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Earth 2150 By John "Award" Del Percio, Sept 12, 2000
Developer :TopWare
Publisher :SSI/Mattel
Release Date :June
Demo Available : Yes - Download
Table of Contents

· Introduction
· Closer Look
· Facts
· Final

Earth's Orbit Has Changed

As I know this site has a large number of fans who were die-hard Total Annihilation addicts, I know you share my sentiment about RTS (Real Time Strategy) games. It seems even more a tired genre than ever before, with tons of nearly identical titles coming out one after another; usually a clone of StarCraft or WarCraft. TA was a unique game. It came from a company that nobody had ever heard of, until it started winning "Best of E3" for TA. It finally included balance and strategy, and an unprecedented amount of skill required.

Poor, backwards Europe...
Night operations at LC home base
Sunrise for attack
Beautiful fog effects

Earth 2150 is rather similar to TA. While TopWare, the games developer, has had some previous titles, in general, they're not exactly on the top fifteen list of companies you think of when you think of games. Honestly, I probably would never have even looked at the game on a shelf. From the box it seemed rather generic, and was "yet another strategy game". What made me first take a closer look at it was the fact that it seemed to have some rather nice units. The concept sounded really good, but I still just counted on yet another StarCraft clone.

The storyline also takes a rather TA-like twist. There is none. While there is actually far more of a storyline to it that I'll discuss later, for all intents, there is no continuous story, apart from the fact that Earth is going to plunge right through the Sun, and the UCS (United Civilized States) and ED (European Dynasty) must evacuate, yet they never seem to want to stop fighting each other, while the LC (Lunar Corporation) need to break into the fighting and get resources to evacuate as well.

So lets see if the game really lives up to the title of strategy, or if it's yet one more point and click strategy.

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