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Internet Gaming Modem By John "Award" Del Percio, August 2, 2000
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Manufacturer : 3Com/US Robotics
Interface : Internal PCI or External
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Closer Look

All the Usual Refinements

As with most gaming hardware, the Internet Gaming Modem comes with a bundle of software. While this review is certainly not about games, it doesn't hurt to mention the software that comes with the modem a bit. It should be mentioned, that along with the two games, there is a card for ordering another one of three games for free online, and an option to purchase QuakeIII for $25. Unfortunately, when I attempted to check into this form, the last page of the form where you should enter your number, does not seem to exist. I am unsure whether it ever did or not, or how much longer it will be down.

Heavy Gear II: Activision: Sort of an odd "Mech" game, but with very different gameplay. Where a Mech is a massive war vehicle 8 stories tall, armored like a tank, and pilots like a fighter. a Gear is lightly armored, taking a few hits maximum, and pilots like a Quake Guy. Interesting campaign, but more than way too hard. If I were to rate it for a review, I'd probably give it an 88%, brought down mainly because of the complete difficulty of the campaign. It gets downright irritating at times. The multiplayer, though is rather fun. It's like a First Person Shooter, but with more strategy.

Civilization: A Call To Power: Activision: Civilization, being the most popular Turn Based Strategy series of all time, is held with a scrutiny that is held by no other series. Those that play Civilization take the game very seriously, after all, they lost enough sleep over it. This is the first of the series not created by Sid Meier, and it shows. The game is not very balanced, and somehow you end up with samurai and musketeers in the Irish army. Not to mention the fact that I was able to defeat a fusion tank with a musketeer and a warrior. I'd have to rate this game at about an 83%. It had a nice concept, but failed in the balancing. Nevertheless, if you're a hard-core Civ fan, and want more civ, it has the proper feel; and if you've never played Civ before, and were interested, this one has some flashier graphics, and is still rather entertaining.

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