybe you'll be too afraid to play it :) Enjoy!

0:05:35 <Emorog[RAVEN]> quote ATVI:

0:05:36 <Emorog[RAVEN]> The ship date is 9/19. We are shipping simultaneously in the US, Canada, Australia, UK, France and Germany. There may be a few more countries that are shipping then as well.

0:05:38 <[RAVEN]mrj> Sorry HK, Jadzia got killed over and over in an infinite time loop by Worf, you'll have to live with it... :p

0:05:52 <GV-Terrorist> everyone who would like an opportunity to ask questions or just converse freely join #gamevisionsopen

0:05:57 <GV-Award> <Lord_Riker> will the tour mode be implimented?

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0:06:48 <[RAVEN]mrj> desicion on whether/how to implement a tour mode will probably be decided by our sales...

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0:07:39 <GV-Award> <|_PmRd_|> Q: Raven: Do you guys plan to make a engine someday?

0:07:45 <[RAVEN]JaxxonPhred> heh

0:07:57 <[RAVEN]mrj> not me, me just lowly desigenr monkey...

0:08:16 <GV-Award> <snk178> is there anything new in the first levels of EF (since the demo)?

0:08:57 <Emorog[RAVEN]> don't think so. just a few fixes here and there.

0:09:08 <[RAVEN]mrj> mostly jsut bug fixes (oh, and you can go past the "cliffhanger" now :)

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0:09:41 <GV-Award> <Woody2k> Q: If you could have added anything in Elite Force, what would it be?

0:09:56 <[RAVEN]JaxxonPhred> Capture The Tribble multiplayer mode

0:10:17 <GV-Terrorist> rofl

0:10:18 <[RAVEN]mrj> for me, it would be dialog trees and other story-based elements.

0:10:19 <GV-LordHavoc> Capture the Tribble... LOL, I like that :)

0:10:30 <GV-Award> haha

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0:10:37 <GV-Terrorist> sorry... fell out of my chair

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0:10:47 <GV-Award> <[THT]Kumba> Question- What plans are there for an addon at this point... (i know it'll prolly be based on sales) and when would it be announced?

0:10:53 <Emorog[RAVEN]> please allow cosmos to talk

0:11:01 *** Mode change "+v Cosmos[RAVEN]" by GV-LordHavoc

0:11:05 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> Thankx

0:11:05 <GV-LordHavoc> my apologies

0:11:09 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> np

0:11:15 <GV-Award> thanks havoc...was busy in the other channel :)

0:11:22 <GV-LordHavoc> award: so was I

0:11:34 <Emorog[RAVEN]> i wanted to turn people into tribbles. the tribblator

0:11:38 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> So we're moderated now?

0:11:45 <[RAVEN]JaxxonPhred> moderated = true

0:11:48 <GV-Award> cosmos: yes. Too many people to be open :)

0:11:54 <GV-Terrorist> yes

0:11:55 <GV-Award> <Trekwarrior> Q: Will Assimilation mode be included in the final release?

0:12:17 <GV-Award> <|_PmRd_|> Q: Raven: Did you guys like the Quake 3 Engine Source Code?

0:12:33 <Emorog[RAVEN]> i like it. it is lean and fast!

0:12:34 <[RAVEN]mrj> add-ons will likely be entirely sales-driven, but we and ATIV have a "mututal decision" process

0:12:51 <Emorog[RAVEN]> no assimilation in HM.

0:12:55 <GV-Terrorist> A major concern of all gamers out there... who are sick of all the rehashed quick released games which need constant patching. Will you guys be thuroughly testing EF to ensure that alot of patching will be avoid, before the release date?

0:13:00 <[RAVEN]mrj> I always like having an existing engine and tools at the start of a project!

0:13:19 <GV-LordHavoc> Terrorist: it already went gold

0:13:19 <[RAVEN]JaxxonPhred> oh my goodness was EF tested.

0:13:24 <Emorog[RAVEN]> it was in full testing for two weeks before going gold.

0:13:25 <[RAVEN]JaxxonPhred> very tested.

0:13:31 <[RAVEN]JaxxonPhred> did i mention it was tested?

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0:13:36 <GV-LordHavoc> heheh, good

0:13:36 <Emorog[RAVEN]> and a lot longer before that of course, that was just the last version.

0:13:36 <[RAVEN]mrj> i didn't test it, did you test it :) ?

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0:13:44 <GV-Terrorist> yes... several times by many others aswell :)

0:13:45 <[RAVEN]JaxxonPhred> i thought you did!

0:13:54 <GV-Award> <Cyclops> RAVEN Can we have a few spiolers about the skins in HM?

0:13:55 <Emorog[RAVEN]> test = play HM?

0:14:00 <[RAVEN]mrj> I told Jojn to do it, he said he'd get back to me...

0:14:05 <[RAVEN]JaxxonPhred> oh. yeah. we tested it then.

0:14:10 <Emorog[RAVEN]> there are 4 seven skins.

0:14:13 <[RAVEN]mrj> whew, glad someone did!

0:14:14 *** Guest72763 is now known as Mark

0:14:27 <[RAVEN]JaxxonPhred> and there are seven... nevermind.

0:14:37 <[RAVEN]mrj> ewwwwwwwwwwww

0:14:41 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> someone +v MaxKimus please?

0:14:55 <GV-Award> <DrDesmond> Are any of the Raven staff people who worked on Elite Force, Star Trek fans themselves?

0:14:56 <Emorog[RAVEN]> fed suit, hazard suit, borgified, and a nifty black suit.

0:14:57 <[RAVEN]mrj> why, he's just an artist...

0:14:59 *** Mode change "+v MaxKimus[RAVEN]" by GV-LordHavoc

0:14:59 <[RAVEN]JaxxonPhred> what kind of a dumb name is "maxkimus"

0:15:02 <[RAVEN]JaxxonPhred> ?

0:15:06 <MaxKimus[RAVEN]> Damn you!

0:15:12 <GV-Award> hehe

0:15:15 <Emorog[RAVEN]> we are all fans!

0:15:16 <MaxKimus[RAVEN]> Both...

0:15:18 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> DrDes, yes!

0:15:25 <[RAVEN]JaxxonPhred> i'm a big fan of the original series.

0:15:25 <GV-Award> <[THT]Kumba> How many cheat codes are there in eliteforce? Did yall implant n e easter eggs?

0:15:35 <[RAVEN]mrj> yes, I am of teh body

0:15:37 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> Though some are more fanatic than others (Kim)

0:15:40 <Emorog[RAVEN]> what, you want me to count the up? there are lots.

0:15:45 <[RAVEN]JaxxonPhred> mrj: Herbert!

0:15:49 <MaxKimus[RAVEN]> ey!

0:16:06 <[RAVEN]mrj> Yours, is a superior, wit...

0:16:20 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> Kumba: why would you want to cheat?

0:16:27 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> ;)

0:16:45 <Emorog[RAVEN]> there are a few spiffy easter eggs, i think. i don't remember any more.

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0:16:59 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> The answer is a definite "maybe"

0:17:07 *** Mark is now known as MarkOConnell

0:17:07 <GV-Award> <Cyclops> RAVEN: Estimates play time?

0:17:14 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> Depends on player

0:17:18 <[RAVEN]mrj> I would call them more "Halloween" eggs, since that's when most people might find them...

0:17:28 <[RAVEN]JaxxonPhred> took me a few days. but then, i was "working" during that time...

0:17:30 <Emorog[RAVEN]> about 12 hours for a newbie.

0:17:42 *** Part: MistressKame (

0:17:49 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> If you're interested in actually playing the game, much longer than if you just want to brag about how quickly you finished the game.

0:17:49 <[RAVEN]mrj> if you don't skip cinematics and play on hardest level, even for "gods" like me it takes about 40 hours...

0:18:06 <GV-Award> <Cyclops> ONLY 12 HOURS?

0:18:06 <GV-Terrorist> hehe... speed demon... tis I :)

0:18:10 <[RAVEN]mrj> and i had to cheat twice to avoid too many replays...

0:18:12 <[RAVEN]JaxxonPhred> true. takes longer if you _enjoy_ the game...

0:18:21 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> Can't give an answer

0:18:39 <MaxKimus[RAVEN]> Yeah. Do you run thru, or do you take in the surroundings a bit?

0:18:47 <GV-Terrorist> I personally like taking my time... and then running through it a second time... thats just me..

0:18:49 <[RAVEN]JaxxonPhred> and try out alternate script endings...

0:19:02 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> Depends on player. If you care about story, plot and character interaction, there are optional things you can do. if just want to run and kill, can skip those and have shorter game.

0:19:10 <[RAVEN]JaxxonPhred> true

0:19:18 <Emorog[RAVEN]> true enough. you'd have to play it several times to see all the paths.

0:19:21 <MaxKimus[RAVEN]> true.true.

0:19:27 <[RAVEN]JaxxonPhred> heh

0:19:33 <GV-Terrorist> so alot of the events in it are triggered by the players decisions?

0:19:34 <GV-Award> Think trekkie... Most will probably absorb the story and environment...and make sure the Doctor has the proper gamme levels on his head :)

0:19:41 <GV-Award> gamma ratehr

0:19:44 <[RAVEN]mrj> or you can finish the game in about 6 minutes if you type "map voy20" from teh prompt... :)

0:19:56 <GV-Terrorist> but thats just cheap!

0:19:57 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> grrr

0:20:00 <[RAVEN]mrj> I think it was 20? or was it?

0:20:00 <GV-Award> <Woody2k> Q : What do you think is the future of Startrek games?

0:20:21 <Emorog[RAVEN]> eheh. i think chris said he could zip through in 4 hours running right for the exit of each map.

0:20:37 <MaxKimus[RAVEN]> aven Software. WE are the future!

0:20:46 <Emorog[RAVEN]> no, not 20. we merged that map away.

0:20:50 <MaxKimus[RAVEN]> er, Raven...

0:20:53 <[RAVEN]JaxxonPhred> eek. that even scared _me_, Kim

0:21:00 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> Woody: hard to say... in the past it was adventure games... now there's several different kinds of Star trek games... I like the FPS because it puts you in the story and the environment

0:21:01 <[RAVEN]mrj> brain is blended by now, too many maps to know

0:21:01 <MaxKimus[RAVEN]> hehe

0:21:15 <GV-LordHavoc> <|_PmRd_|> Q: Raven:was it hard to add Good Monster AI in Quake 3

0:21:20 <[RAVEN]mrj> i await a good Trek RTS

0:21:22 <Emorog[RAVEN]> indeed!

0:21:26 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> And characters and story are what really define trek

0:21:39 <GV-Award> <Woody2k> Q : Will you be able to turn the doctor (EMH) on and off, to really p*ss him off?!!

0:21:40 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> pmrd: yeah

0:21:50 <[RAVEN]JaxxonPhred> ai: Josh aged ten years putting in the single player ai. now he's 23.

0:21:53 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> woody2k: not enough clearance

0:21:55 <Emorog[RAVEN]> uh, no.

0:22:06 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> JxP: LOL!!!!!

0:22:10 <[RAVEN]mrj> Does that mean Josh is no longer an intern :)

0:22:13 <[RAVEN]JaxxonPhred> heh

0:22:19 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> No, just an over the hill intern

0:22:23 <MaxKimus[RAVEN]> No, MRJ!

0:22:30 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> Josh is smart

0:22:31 <MaxKimus[RAVEN]> Of course not!

0:22:34 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> He can make it go

0:22:37 <MaxKimus[RAVEN]> Make it go.

0:22:40 <[RAVEN]mrj> go AI go!

0:22:41 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> He will make us strong

0:22:46 <MaxKimus[RAVEN]> Make it go, Josh.

0:22:48 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> Make it go, Josh

0:22:51 <[RAVEN]JaxxonPhred> spooky

0:22:52 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> sorry

0:22:52 <[RAVEN]mrj> See Ai go

0:22:56 <MaxKimus[RAVEN]> hehe

0:23:09 <[RAVEN]mrj> ...pause...

0:23:15 <GV-LordHavoc> <Trekwarrior> Raven what types of maps will be included for holomatch

0:23:26 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> Designers?

0:23:30 <[RAVEN]JaxxonPhred> ooh...lots of different types

0:23:36 <MaxKimus[RAVEN]> Borg.

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0:23:42 <MaxKimus[RAVEN]> Klingon.

0:23:42 <Emorog[RAVEN]> klingon types

0:23:46 <[RAVEN]mrj> bgi maps, small maps, ugly maps, pretty maps

0:23:46 <MaxKimus[RAVEN]> Fed.

0:23:48 <Emorog[RAVEN]> voyager types

0:24:04 <MaxKimus[RAVEN]> Others.

0:24:12 <Emorog[RAVEN]> what do we call the pretty pink one?

0:24:16 <GV-Award> <Trekwarrior> Raven Any on other federation starships?

0:24:19 <MaxKimus[RAVEN]> Melon.

0:24:23 <[RAVEN]mrj> pink

0:24:27 <Emorog[RAVEN]> yeah, melon maps.

0:24:29 <[RAVEN]mrj> fuschia

0:24:35 <[RAVEN]mrj> mauve

0:24:40 <MaxKimus[RAVEN]> fuschia melon map

0:24:47 <[RAVEN]mrj> what did you call me?

0:24:59 <MaxKimus[RAVEN]> your head

0:25:02 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> USS Lollipop

0:25:03 <MaxKimus[RAVEN]> ;)

0:25:05 <[RAVEN]mrj> oh, OK then

0:25:07 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> It's a good ship

0:25:09 <GV-LordHavoc> <Woody2k> Q : Do you get a right good slap from your wives/gf's from working late hours? Or are they understanding?!! Hehe..

0:25:12 <[RAVEN]JaxxonPhred> weapons capacity: 9

0:25:20 <Emorog[RAVEN]> mine are all understanding...

0:25:26 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> Woody2k: Understanding to a limit, the SLAP!

0:25:33 <[RAVEN]mrj> I'm at home now, wife is watching (must remember to be nice) daughter reading on the couch

0:25:47 <GV-Award> <Cyclops> RAVEN: IN PcZone they stated enemy AI was a little...CRA*, have you fixed this?

0:25:57 <[RAVEN]JaxxonPhred> my wife is very understanding so long as crunch mode doesn't occur too often.

0:25:58 <[RAVEN]mrj> no, we like CRA*

0:26:10 <MaxKimus[RAVEN]> LyCRA*

0:26:16 <MaxKimus[RAVEN]> ?

0:26:22 <[RAVEN]mrj> that's like a "do you still beat your wife" questions, isn;t it?

0:26:28 <MaxKimus[RAVEN]> hehe

0:26:32 <GV-LordHavoc> <[THT]Kumba> Question-Are there any hidden levels and if so how many?

0:26:34 <GV-Terrorist> roflmao *thud*

0:26:39 <GV-Award> haha

0:26:41 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> Uh, what did PC Zone play? Did they say why it was CRA*? Kind of a vague statement- how do you fix something if you don't know what it is?

0:26:48 <Emorog[RAVEN]> all levels are right there in plain sight, in the pack file.

0:26:58 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> Kumba: nope

0:27:00 <[RAVEN]mrj> OK cos who are you erally?

0:27:05 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> ???

0:27:10 <MaxKimus[RAVEN]> orally

0:27:15 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> er

0:27:20 <[RAVEN]mrj> r e a ll y

0:27:24 <GV-Award> <Trekwarrior> Raven Will enemies act in different postures, like will klingons act more aggressive then other species?

0:27:29 <GV-LordHavoc> <[THT]IronMagnus> Q: OT <Marv> will we ever see heretic/hexen game again

0:27:30 <[RAVEN]mrj> yes

0:27:41 <[RAVEN]mrj> IM god I hope so!

0:27:48 <[RAVEN]JaxxonPhred> you're god?

0:27:51 <GV-LordHavoc> sorry for the quick second question

0:27:55 <[RAVEN]JaxxonPhred> i'm frightened.

0:28:16 <[RAVEN]mrj> no just a demi-god (demi-god of filling toilet paper rolls, to be precise)

0:28:45 <GV-Award> <DrDesmond> What will set Elite Force apart from all of the other Star Trek games that have been given horrible reviews in the past two years? Do you think that game reviewers like those at PCGamer will give Elite Force a chance or bash the Heck out of it like they did with Klingon Honor Guard?

0:28:46 <MaxKimus[RAVEN]> Player enters room of MRJ map. Walks over red X. Wall smashes player. Game over.

0:29:01 <[RAVEN]mrj> That's my map!

0:29:09 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> Our game doesn't suck

0:29:10 <MaxKimus[RAVEN]> hehe

0:29:18 <GV-LordHavoc> <MarkOConnell> Are you guys happy that the game is on's top 10 selling list?

0:29:25 <Emorog[RAVEN]> of course!

0:29:28 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> Mark: Really? Cool.

0:29:37 <MaxKimus[RAVEN]> That's ALWAYS a good thing, Mark!

0:29:37 <[RAVEN]mrj> what sets us apart : Q3 engine, Raven art, raven designn, non-suck story, AI, enemies, uh, stuff like that

0:29:40 <Emorog[RAVEN]> we have excellent story, level design and GAMEPLAY!

0:30:05 <GV-LordHavoc> <[THT]DepthCharge> Q: and if we do see another Heretic/Hexen game would you consider going third person again?

0:30:05 <MaxKimus[RAVEN]> Fun in the land o' TREK!

0:30:08 <GV-Award> emorog: that pretty much makes it different right there :)

0:30:09 <[RAVEN]mrj> we hit #8 i think at least once

0:30:09 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> We recreate the environment and feel faithfully

0:30:19 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> We care about story

0:30:28 <Emorog[RAVEN]> and we threw in a fun Multiplay version just for kicks.

0:30:31 <[RAVEN]mrj> yes 3rd person, you could see the wall smash you to a pulp...

0:30:31 <MaxKimus[RAVEN]> haracters

0:30:34 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> We don't make you fly a starship like a fighter

0:30:36 <[RAVEN]JaxxonPhred> yeah. fun multiplay

0:30:38 <MaxKimus[RAVEN]> characters

0:30:52 <GV-Award> <Woody2k> Q : Whats it like in the Raven offices? Do you compete a lot to try and fix a problem before another person?

0:31:10 <[RAVEN]JaxxonPhred> we try to avoid problems, hoping that someone else will have to fix it.

0:31:10 <Emorog[RAVEN]> i try to pass it off before i get stuck with fixing it... :)

0:31:19 <[RAVEN]JaxxonPhred> see?

0:31:26 <Emorog[RAVEN]> eheh.

0:31:28 <[RAVEN]mrj> most of the competition is in AOE or stuff like that (ask Bob and Keith and BR about that...)

0:31:46 <GV-Award> <Cyclops> Who is your fave trek character and why...and KIM, I KNOW YOURS TO WELL!!! DIE WORF

0:32:02 <MaxKimus[RAVEN]> Oh, Hi Xander!

0:32:07 <MaxKimus[RAVEN]> hehe

0:32:13 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> What problems?

0:32:26 <[RAVEN]mrj> I hate to say it but mine is Kirk. I must be an unreformed sadist anti-feminist pig *sob*

0:32:33 <GV-Terrorist> wharf? sounds like a hair ball problem...

0:32:34 <Emorog[RAVEN]> i like data. he is my idol.

0:32:37 <GV-Terrorist> should get that looked at

0:32:37 <MaxKimus[RAVEN]> Kirk is a good choice.

0:32:41 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> Spock

0:32:46 <MaxKimus[RAVEN]> But Worf is THE MAN!!!

0:32:51 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> SPOCK

0:32:52 <MaxKimus[RAVEN]> hehe

0:32:55 <[RAVEN]mrj> vorpal?

0:32:58 <GV-Terrorist> isnt it Warf?

0:32:58 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> SpockSpockSpockSpock

0:33:05 <MaxKimus[RAVEN]> nonononononono

0:33:08 <GV-Terrorist> QQQQQ

0:33:10 <[RAVEN]JaxxonPhred> it doesn't get much better than Kirk.

0:33:15 <[RAVEN]mrj> it

0:33:16 <GV-Terrorist> kirk was a panzy..

0:33:17 <[RAVEN]mrj> must

0:33:18 <[RAVEN]mrj> be

0:33:20 <[RAVEN]mrj> Kirk!

0:33:21 <Emorog[RAVEN]> if there were a spock/data hybrid...

0:33:26 <MaxKimus[RAVEN]> Bones is up there, too.

0:33:37 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> Spock was smarter than Kirk AND could kick his ass, ergo he's better than Kirk

0:33:38 <[RAVEN]mrj> the chances of that are less than 1.2999 million to 1

0:33:39 <MaxKimus[RAVEN]> Dammit Jim!

0:33:47 <GV-Terrorist> I personally like the chick with the long nails and that wierd thingy in her ear...

0:33:55 <MaxKimus[RAVEN]> Rand?

0:34:00 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> Uhura

0:34:01 <[RAVEN]JaxxonPhred> cosmos: so than I'm better than you, by your own definition.

0:34:03 <[RAVEN]mrj> Uhumpa, er I mean Uhura...

0:34:08 <MaxKimus[RAVEN]> Oh, ear...

0:34:11 <GV-Award> <Woody2k> Q : Whats the longest day you have all had whilst working on EF?

0:34:13 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> Bring it on, JP

0:34:19 <[RAVEN]JaxxonPhred> :}

0:34:20 <[RAVEN]mrj> you mean week?

0:34:27 *** Join: JuDDa (

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0:34:31 <[RAVEN]mrj> since days technically end after 24 hours...

0:34:35 *** Quit: Sparky (QUIT: )

0:34:37 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> *nerve pinche's JP*

0:34:48 * [RAVEN]JaxxonPhred shoulder rolls out of the way

0:34:49 <[RAVEN]mrj> pinche? what is he french now?

0:34:54 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> pinochet

0:34:58 <GV-Award> <Trekwarrior> Raven, were the pahser effects changed for multi?

0:34:59 *** Quit: Guest83634 (QUIT: )

0:35:01 <MaxKimus[RAVEN]> Pinchot.

0:35:06 <MaxKimus[RAVEN]> Bronson.

0:35:15 <[RAVEN]JaxxonPhred> changed from what?

0:35:19 <[RAVEN]JaxxonPhred> single player?

0:35:21 <[RAVEN]mrj> pnchot Brosna as James Bond?

0:35:21 <Emorog[RAVEN]> longest work day maybe? i was here for 40 hours once. i had trouble seeing clearly.

0:35:33 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> I think single and multi are pretty much identitcal in final versoin

0:35:40 <[RAVEN]JaxxonPhred> i think the phaser fx are about the same.

0:35:46 *** m68030_food is now known as m68030

0:35:48 <GV-LordHavoc> I once played quake deathmatch for 40 hours... same

0:35:49 <Emorog[RAVEN]> yeah, we added wide-beam mode to single to make them match.

0:35:51 <MaxKimus[RAVEN]> Pret near.

0:35:59 <GV-Award> <Cyclops> If atci offered you the DS9 lisence for a TREK FPS would you take it?

0:36:04 <GV-Terrorist> lord only 40 hours... pfffft

0:36:06 *** Join: Guest81264 (

0:36:09 <GV-Terrorist> ;)

0:36:24 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> Cyclops: yes, we will

0:36:25 <[RAVEN]mrj> depends on teh requrements of the license

0:36:26 <Emorog[RAVEN]> eh, i dunno. it's being done already....

0:36:27 <MaxKimus[RAVEN]> Why not? DS9 had cool stuff going for it.

0:36:33 <GV-Terrorist> ds9 ruled!

0:36:40 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> Cyclops, oh, Raven itself? Dunno

0:36:43 <[RAVEN]mrj> but as what? RPG? FPS? RTS?

0:36:55 <GV-Award> rpg

0:36:56 <Emorog[RAVEN]> good question.

0:36:56 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> MMOFPSRTPG

0:36:57 *** Guest81264 is now known as hi

0:37:04 <MaxKimus[RAVEN]> PFS actionadventure.

0:37:05 <GV-Terrorist> you could do one of those REALLY wierd hybrids

0:37:07 *** Join: Guest98917 (

0:37:08 *** Guest98917 is on channels: #gamevisions

0:37:09 <GV-LordHavoc> I've spent about 40 hours coding once...

0:37:10 <[RAVEN]mrj> Q3? UT? UPS? FedEX?

0:37:10 *** hi is now known as se8472

0:37:10 <MaxKimus[RAVEN]> Er, FPS.

0:37:11 <GV-Terrorist> even through a sim into it

0:37:26 <GV-Terrorist> hmmm hmmm hmmm?

0:37:44 <MaxKimus[RAVEN]> I met Nog at Gencon.

0:37:45 *** Quit: Guest98917 (QUIT: )

0:37:52 <MaxKimus[RAVEN]> Aron Eisenberg.

0:37:54 <[RAVEN]mrj> Egg Nog?

0:37:55 *** Join: Guest15379 (

0:37:56 *** Guest15379 is on channels: #gamevisions

0:37:57 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> Geek

0:37:59 <GV-Award> <[THT]DepthCharge> Q: Is there a graphic preference (or to be considered) to change the color of the phaser fire simliar to the rail color in Quake 3? Also has the ability to use color in your name for online play remained?

0:38:01 <GV-LordHavoc> I miss my years of 16 hours a game dev, every day...

0:38:05 <MaxKimus[RAVEN]> He won't like that.

0:38:16 <Emorog[RAVEN]> no, and yes.

0:38:16 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> No, you, for being excited

0:38:16 *** Guest15379 is now known as Junichi

0:38:20 <[RAVEN]JaxxonPhred> colored names = yes. colored phaser beam = no.

0:38:24 <GV-Award> 7

0:38:28 <MaxKimus[RAVEN]> I just said I met him, knob.

0:38:28 <[RAVEN]mrj> 3

0:38:39 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> 633k

0:38:43 <[RAVEN]mrj> 9.2

0:39:08 <GV-LordHavoc> <|_PmRd_|> Q: Raven: Is Carmack nice?

0:39:12 <Emorog[RAVEN]> but we made the crosshair names match your team color when playing team games.

0:39:13 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> MaxKimus = 633|<

0:39:15 <GV-Terrorist> is it tax season already? .... damn

0:39:25 <GV-Award> <MarkOConnell> Kim, what happened with the observation tower that other employees talk about?

0:39:29 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> Never met him

0:39:36 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> hehe

0:39:40 <MaxKimus[RAVEN]> Cosmos=@$$

0:39:41 <Emorog[RAVEN]> he is very , not mean. he is just himself.

0:39:46 <MaxKimus[RAVEN]> hehe

0:39:48 <[RAVEN]mrj> "yes. Carmack is the nicest person ever you could meet. There is nothing bad to say. Thank you for your time."

0:39:55 *** Part: SirAC-AMD (

0:39:56 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> James, where are those picture of Kim and the Tower?

0:40:01 <[RAVEN]JaxxonPhred> heh

0:40:02 <GV-Terrorist> were you paied to say that?

0:40:05 <MaxKimus[RAVEN]> HEY!

0:40:05 <Emorog[RAVEN]> in my home drive.

0:40:09 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> hmmm

0:40:13 <MaxKimus[RAVEN]> HEY!HEY!

0:40:18 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> Time for a web page update

0:40:19 <GV-Terrorist> it sounds faked?... I'm thinking there is a lethal device pointed at your head

0:40:22 <[RAVEN]mrj> "No. This is a spontaneous statement. All things are true."

0:40:37 <MaxKimus[RAVEN]> John Carmack is lord.

0:40:39 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> It is the will of Landru!

0:40:42 <MaxKimus[RAVEN]> like lou bega

0:40:44 <[RAVEN]mrj> It was teh only way Kim cuold meet a woman...

0:40:46 <GV-Terrorist> hahah

0:40:51 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> doh!

0:40:54 <MaxKimus[RAVEN]> What's a woman?

0:41:05 <MaxKimus[RAVEN]> Oh, that cop?

0:41:08 <[RAVEN]mrj> you know, the ones with extra polygons...

0:41:16 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> kinky

0:41:17 <GV-Terrorist> *thud* roflmao

0:41:19 <[RAVEN]JaxxonPhred> the ones with the bezier bits

0:41:19 <MaxKimus[RAVEN]> 10000+

0:41:26 <GV-Award> hehe

0:41:31 <[RAVEN]mrj> garaud shading...

0:41:43 <MaxKimus[RAVEN]> NOW I rermember

0:41:46 <[RAVEN]mrj> "fuzzy" logic...

0:41:49 <GV-Terrorist> speaking of extra poly's.... lara croft: the first extra virtual women

0:41:52 <MaxKimus[RAVEN]> remember

0:41:53 <[RAVEN]JaxxonPhred> and anisotropic...uh...never mind.

0:42:02 <[RAVEN]mrj> programmer!

0:42:07 *** Quit: m68030 (QUIT: I'v got an active cooling fan.)

0:42:07 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> Yeah, drifting into ubergeeksville

0:42:16 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> Had to stop myself

0:42:21 <[RAVEN]mrj> mraw?

0:42:30 <MaxKimus[RAVEN]> mrowr.

0:42:36 <[RAVEN]mrj> grrrrrrrrr

0:42:44 <GV-Award> <Trekwarrior> Raven, What are you guy's gonna be doin now that's ef is done?

0:42:45 <MaxKimus[RAVEN]> *smooch*

0:42:54 <[RAVEN]mrj> what I'm doing now

0:42:55 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> Working on the next game

0:42:55 <[RAVEN]JaxxonPhred> not as much

0:43:05 <[RAVEN]mrj> drinking and typing sh** on the computer...

0:43:12 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> Before this one even hits the shelves, no less

0:43:14 <Emorog[RAVEN]> i am putting together a new demo version with foreign language support.

0:43:24 <[RAVEN]mrj> hahah stoopid programmer!

0:43:26 <[RAVEN]JaxxonPhred> mrj: he meant, what will you be doing _differently_

0:43:30 *** Quit: Woody2k (Connection reset by peer)

0:43:34 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> I am reviving a couple of my old C64 games I wrote and redoing them on the PC

0:43:34 <GV-LordHavoc> odd programmer question: did Quake3 (or quake2 for that matter) remove the clipping hull junk in the quake engine? so bounding boxes can be any size

0:43:41 <MaxKimus[RAVEN]> I wanted to take a break, have a party, drink beer...

0:43:46 <MaxKimus[RAVEN]> BUT NOOOOO!!!

0:43:48 <[RAVEN]mrj> drinking vodka (instead of scotch, that comes when the bonus checks get here)

0:43:58 <Emorog[RAVEN]> no, they did not.

0:44:02 <GV-Award> <DrDesmond> In your free time (if you have any), what games have you folks at Raven been enjoying?

0:44:03 <MaxKimus[RAVEN]> We gotta work on the NEXT game...

0:44:03 <GV-Terrorist> bastards!

0:44:05 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> Lord Havok yes, Q2 did away with these

0:44:06 <Emorog[RAVEN]> well, q3 did in a way.

0:44:13 <GV-Terrorist> oh... n/m

0:44:21 <GV-Terrorist> *whistles*

0:44:22 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> There were no HULL_XXX in Q2 either

0:44:27 <Emorog[RAVEN]> vampire

0:44:27 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> Right?

0:44:33 <[RAVEN]mrj> Vampire teh masquerade (finshed it in 4 days)

0:44:40 <Emorog[RAVEN]> i don't remember...

0:44:42 <MaxKimus[RAVEN]> Carmageddon2 demo.

0:44:44 <GV-Terrorist> 1 day! HA!

0:44:47 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> Icewind Dale

0:44:53 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> Deus Ex

0:44:54 * GV-Award is still waiting for Terrors review of Vampire on GV :)

0:45:00 <GV-Terrorist> >:)

0:45:00 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> Wargasm

0:45:12 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> DOA2

0:45:13 <GV-LordHavoc> cosmos: I figured it did, just curious, explains why it has the brushs stored, haven't researched the map format sufficiently yet... planning to implement proper arbitrary object clipping (and BSP based CSG for that matter) in quake engine

0:45:14 <[RAVEN]mrj> 'Nam.... not.

0:45:14 <MaxKimus[RAVEN]> over and over

0:45:46 <MaxKimus[RAVEN]> must...smash...little...poly...people...

0:45:47 *** Quit: Junichi (QUIT: )

0:46:00 <GV-Award> <Cyclops> EF AS GAME of the you see this as true?

0:46:21 <Emorog[RAVEN]> a few mags have hinted at it...

0:46:30 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> In my dreams, yes

0:46:31 <MaxKimus[RAVEN]> It would be nice...

0:46:34 <[RAVEN]mrj> please?

0:46:57 <GV-LordHavoc> don't suppose anyone would care to divulge the secrets of Q3 volumetric fog? or at least what is an alpha iterator?

0:47:15 <[RAVEN]mrj> split the polys along the line of the fog

0:47:20 <GV-LordHavoc> mrj: thought so

0:47:21 <MaxKimus[RAVEN]> programmer types...

0:47:36 <GV-Award> Kim: hey!....

0:47:37 <GV-LordHavoc> mrj: was just wondering if Q3 had any GL tricks to get around that

0:47:41 <GV-Terrorist> always wanint to know everything..

0:47:51 <MaxKimus[RAVEN]> hehe

0:47:53 <GV-Terrorist> ack did I type that

0:48:01 <Emorog[RAVEN]> no, can't count on GL since there are a lot of sucky cards out there.

0:48:19 <[RAVEN]mrj> uh, yeah, put a "+" sign instead of "-" (i think?)

0:48:20 <GV-LordHavoc> <MarkOConnell> Kim, why won't the other guys at Reven tell us about you being lock in the observation tower durring the company picknick? What happened?

0:48:31 <[RAVEN]JaxxonPhred> don't go there

0:48:34 <MaxKimus[RAVEN]> That didn't really happen.

0:48:35 <[RAVEN]JaxxonPhred> please

0:48:38 <GV-Terrorist> hehe

0:48:49 <MaxKimus[RAVEN]> It was a terrorist plot.

0:48:52 <GV-Terrorist> I guess these photos were faked then

0:49:00 <GV-Terrorist> hey I resent that remark.....!

0:49:03 <MaxKimus[RAVEN]> Photoshop is a great tool.

0:49:04 <[RAVEN]mrj> the police and lawyers sya we couldbe liable so we better be quiet...

0:49:05 <GV-Terrorist> really?

0:49:25 <MaxKimus[RAVEN]> In the wrong hands, well....

0:49:27 *** Join: Guest42691 (

0:49:27 *** Guest42691 is on channels: #gamevisions

0:49:30 * GV-Terrorist continues to whistle

0:49:30 *** Guest42691 is now known as Woody2k

0:49:42 <[RAVEN]mrj> OK I admit it, it was Kim who killed Jadzia, not Worf!

0:49:48 <GV-Terrorist> bastard!

0:49:54 <GV-LordHavoc> emorog: very sad... I had to implement gouraud shading fog polys in my engine for sake of G200 and such, oddly it gave a very minor speedup on my Geforce as well (a speedup from using extra polys to do fog? weird...)

0:50:05 <MaxKimus[RAVEN]> Hey, don't be rilin' up "Cyclops" now, MRJ...

0:50:13 <GV-Award> What were the specs of the systems you developed and played the game on?

0:50:15 <Emorog[RAVEN]> odd indeed.

0:50:22 <[RAVEN]mrj> hey, you know you like the extra email Kim...

0:50:31 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> Mine is a p2 400, 128MB RAM

0:50:39 <[RAVEN]JaxxonPhred> i played and developed multiplayer rather happily on a p2 450 w/TNT1

0:50:41 <[RAVEN]mrj> p2300 64 ram

0:50:46 <MaxKimus[RAVEN]> You are MY mate!!!

0:50:53 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> NOT his!

0:50:55 <GV-LordHavoc> <Cyclops> Oh, voice over for Vorrik, was done by whom?

0:50:56 <[RAVEN]mrj> er, p2-300... not p2300

0:51:00 <MaxKimus[RAVEN]> That's a Vorik quote...

0:51:22 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> Alexander Enberg, kinda

0:51:26 <MaxKimus[RAVEN]> sorta

0:51:27 *** Quit: MarkOConnell (QUIT: )

0:51:35 <GV-LordHavoc> emorog: heheh... <brag> I have a thunderbird 900 and Geforce 2 GTS </brag>

0:52:00 <[RAVEN]mrj> slime...

0:52:13 <MaxKimus[RAVEN]> Eeeehhh...I gotta go, guys...

0:52:20 * GV-Award is having difficulties affording that t-bird 1GHz :P

0:52:24 <MaxKimus[RAVEN]> Have a good chat.

0:52:29 <GV-Award> Cya, Kim.

0:52:31 <GV-LordHavoc> <[THT]IronMagnus> Q how many Raven's working on EF are actual trek fans? Biggest fan, Worst fan?

0:52:34 <GV-Award> Thank you for dropping by

0:52:34 <[RAVEN]mrj> back to the tower?

0:52:37 <[RAVEN]JaxxonPhred> NOW we can discuss the tower

0:52:41 <MaxKimus[RAVEN]> TWelcome!

0:52:42 <Emorog[RAVEN]> ooo, ooh, i have a quadro now!

0:52:47 <MaxKimus[RAVEN]> HEY!

0:52:50 <[RAVEN]JaxxonPhred> heh

0:52:54 <GV-Terrorist> lord... dont make me slap you... cause I will... I really will... and when I do... its gonna hurt... it really will... and when it does... your gonna cry... oh yes you willl... you really will.... *mutters*... Mr. waits 4 years before upgrading from his P1-133 *mutters*

0:52:58 <[RAVEN]mrj> tower tower tower tower

0:53:06 *** Join: Guest76124 (

0:53:06 *** Guest76124 is on channels: #gamevisions

0:53:09 *** Join: Flying_Hellfish (

0:53:10 *** Flying_Hellfish is on channels: #gamevisions

0:53:10 <MaxKimus[RAVEN]> Ciao.

0:53:13 <[RAVEN]JaxxonPhred> cya

0:53:17 <[RAVEN]mrj> ciao for niao

0:53:20 *** Quit: MaxKimus[RAVEN] (QUIT: Leaving)

0:53:26 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> IM: Biggest - Kim, Worst: ??? Number: about 10?

0:53:33 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> Out of about 15

0:53:39 <Emorog[RAVEN]> all of trek team are fans, but kims the biggest!

0:54:24 <[RAVEN]mrj> the

0:54:26 <[RAVEN]mrj> biggest

0:54:27 <[RAVEN]mrj> what?

0:54:32 <[RAVEN]mrj> ;)

0:54:33 <GV-LordHavoc> Terrorist: P166

0:54:34 *** Quit: Flying_Hellfish (QUIT: Leaving)

0:54:34 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> no fair, he left

0:54:34 <[RAVEN]JaxxonPhred> uh...

0:54:36 <GV-Award> <Cyclops> What doyou mean by KINDA got Alex Enberg?

0:54:40 *** Join: Flying_Hellfish (

0:54:41 *** Flying_Hellfish is on channels: #gamevisions

0:54:44 <GV-Terrorist> oh... well EXCUSE me lord :P

0:54:56 <[RAVEN]mrj> that's why they call me "spider" :)

0:54:57 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> Got Alex Enberg for another role. Vorik in game,but has not real dialogue.

0:55:09 <GV-Terrorist> Mr. Waits 4 yearss till upgrading from his P1 - *166*

0:55:13 <GV-LordHavoc> to anyone new here wishing to post questions, join #gamevisionsopen

0:55:21 *** Join: Guest05472 (

0:55:22 *** Guest05472 is on channels: #gamevisions

0:55:29 *** Quit: Trekwarrior1 (QUIT: Leaving)


0:55:54 <[RAVEN]mrj> if you mean a fully-rendered cinematic, yes

0:55:57 *** Guest76124 is now known as what

0:56:17 <GV-Award> <[THT]IronMagnus> Any more talk of Mike Gummelt's old idea for 'player classes' as in a tfc kinda gameplay...

0:56:36 *** Quit: Lt (QUIT: Leaving)

0:57:05 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> snk178: the intro to EF is actually not just a rendered movie, but a few levels, in-game cinematics, rendered cins and scripted events

0:57:10 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> IM: no

0:57:46 <[RAVEN]mrj> snk: just like a real episode!

0:57:54 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> Yeah, a teaser

0:57:56 <GV-LordHavoc> I still remember Ultimate Quake... :)

0:57:58 *** Quit: Woody2k (QUIT: )

0:58:02 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> Cool!

0:58:03 <GV-Award> <KyleMac> Q: Has the multiplayer menu been changed in anyway over q3a, such as faster etc...

0:58:24 <GV-LordHavoc> Hexen2 was good too, though the netplay was unbearable before hexenworld, which I haven't tried

0:58:42 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> I wish I could do a game with as much total freedom to violate every single liscence I could think of...

0:58:48 <[RAVEN]mrj> well, gotta go read the monster her bed-time story, it was fun...

0:58:50 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> As in UQ

0:58:56 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> ciao

0:59:01 <[RAVEN]mrj> ciao for niao

0:59:05 <GV-Award> mrj: Cya. Thanks for dropping by

0:59:07 <Emorog[RAVEN]> the menu is not at all like q3.

0:59:09 <GV-LordHavoc> cya mrj

0:59:12 <[RAVEN]JaxxonPhred> cya

0:59:16 *** Quit: [Raven]mrj (QUIT: Leaving)

0:59:23 <GV-Terrorist> Since game communities add to the longevity of games so much now days... will EF be "third Party Friendly?"

0:59:34 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> And only the programmers are left standing... as usual

0:59:40 <[RAVEN]JaxxonPhred> heh


0:59:48 <Emorog[RAVEN]> as friendly as a little puppy!

0:59:55 *** Quit: JuDDa (Connection reset by peer)

0:59:56 <GV-Terrorist> can ya pet it?

0:59:57 <Emorog[RAVEN]> two exes.

1:00:06 <Emorog[RAVEN]> you can pet it, and it will lick you.

1:00:12 <[RAVEN]JaxxonPhred> eeyew.

1:00:15 <GV-Terrorist> whao! no way...

1:00:27 <GV-Terrorist> without any additional purchases for peripherals?

1:00:37 <GV-Award> <Flying_Hellfish> Question> If we make a mod will we be abel to add weapon slots? so there can be more than 9 weapons

1:00:38 <Emorog[RAVEN]> well, it's a metaphorical lick.

1:00:42 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> Two exe's is much better. Nowadays SP and MP games are becoming much more games unto themselves (how many new FPS games have both anymore?)

1:01:01 <Emorog[RAVEN]> i think the code can handle up to 16 weapons.

1:01:02 <[RAVEN]JaxxonPhred> weapons galore, i should think.

1:01:10 *** Quit: se8472 (QUIT: )

1:01:20 <GV-LordHavoc> <Flying_Hellfish> Question> Would it be possable to make a level that would alow you to walk on the celing?

1:01:34 <Emorog[RAVEN]> uh, only if you walk on your head.

1:01:34 <[RAVEN]JaxxonPhred> if you built the ceiling on the floor it should be no problem.

1:01:35 <GV-Award> Will the single player and multiplayer be on seperate CDs?

1:01:35 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> No, can't invert view 180 degrees

1:01:43 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> Or... yeah (JP)

1:01:45 <Emorog[RAVEN]> single disc.

1:02:43 <GV-LordHavoc> <KyleMac> Q: I remember in the early days of Q3A they said it would some with editors etc, but it didnt, i have heard the same about EF, but does it really come with editors?

1:03:04 <Emorog[RAVEN]> we didn't have time or room to fit them on the disc.

1:03:09 *** Join: Guest47210 (

1:03:09 *** Guest47210 is on channels: #gamevisions

1:03:17 <Emorog[RAVEN]> we will make them available on the net asap!

1:03:24 <GV-LordHavoc> <Pumpkin> IS there any way we could just watch all the centematics at once, like how you could watch the KA movies if you wanted ot?

1:03:44 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> The pre-rendered ones, yes

1:03:45 <Emorog[RAVEN]> you can watch the pre-rendered ones, but not the in-games.

1:03:52 <GV-LordHavoc> <[THT]IronMagnus> lol Q> if EF were released on Mini Disc, how many discs would it take up?

1:03:55 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> The in-game ones, that level must be loaded

1:04:11 <GV-Terrorist> will species 8472 be making a guest appearance in EF by any chance?

1:04:13 *** Join: JuDDa (

1:04:14 *** JuDDa is on channels: #gamevisions

1:04:25 <Emorog[RAVEN]> why, did you hear it would?

1:04:27 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> Definitely maybe

1:04:35 <[RAVEN]JaxxonPhred> infinitely possible

1:04:38 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> Absolutely maybe not

1:04:41 <GV-LordHavoc> <KyleMac> Q: will EF use a new version of Qer/Q3r, or just a plugin?

1:04:49 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> nyes

1:05:01 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> KyleMac: new version

1:05:02 <Emorog[RAVEN]> it is our own modified version. very compatible, but we have tons new features.

1:05:07 <GV-Award> <Flying_Hellfish> Q: Will there be referance materials on your scripted sequnce language?

1:05:08 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> yeah

1:05:32 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> Qer 1337

1:05:36 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> :P

1:05:41 <GV-LordHavoc> <Cyclops> I asked MRJ he didn't know do you guys have any idea bout a UK CE, cos there is a German on

1:06:11 <GV-Award> Havoc: never thought I'd ever see a post from you without you correcting the spelling :)

1:06:24 *** Quit: |_PmRd_| (Connection reset by peer)

1:06:32 <GV-Terrorist> well... everyone... it was fun.... but I must be going...

1:06:33 <GV-LordHavoc> GV-Award: I haven't been correcting the spelling on any of them :P

1:06:39 <GV-LordHavoc> cya Terrorist

1:06:42 * GV-Terrorist is stunned...

1:06:47 <GV-Terrorist> lord you disappoint me

1:06:50 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> Cyke: Dunno, guess if Activision thinks it will sell there...

1:06:53 *** Guest47210 is now known as How

1:06:56 <Emorog[RAVEN]> what is CE?

1:07:01 <[RAVEN]JaxxonPhred> collector's edition?

1:07:02 <GV-LordHavoc> terrorist: I will promptly begin correcting them

1:07:03 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> Collector's Edition

1:07:08 <[RAVEN]JaxxonPhred> ah

1:07:19 <GV-Terrorist> it was fun everyone.... night

1:07:21 <[RAVEN]JaxxonPhred> cya

1:07:22 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> later

1:07:23 <GV-Award> goodnight terror

1:07:25 <GV-Terrorist> we should do this again :)

1:07:32 <GV-Award> Terror: we will :)

1:07:35 <GV-Award> believe me :)

1:07:37 <Emorog[RAVEN]> ah, there isn't a special version for UK, so the US would work fine.

1:07:37 <GV-Terrorist> beer and chips my house... how bout it?

1:07:47 <GV-Terrorist> pizza?

1:07:49 <GV-Terrorist> hehe night

1:08:00 <Emorog[RAVEN]> in fact all versions support the same languages. it's just the box and manuals that're different.

1:08:03 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> Assuming Activision makes it available for sale in UK, no?

1:08:10 <GV-LordHavoc> <[THT]DepthCharge> Q: Will we have a mod menu item for singleplayer TCs or is this all handled in the multiplayer.exe?

1:08:11 *** Quit: GV-Terrorist (Connection reset by peer)

1:08:14 <GV-Award> <Flying_Hellfish> Q: I noticed that every one on the hazard team has a diff. role, will this lead to team-play based m-player?

1:08:24 <GV-Award> (sorry for the double post)

1:08:25 <Emorog[RAVEN]> only in hm.

1:09:13 <[RAVEN]JaxxonPhred> given the number of team-play mods out there, I'd say it's inevitable that someone will put one together for EF once the code's out there.

1:09:23 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> Flying_Hell: as in different roles/items/weapons? No... unless people make mods or there is some kind of add-on (which is not planned at the moment yet)

1:09:30 *** How is now known as Garret

1:09:42 <GV-LordHavoc> how many easter eggs are there? no hint as to what, just a rough count :)

1:09:57 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> Hard to say, not a whole Hell of a lot, really

1:10:00 <GV-Award> <[THT]IronMagnus> Q> hmmm, so no single player mods?

1:10:15 *** Join: RadCap (

1:10:15 *** RadCap is on channels: #gamevisions

1:10:15 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> Didn't want to tempt fate by delaying approval through QA & Paramount

1:10:19 <GV-LordHavoc> cosmos: add eastereggs in a patch? :)

1:10:21 <Emorog[RAVEN]> you can mod the single play, i just didn't put the mod menu in.

1:10:33 *** Part: snk178 (

1:10:46 <GV-Award> <DrDesmond> Would the script for Elite Force be posted online? Visions of a Mystery Science Theater 3000 Elite Force script are dancing through my head. :)

1:10:51 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> IM: Yeah, make your own maps, own missions, own cinematics, scripted events, NPC's, dialogue, etc. Can make a whole episode without touching code.

1:11:01 *** Join: Guest56578 (

1:11:02 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> Through externalized data, maps and scripting.

1:11:02 *** Guest56578 is on channels: #gamevisions

1:11:09 <[RAVEN]JaxxonPhred> hmm. creating a patch for the explicit purpose of adding easter eggs... interesting.

1:11:16 <Emorog[RAVEN]> eheh.

1:11:29 <GV-LordHavoc> <snk178> pleas tell raven that I can't wait for the game and that I wish I could stay and ask more questions but I have to get sleep

1:11:36 <GV-LordHavoc> hmm, I missed an e =(

1:11:36 <[RAVEN]JaxxonPhred> sleep = good

1:11:37 <Emorog[RAVEN]> mike, you have the script in an ascii file right...?

1:11:38 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> g'night

1:11:46 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> Yes, I do.

1:12:19 <GV-LordHavoc> <JuDDa> Q: would u take an active interest in an EF mod if u thought it was good enough.??

1:12:46 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> JuDDa: I think that would be wise (eg: Sierra/Valve)... up to Activision, I guess

1:13:03 *** Quit: Cyclops (QUIT: Leaving)

1:13:12 <GV-Award> <Flying_Hellfish> Q:How would you activate a singelplayer mod w/o the menu, IF through Consul, what command>

1:13:14 <GV-LordHavoc> I like to see the game industry and mod team lines crossed once in a while

1:13:19 <Emorog[RAVEN]> i would be interested and offer assistance if i could.

1:13:32 <[RAVEN]JaxxonPhred> i'd certainly be interested in seeing what people do with the game. as for "active"...depends on the definition.

1:13:34 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> Fly_Hellfish: not -ingame, just make a map and run it from console.

1:13:52 *** Join: Cyclops (

1:13:52 *** Cyclops is on channels: #gamevisions

1:14:08 <Emorog[RAVEN]> set fs_game mymod

1:14:39 *** Join: SirAC-AMD (

1:14:39 *** SirAC-AMD is on channels: #gamevisions +#canadians #gnug +#taworld @#TAUniverse @#amd

1:14:40 <GV-Award> <Cyclops> Will you guys post the dialouge sciprt on line

1:15:08 *** Garret is now known as Buddy

1:15:29 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> Er...

1:15:40 <GV-LordHavoc> <Cyclops> Are there any shuttles in the game apart from the Delta Flyer

1:15:45 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> If Activision lets us, I wouldn't care (after game released a while)

1:15:55 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> Cyke: not that you use.

1:17:02 <GV-LordHavoc> will Raven make any non-FPS (or third person shooter for that matter) games?

1:17:13 *** Quit: RadCap (QUIT: Leaving)

1:17:18 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> Heretic II

1:17:27 *** Quit: Pumpkin (Connection reset by peer)

1:17:28 <[RAVEN]JaxxonPhred> hard to say what the future holds. I think we're pretty good at 1st and 3rd person stuff, though.

1:17:30 <GV-LordHavoc> Heretic II was third person

1:17:31 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> Oh, non-TPS?

1:17:41 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> Yeah, depends

1:17:59 <Emorog[RAVEN]> let's do 4th person!

1:18:02 <GV-LordHavoc> (I personally like on-foot games for the atmosphere and interactivity, but had to ask)

1:18:22 *** Join: Guest45097 (

1:18:23 *** Guest45097 is on channels: #gamevisions

1:18:29 <[RAVEN]JaxxonPhred> i always thought the "2nd person" genre had promise...

1:18:37 <GV-Award> <Flying_Hellfish> Q: If i were to make a singel play Mod, A total conversion of the singel play, how would i run it? with game -nameofsubfolder in comand string?

1:18:38 *** Quit: Guest45097 (QUIT: )

1:18:41 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> Yeah, 4th person. You just get told about a game someone else played.

1:18:47 *** Join: Guest44559 (

1:18:47 *** Guest44559 is on channels: #gamevisions

1:18:54 *** Quit: Cyclops (Connection reset by peer)

1:19:03 *** Guest44559 is now known as rdr

1:19:04 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> fs_game nameofsubfolder (James?)

1:19:22 <Emorog[RAVEN]> yes, if you had another pak file named mymod then +set fs_game mymod

1:19:47 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> in command line

1:19:56 <GV-LordHavoc> <Buddy> Do the Borg ever beam over to Voyager? Like in other Star Trek episodes?

1:19:59 *** Join: Cyclops (

1:19:59 *** Cyclops is on channels: #gamevisions

1:20:05 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> stvoy.exe +set fs_game mymod (right?)

1:20:07 <GV-LordHavoc> Cosmos: heheh...

1:20:21 <Emorog[RAVEN]> no, they're too busy picking up the pieces after your first mission!

1:20:31 <GV-Award> hehe

1:20:43 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> Buddy: No, some people attack Voyager, but not Borg

1:20:57 <GV-LordHavoc> cosmos: I would expect it to be +fs_game yeah...

1:21:56 <GV-LordHavoc> what's your dream hardware? (computer or otherwise)

1:22:03 *** Join: dan (

1:22:04 *** dan is on channels: #gamevisions

1:22:11 <Emorog[RAVEN]> teleporter!

1:22:14 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> Yep

1:22:20 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> And replicator

1:22:24 <[RAVEN]JaxxonPhred> i'd go for a nice circular saw

1:23:12 <Emorog[RAVEN]> i gotta get goin, so last call?

1:23:16 <GV-Award> <Buddy> Q: People have been worried about the length of EF.... Can you give a estimate on how long it would take on the different difficult settings?

1:23:19 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> Yeah, any last Q's?

1:23:26 <GV-Award> emorog: ok.

1:23:49 <Emorog[RAVEN]> we figured about 12 hours on easy. a lot more if you play all the different outcomes and skills.

1:23:57 *** Part: Guest56578 (

1:24:03 <[RAVEN]JaxxonPhred> i think it took me over 20 hours on normal. and i occasionally cheated :{

1:24:11 <GV-Award> <KyleMac> Q: what kind of interactive things will there be?

1:24:14 <GV-LordHavoc> <Flying_Hellfish> Tell them> The Game looks Great!, I'm buying the CE as soon as it comes out!, Best of luck, hope u get rich of our money!:)

1:24:24 <Emorog[RAVEN]> eheh, that'd be nice.

1:24:30 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> Again, depends on whether you play to enjoy the story and character interaction or just to see how fast you can finish it (and skip option stuff and cinematics)

1:24:31 <Emorog[RAVEN]> i hope you enjoy it!

1:24:40 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> $$$!!!

1:25:01 <[RAVEN]JaxxonPhred> thanks for all of the questions, everyone. thanks gv for the moderating!

1:25:12 <GV-LordHavoc> what's the replay value like? after you've played it on every outcome (I'm sure many of you have), any reason to come back?

1:25:28 <GV-LordHavoc> thanks for coming, it's been fun.

1:25:30 <GV-Award> I'd like to thank the EF team from Raven for dropping by. It was really nice.

1:25:31 <Emorog[RAVEN]> there are alwasy more outcome you didn't think of the first time!

1:25:39 <Emorog[RAVEN]> thank you for having us!

1:25:43 <GV-Award> They're good sports and have excellent senses of humor

1:25:43 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> MP, for one. mods (people should be able to make whole missions and episodes if they like)

1:25:44 <[RAVEN]JaxxonPhred> i even _knew_ what some of the extra outcomes were and I replayed some scripts anyway just to see them.

1:26:02 <GV-Award> ST:VEF will be on shelves in late september, and just went gold yesterday

1:26:20 <GV-LordHavoc> I'd like to see some new episodes added to the game, that'd be intriguing

1:26:22 <Emorog[RAVEN]> The ship date is 9/19. We are shipping simultaneously in the US, Canada, Australia, UK, France and Germany. There may be a few more countries that are shipping then as well.

1:26:22 <GV-Award> A full transcript of this chat will be located on GameVisions sometime tonight or tomorrow

1:26:45 <GV-Award> (And tell Ken what he missed :P)

1:26:47 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> People should be able to use the maps we made and textures and make new scripted events

1:26:54 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> Make new dialogue if they want

1:27:03 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> Even new NPCs/enemies without touching code

1:27:13 <GV-LordHavoc> <[THT]IronMagnus> [THT] Shall Forever be loyal to EF and shall carry its name proudly

1:27:18 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> cool

1:27:19 *** Part: SirAC-AMD (

1:27:20 <[RAVEN]JaxxonPhred> cya was much fun!

1:27:24 <Cosmos[RAVEN]> ciao

1:27:25 <GV-Award> Once again, I'd like to thank you all for coming

1:27:30 <GV-Award> You've been great!

1:27:36 *** Quit: [RAVEN]JaxxonPhred (QUIT: Leaving)

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