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Star Trek: Armada By John "Award" Del Percio, May 23, 2000
Developer :Activision
Publisher :Activision
Release Date :Early April
Demo Available :Yes - Download
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Closer Look

Flame Extinguishers Activated, Temper Control Coming Back Online...

Overall, I think I was a bit too critical of this game, without stressing the positive features at all. It does have great sound effects, it has a terrific story, nice models, and I must admit that gameplay is quite fun (and addictive). While everything negative that I said is true, I think Activision did their best that anybody could have done with the Genre. Star Trek just doesn't give way to the RTS genre. It is difficult to make it work. Shooters, Sims, and the like are more susceptible to the content of ST, but RTS just is too abstract. On the downside, while StarCraft did have an easy to use interface, there is no reason for other companies to duplicate it no matter what. I kept playing the game feeling as though I was merely playing a StarCraft TC (Total Conversion).


Personal Note

Graphics - Sound - Gameplay - Depth - Multiplayer  Reviewed by John Del Percio
65 %

While the engine itself was quite spectacular, and the textures and models were magnificent, they threw it all out the window by keeping a top-town camera angle. It was nearly painful seeing such a waste.

98 %

Authentic Star Trek libraries at their best. Two points were lost for the annoying repetitive transporter sounds, but everything else was cinema quality!

85 %

Gameplay is fairly straight forward. Your typical RTS game, with a StarCraft interface, and general unit movement. I felt right at home with it, and as far as level progression goes, it's fairly solid in gameplay. The full version only has 5 levels per species; however, and you can't save in the middle of a mission as far as I know.

100 %

It is very rare that I give anything 100% indeed, but this one was truly worthy. This is one of the best game storylines I have seen, and the cut-scenes are very well impliemted (albeit the mid-way ones are a bit stiff). The general game evolves the story as it goes as well. Admit it, it's a better story than some of the filler ones they used in the series!

79 %

Why the odd number? Well, multiplayer wasn't bad...but it wasn't good either. It's not the most strategic in the world, preferring rush tactics to anything else, finalizing it with "magic" ships such as the Borg Diamond, and the Sovereign class with the "magic shields". As far as network stability, it ran rather well over the 'net, and the Won service is great. The weak point is the units. Great for single player story development, not too great for multi.

Well, I was both amazed and dissappointed at the same time. Honestly, as a reviewer, I must judge entirely on technical merit. Sometimes that is a bit misleading. On a technical note, one has to wonder how it ever left the publishing plant. On a personal note, this game was pretty fun, and rather addicting. As a Trekkie, I've played my fair share of games. While this game could have been far more than it is, it is on my "top 50%" of the RTS games I've played (which may or may not say much). The fun factor is definitely there, though maybe that's the Trekkie in me talking. The bottom line? If you're a Trekkie, or just a fan, this game is a pretty good buy. If you like the ST universe, but want a bit more game for your buck, hold out for Voyager: Elite Force. If pure strategy, with a hint of Star Trek is more your style, check out Birth of the Federation.

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