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Star Trek: Armada (demo) By John "Award" Del Percio, May 23, 2000
Developer :Activision
Publisher :Activision
Release Date :Early April
Demo Available :Yes - Download
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Closer Look


From the opening menus, I was fairly impressed. I began feeling quite guilty for not having bought the game the previous month. It was more than I thought it would be, though infatuation always falls victim to disappointment. The splash screens were nice looking, leading into some very creative animated buttons to access each mode of gameplay (single player, multi-player, options, etc.), but there was an eerie feeling that I have already been here before. Could it be that I had traveled through a temporal distortion to an alternate dimension? No, it's highly unlikely; I'm just hallucinating. So I clicked on the little animation for single player (a Sovereign class starship orbiting a planet), and proceeded to click on Captain Picard's nose to enter the single player mode.

Assaulting an assimilated starship
A well guarded mining colony
You will be assimilated
Fighting fire with... plasma cannons

It seemed as though I was watching the series on TV: a picturesque shot of the Enterprise flying by, accompanied by cheap synthesized music reminiscent of the first two seasons of The Next Generation. I began to perk up; however, upon hearing Patrick Stewart's booming voice narrating the cut-scene. A fairly mundane storyline about rebuilding an outpost and repelling some rogue Dominion forces sometime after the Dominion War. While there, you build a few units before getting a distress call and responding to a Borg threat (leading into the second level). I'll leave that part of the story a bit of a mystery for you, as the story is most of the fun of the game.

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