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Tomb Raider Review by Jay, May 5th, 2000
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Developer : Core Design
Publisher : Eidos Interactive
Release Date : Out Now
Demo Available : Yes - Download
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Closer Look

Final Peek

Us here at Gamevisions recommend Tomb Raider to anybody who enjoys or has enjoyed any of Lara's previous outings, as this is the best yet. The new puzzles such as finding a stick to set on fire then lighting a rope in order for it to snap, which in turn opens a door. This time around the moving of huge blocks has gone and replaced with more realistic objects such as heavy weights (vases and statues) and this has even been kept to a minimum. The full motion videos (i.e. introduction, cut scenes and ending) are all great to watch but the surprising yet great ending leaves a question mark over any future Tomb Raiders. So yes the game is good but people expect a more better looking and more thrilling game for their cash.


Personal Note

Graphics - Sound - Gameplay - Depth - Multiplayer Reviewed by Jason Knowles

The graphics are slightly better than number three. There are good fire and water effects along with some nice new features such as water drops from Lara when she climbs from a pool and the eerie mist that adds athmosphere to many parts of the levels. It is a shame that with this being the fouth adventure that the levels are still based on square polygons and they are not rounded off to give a more realistic effect.

SOUND 80 %

This is quite a bit better than the previous outings with some athmospheric and tense music accompanying certain moments such as being attacked by a giant, fire breathing lizard or being chased by a swarm of scarabs. The weapon effects are still poor but overall its an improvement.


Although the game still plays slow, Lara's new abilities plus the excellent plot, the fiendish puzzles and the 'ironed out' learning curve make this just as enjoyable, if not slightly better, than the earlier Tomb Raider games. My only problem is that it plays far better with a joypad as the keyboard can be too spaced out for the buttons.

DEPTH 90 %

This is the best Tomb Raider yet, although the method is getting on a bit you still feel quite immersed in the game. The level design is great, the game is huge and there are 70 well hidden secrets to find, which will take even those of you with the keenest eye a long time to find.


This is single player based game and is less of a multiplayer activity than sitting in a dark empty room by yourself.

In my personal opinion Tomb Raider The Last Revelation is a game to purchase for fans of Lara and her series. But, some people who havent played the originals or followed the series at all may find it hard to get to grips with.

The new features in the game, such as the rope swinging are difficult ... even for skiiled people at the game so you arent going to clock the game in a day.

The Last Revelation has got alot better in terms of graphics and attention to details, but the other things such as sound and texture cracking.

Overall though a good game to buy if you are into third person action/adventure games or are a colloector of the series.

Overall Rating


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