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Tomb Raider Review by Jay, May 5th, 2000
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Developer : Core Design
Publisher : Eidos Interactive
Release Date : Out Now
Demo Available : Yes - Download
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Closer Look

Closer Look...

With the success of the series dying off a bit, Core and Eidos has to pull of something pretty impressive to get the attention back onto Ms Croft once again. Tomb Raider the Last Revelation along the with the adverts she appeared in (Dreamcast and Lucozade) has revived Lara for a new outing to a more desired location than Tomb Raider 2 and 3's attempts.

For all the people who have missed out on the series, we follow the story (in third person) of a high class explorer named Lara Croft who searches for rare and exquisit items and collectables to house at her mansion in the country. Lara ends up encountering Demons, Monsters and even Alien on her 'exageratted' adventures. Never the less the series has made a massive impact on how we look at third person perspective games.

The Last Revelation boosts a wide range of larger and more well designed levels to compete with, and doesnt require the un-neccessary and degrading task of level jumping to solve a a puzzle. TLR's puzzles are generraly contained to the surrounding area and not sprawled throughtout the game thankfully.


The graphics in this game have been re-worked with the likes off Lara now being fully skinned to avoid texture cracking and difficulities on the games behalf. However the always inevitable 'Wall Strectching and Spliting' has still made a return but has improved with only some of the walls carrying this burdon. The sound unfortunately has not been altered much at all. However it still retains all of its eerie moans and athmospheric musical outbursts.

Laras new adventure first starts as almost a prequel to the very first game in which we see Lara aged 16. How as the game progresses the game turns into a sequel to the third. This is a nice idea by Core, and they managed to pull it off very well.

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