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Far Cry 2 By: John "Award" Del Percio
Ed: Forest "LordHavoc" Hale
October 31, 2008
Developer :Ubisoft Montreal
Publisher :Ubisoft
Release Date :October 24, 2008
Platform :
Table of Contents

· Introduction
· Closer Look
· Facts
· Final

Not Quite a Movie Scrypt

Despite the upcoming Far Cry movie (based upon the original game,) the story, though well conceived and developed, still feels a bit shallower than one would expect. Overall the game's implementation offers a lot and is definitely a worthwhile experience. It's a unique new take on shooters, and offers some gameplay depth previously not seen in your average shooter courtesy of its new RPG adventure elements, though, no doubt, they will not cater to everyone, especially those that truly loved the gameplay of the original Far Cry.

Unfortunately, the feeling I get from this game is that, while it's good, while it's a step in the right direction, and despite the great new graphics, it's something of a prototype. I liken it, in many ways, to Morrowind. It was open, expansive, and utterly huge with some great gameplay to be had in it, but suffered from the flaws of being too big, too slow to move between places, and had way too many meaningless battles just to appease the demand for extreme open-endedness. Oblivion was the solution to the over-sized mess of the otherwise beloved Morrowind, so in that regard, I'm eagerly awaiting a future Far Cry 3 to tighten up the focus and pace a bit, as well as fix the weak and unskilled combat system and redundancy that I feel is ultimately the biggest hindrance in enjoying the game.


Personal Note

Graphics - Sound - Gameplay - Depth - Multiplayer  Reviewed by John Del Percio
100 %

It's based on Far Cry, provides top notch graphics, with huge drawing distances and doesn't pummel your hardware like Crysis, what's not to love?

100 %

Again, I doubt there's much of a surprise here. The sound is excellent, and very directional with very high quality effects. No complaints at all, though the ringing phone can drive you crazy after a while.

79 %

Despite the score teetering on the low side, it actually is a fun game...for a while. Ultimately the weak combat and repetitive overall play detracts from the fun, but if you're a shooter fan, this is still one you won't want to miss.

75 %

The story won't be winning anyone an Oscar, but at least it's well thought out and makes an attempt at being detailed. The malaria was an odd touch, but detracts from the gameplay more than the story. As for immersive game depth, while the RPG elements add some interesting depth not usually found in a shooter, the actual combat is almost retro...something one wouldn't expect in a next-gen game. In some games retro gameplay is a welcome throwback...for Far Cry 2, however, I expected a bit more.

0 %

Multiplayer was not tested for this review.

It's not the best title I've played recently, but it's reasonably solid, and while, for me, wasn't truly addictive, can provide a fair amount of fun in the right hands. I've tried to keep my dislike for Crytek style games at bay in the interest of objectivity, though I can say the Far Cry 2 formula does a bit more for me than the original, despite its flaws.

Personal Notes from Forest Hale:
Overall I enjoy this game, and it reminds me a great deal of Fallout but in a seamless FPS world (with no loading screens or interruptions of any kind), it will be interesting to see how it compares to Fallout 3 which has come out in the same week.

Overall Rating



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