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inFamous By: John "Award" Del Percio
June 23, 2009
Developer :Sucker Punch
Publisher :Sony Computer Entertainment
Release Date :June 2009
Platform : Sony PlayStation 3
Table of Contents

· Introduction
· Closer Look
· Facts
· Final

An Electrifying Debut!

inFamous is a a gripping game that grabs you, not so much with its promising but under-explored story, but with its endlessly fun gameplay. While the environments and missions may repeat a bit too often, seldom does the game ever lose the thrill of running about a city where very little can ever stop you as you blast your way through the villains and jump from roof to roof in grand fashion. The often intense, but rarely frustrating blasting action, and environmental destruction is a thrill, and the immersive environment draws you into the dark, gothic realm of Empire City, and doesn't need an overly obtuse story arc to do so. Despite the fact that the otherwise promising and inspiring story trails off partially though the game, it's hardly even missed and doesn't feel as empty and lifeless as some other titles. Many have mocked Sony compared to Microsoft's console exclusives, but inFamous proves yet again in the 2008-2009 year that when Sony does an exclusive, they get it right. inFamous can easily be added to the list of "reasons to buy a PS3" with its mix of next-gen grandeur with old-school addictive fun.


Personal Note

Graphics - Sound - Gameplay - Depth - Multiplayer  Reviewed by John Del Percio
93 %

The graphics are good. The physics are better. There's little true experimentation with lighting and shaders to keep the graphics up with the heavy-hitters in the graphics department, though there's enough special effects during scripted events to keep your eyes alert, and the vast distance on screen at any time, especially at extremely high elevations that work to more than forgive whatever model limitations may exist. The larger point reduction here is due to the repetitious textures. Yes, there are limits to work with in PS3 memory, but some variation would have been truly welcome.

92 %

Surround sound is used to good effect here, where audio cues, more than visual cues help to quickly pinpoint what direction that sniper fire may be coming from as you're scaling the side of a building. The sound does what it needs to in terms of indication, and the audio effects are well done and highly unique. Odd sounds in the background often led me to believe there really was a helicopter or some other odd object in the real world nearby, only to discover the sound went away when muted. I consider that a long as it's not too disturbing a sound.

100 %

Despite whatever piddly flaws I can rant about, it's hard to go wrong with the gameplay of inFamous. It's free-form, but with great scripted scenarios, with some very fun special abilities and battle mechanics, mission mechanics, and an addictive map control system. It has certainly left me looking forward to the less than subtly hinted at sequel, and while I'd like to see some of the quibbles fixed, I hope the sequel won't tamper too much with a very successful formula. I have a feeling that, as with so many things, even if the next iteration is technologically better, the original will be the one widely considered "the classic."

91 %

In terms of story, the story appears deep at first, but rapidly trails off. The environment, however, is pretty detailed and immersive, though it becomes, as stated, a bit too repetitive after a time. While there's little strategy per-se in the game, the open nature of the game allows you to determine your own plan of attack for most encounters, my own choice being to strike from above as often as possible, and in providing that level of freedom, the depth of the game is more up to the player than even most open-ended games which have a tendency to force a "run and gun" close-quarters battle tactic.

0 %


These days I've found it difficult to actually play most games to completion. Partially due to the time constraints before a new title is release for review, partially because expansive open worlds can provide hundreds of hours of gameplay before ever reaching the end, and partially because it takes a lot to impress me enough to hold my interest in a single game so intently to finish it, perhaps revealing a jaded long-time gamer in the process. inFamous is one of very few 2008-2009 releases that's managed to do so, sharing a pedigree with Little Big Planet, Mass Effect, and Assassin's Creed itself. That alone is as high praise as I can give a game. If you're not looking for multiplayer action, a sweeping and fulfilling story conclusion, and just want some good old pick up & play fun, inFamous is the game you want if you're a PS3 owner.

Overall Rating



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