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Mech Commander 2 By John "Award" Del Percio,
August 28, 2001
Developer :Microsoft
Publisher :Microsoft
Release Date :July 2001
Demo Available : Yes - Download
Table of Contents

· Introduction
· Closer Look
· Facts
· Final

Just Dropping In

Of all gaming series, Battletech games can be said to have the absolute most rigid fans around. Whenever a new Battletech game is released, you're sure to see at least fifty fan sites with forums blazing about one thing or another being done wrong, or not being consistent, or it being ruined since the previous game. How much of that is true, of course, is a completely different story, but it certainly proves that it is possibly the biggest community for PC games there is.

Needless to say, Mech Commander 2 is no different. When looking through all the big fan sites everyone has one major gripe or another about it compared to the Microprose-published original. Perhaps there is some merit to it this time, though. In the latest of the Mech Warrior games, Mech Warrior 4, there were several drastic changes made to the game since the good old Mech Warrior 2 days. Some were for the better, some were for the worse, but the game definitely seems to change with every publisher it encounters. In our preview of Mech Commander 2 some of the alterations were highlighted, though a preview is always just rough enough that it makes it impossible to tell what the final game will truly play like.

Perhaps the biggest change, though, is most definitely for the better. The tremendous improvement in the graphics engine makes the Mech Commander series an incredibly different gaming experience. The 3D engine gives true terrain effects, great lighting and particle effects, and best of all, a free-floating camera, so you can check out the action at any angle. Mech Commander 2 is, by any definition, a great looking game.

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