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Star Trek: Armada (demo) By John "Award" Del Percio, May 23, 2000
Developer :Activision
Publisher :Activision
Release Date :Early April
Demo Available :Yes - Download
Table of Contents

Closer Look

Resistance is Futile

Going back about a month ago, the first of several new games set in the Star Trek universe was released: Armada. Given the long history of bad games based upon this universe, it has been a refreshing treat seeing some of the better games that came out in the first wave of new Star Trek games last year. But would this one hold up to the same standard that games such as Starfleet Command? I was anxious about buying this game, and came very close to doing so. Still, I had that lingering sense of dread since Activisions last Star Trek flop: Hidden Evil, but I didn't want to classify a companies games entirely based on one failure (or in the case of Activision, many. Some of my favorite games came from them, as did some of the worst games in the history of the PC), so I was still planning to give it a whirl. In the end, though, one major problem held me back from doing so. I read Activisions forums for the game, and spoke to several of the posters. It seemed as though Armada was one of the buggiest games ever released. Flipping through page after page off the technical help files, I was astounded at the frequency of some of the errors, and the full knowledge Activision had of them. This is a recurring trend in the game publishing industry, pushing it out the door before it has been properly tested, or even fully developed. A trend that is worthy of an entire editorial in and of itself. It was like Total Annihilation: Kingdoms all over again. A game that isn't really released until a month or so after it was officially released.

Spash screen
Single player menu
A research outpost
A Shipyard churns out a fleet to protect the Starbase

So here we are, a month later, some patches have been released causing a far more stable game, and a demo release (at least they beat the time it took Epic to release the Unreal demo). This time I was going to take it a bit slower and hold off buying it until I saw if it actually runs. It seems as though it runs pretty stable now, at least on my system, so we'll see how it goes from there...

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