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Mech Commander 2 By John "Award" Del Percio,
August 28, 2001
Developer :Microsoft
Publisher :Microsoft
Release Date :July 2001
Demo Available : Yes - Download
Table of Contents

· Introduction
· Closer Look
· Facts
· Final

Warning, Heat Critical. Shutting Down.

There are, unfortunately, some problems with the game, including some very major technical flaws. While the AI is generally on-target, there are some battles that simply pit you against incredible odds. If you didn't pick the best Mechs on loadout, you're pretty much ruined for the mission and must start again. Additionally, at times, the AI can be unforgiving, and at other times it may get stuck somewhere, or especially when in an fortified base, simply run back and forth within the walls and not actually leave through the gates.

On the more disturbing side, there are quite a few occurrences of people experiencing terrible technical problems. Personally, I was typically unable to get the first mission for house Liao to load without crashing to the desktop. Other times, using quick load without exiting the game would crash to the desktop, though this was a bit more rare. There are all forms of other problems which people are experiencing out there, as there were with Mech Warrior 4 (perhaps the same base-engine was used, since many of the same problems seem to pop up.)

There are also a few problems with the camera. There is no top-down view, so when traveling through a narrow pass, it's rather easy to loose sight of your squad, or getting them killed while you're busy fiddling with the camera trying to find them. Additionally, it seems the artillery hasn't quite been perfected. There are many times that, given the local terrain and distance from the target, there should be a clear path to hit, yet the artillery just sits there and does nothing. More often than not, using artillery proves to be a waste of resource points.

Unfortunately, there is a bit lacking in terms of features, too. There is no single player skirmish mode to test out some multiplayer maps against the AI before humiliating yourself online. You're not even able to have a coop game against an AI in multiplayer mode. Finally, the multiplayer is hosted on Zone, which tends to make you ask yourself why really want to play online at all. Perhaps one of these days, Zone will get an needs one quite badly.

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