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Deus Ex By Mike "Rage" Sagner, July 11, 2000
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Developer : Ion Storm
Publisher : Eidos
Release Date : Out Now
Demo Available : Yes - Download
Table of Contents

Closer Look

Sound and Graphics

Deus Ex uses a modified Unreal Tournament engine. Warren Spector said they wanted to focus on the actual game and story rather than on writing a new graphics engine. The game ran great on my PII 350, 198 Ram and Voodoo3. I've also heard of PII 233s running Deus Ex without major problems. In Deus Ex, all levels are fairly dark so we can't enjoy all the bright beauty of the Unreal egine. Ion Storm makes good use of the engine though, many special effects, big explosions and laser beams are true eyecandy.

The sound and music is very well done. Deus Ex has a dynamic music system, i.e. the music will go faster in action scenes and it'll slow down when there's less action. All dialogues are professionally made, however sometimes they didn't get the mood right. Would you stay calm if the world was going to be taken over by a crazy cyborg in just a couple of seconds?

Hey..thats part of the job
He's got a hostage!
Hong Kong gang wars
Battery Park

The storyline, as previously indicated, is extremely well done, and the cut-scenes are nicely done, and progress the story rather convincingly.

More Facts

Saving and loading takes quite some time in Deus Ex, which is a side effect of the Unreal Engine. In the game there will be situations where you can influence the game's story. For example in the first mission you'll have the possibility to rescue UNATCO agent Hermann but its not neccessary for the mission objective. If you decide not to rescue him, he'll be pissed and give you a hard time during the rest of the game.

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