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Giants: Citizen Kabuto By John "Award" Del Percio, 12/23/2001
Developer :Planet Moon
Publisher :Interplay
Release Date :December 2000
Demo Available : No
Table of Contents

· Introduction
· Closer Look
· Facts
· Final

These Folks are Anything but Primitive

In the single player game, you begin playing as a MECC. MECCs are British space men with bad attitudes, big egos, and low intelligence. They blast things away with big guns, can wear back pack enhancements, and have rocket-packs to fly on. Single player mode is mostly a tutorial for the multiplayer mode, though it is well laid out, and makes a rather good single player game. After you complete all the missions with a character class, you must complete a number of missions with the next. The first third of the game takes place with the MECC storyline, where the MECCs crash land, must find their team mates, and end up helping the Smarties. The second storyline is of Delphi the Sea Reaper, who must crush her evil mother Queen Sappho. The final storyline is as a Kabuto hunting down the real Kabuto and taking down any resistance in your way.

Smarties are tiny little people with "primitive" village life-styles. The only thing is they're not so primitive. The MECCs and Reapers must eventually build bases (more on that later), the resources for this is Vimp meat, of which you must kill Vimps for, and Smarties who must build your structures. In a Capture the Smartie multiplayer game, or in some missions of the single player game dealing with base development, there is a specific Smartie that is your icon Smartie. This is the character that leads you around the single player game. For a MECC it is Borjoyzee the explosives and weapons expert, for the Reapers, it is Yan, the Yoga sage, and for Kabuto...well, he gets more pleasure out of eating the Smarties than anything else. After all, he is a base, no need to build one.

Following through the humorous storyline, you'll find yourself facing three general types of monsters: Rippers, which are giant claw monsters that burrow underground and emerge to bombard you with missiles, Reaper Guards, which are pretty dense but are good humanoid pack hunters, and are skilled with MECC-like weapons, and Raiths who cast spells similar to Delphi on the Reaper missions. Meanwhile your Smartie team is building new technology for you, and instructing you how to use your character. Of course, while the single player game is extraordinarily fun, its gameplay simply leads up to that of the multiplayer, so let's cover both at once, shall we?

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