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Icewind Dale: Heart of Winter By John "Award" Del PErcio, May 9, 2001
Developer :Black Isle
Publisher :Interplay
Release Date :Winter 2001
Demo Available : No
Table of Contents

· Introduction
· Closer Look
· Facts
· Final

Welcome to Lonelywood, Traveller

With all the excitement of the engine improvements and game features, the things that actually make Heart of Winter an expansion pack seem to be frequently forgotten. The addition of the new area to the campaign is a significant one. Starting from the un-lockable cabin in Kuldahar, you'll meet a barbarian in need of help. If you agree to go with him you are whisked off to Lonelywood, the most remote of the ten towns, and the closest to barbarian impending doom. The quests in the town of Lonelywood have a bit more substance than those of the initial game in Kuldahar (which was seriously lacking quests.) It is a town worthy of a Baldur's Gate game.

Following your quest solving in the town, you head out to the barbarian camp, a barbarian grave yard, a mysterious ice pass, and an..err..castle..of sorts. Mystery continues to surround the events until the very end. Unfortunately, that end seems to come a lot sooner than was expected. In fact, the only thing that keeps the expansion areas lasting more than a week is the sheer difficulty. It is HARD. Black Isle recommends that your character be around level 13 before starting the expansion. I think they must have run a trainer in the background when they came up with that number. I was about level 19 or 20 and found the burial grounds darn near impossible. It's doable, though, as I managed to beat it.

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