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Giants: Citizen Kabuto By John "Award" Del Percio, 12/23/2001
Developer :Planet Moon
Publisher :Interplay
Release Date :December 2000
Demo Available : No
Table of Contents

· Introduction
· Closer Look
· Facts
· Final

King of the Hill... RUN!

To envision what Giants gameplay is like, simply picture the vast, open, mountainous terrain of Starsiege: Tribes, the base construction of Starcraft, the shooter action of Quake, and the slapstick comic mayhem of the Animaniacs. Now take all those images, dump them in the toilet, and flush it.

Giants combines the likenesses of all the afore mentioned games, though when you place them all together, it forms it's own unique brand of fun and strategy. Finally a game that takes reflexes, intelligence, and strategy. While you can play as deathmatch and Capture the Smartie with a fully constructed base, we'll focus on the version with base building here.

You start out a game with, essentially, nothing. You must gather your resources (Smarties and Vimp Meat) quicker than your enemies (you can play on teams, or alone if you wish), and begin building a base capable of producing all the goods you need, and keeping your enemies greedy little claws off it. Base construction consists of standing on the "build pad" after depositing your resources. Some of the types of things that can be built depend on your race. As a MECC, you build gift shops, level 2 gift shops (cooler items), turrets, SAM (Surface to Air Missile) turrets, a Gyropad containing a helicopter to fly around in (reminding you of Tribes yet?), walls, shield generators and so on. If playing as the Reapers, you have spell shops, magical auras, Reaperski (jet ski-like thing) etc., and if playing as Kabuto, for every Smartie you eat, you grow to a new size, once again proving that the most powerful base around is wherever you happen to be standing.

But this isn't Starcraft, and you're certainly not producing armies to out-strategize your opponent. No, you simply use your base to gear-up for battle. For the battle itself, you are on your own as an FPS (First Person Shooter) combat game. This is one place where the game is different from single player. In single player, the action is fast and furious, idealistic to the classic arcade games, but in multiplayer, while you'll certainly have your moments like that, it's more of a tactical combat. Gameplay involves more long-range sniping, spell casting, trickery, airlifts, high-speed dropoffs, than most games, with the exception of Kabuto, who just stomps and smashes (and eats!) There's certainly a race to match everyone's personality and strengths. And, with such a wide and fast landscape, even on the small maps, you'll be able to avoid your enemy well if you chose to. Though while you're hiding, they're probably trashing your base.

Weapons are sort of a lengthy section, and I think it would rather spoil the single player game if I gave you the rundown, so I'll keep it brief and only name a few. For MECCs, there are more classic weapons such as machine guns, rocket launchers etc., and some more eccentric weapons I'll let you discover. In terms of upgrades, there are various jet pack upgrades and shield generators, plus some more odd-ball things. For Reapers, the primary weapons are magical bows, and the default blade for slow (but fun) torture. Kabuto...well, you have a 40 foot tall walking fortress equipped with two huge fists, a giant mouth, and skin that puts a Panzer to shame. Why would you need anything more?

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