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Deus Ex By Mike "Rage" Sagner, July 11, 2000
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Developer : Ion Storm
Publisher : Eidos
Release Date : Out Now
Demo Available : Yes - Download
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Closer Look

First Person Role Playing?

There are many role playing elements in Deus Ex. The skill system, especially, is heavily based on the systems known to RPGs. The skill system determines which things you can do (very well) and which things you're not trained in, your hand gets steadier when sniping, you can pick a lock faster, can stay underwater for a longer time or you can hack even more complicated terminals. Look at the picture below for a list of all skills. You can update your skills with the so-called "skill points" that you'll get when advancing in the game.

Two other, unique things to Deus Ex are the note and the conversation screen. Every conversation you have during the game will be logged and saved. That way you have all the important information is in one place and can be easily accessed.

Unlike most of the First Person Shooters, Deus Ex has an inventory screen. As a secret agent you can't carry around 6 rocket launchers, a plasma gun, a sniper rilfe and a shotgun. Your room is limited and inventory management is very important. Fortunately you can carry a lot of ammo and it won't occupy any inventory space, leaving that for weapons and all kinds of tools.
Security terminals and cameras can be hacked, which is great fun.

Hong Kong action
Your crossbow
The skill system


Of course, what good is a 3D game without the guns? Everybody wants guns and Deus Ex has them right there. A variety of different weapons will help you to accomplish your missions. The list of weapons includes a combat knife, throwing knifes, different pistols, assault rifle, sniper rifle, rocket launcher and a plasma gun. A huge fun factor is that all weapons can be updated with "weapon mods". There are mods for accuracy, recoil, range and reload. Each of the different mods will improve the particular atribute and can only be applied once.

Additional updates include a silencer, a scope and a laser sight. Once installed the latter two can be activated with a key.

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