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Quake3: Arena Review by Jay, February 3, 2000
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Developer : ID Software
Publisher : ID Software
Release Date : Out Now
Demo Available : No
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Closer Look


As we all know Quake 1 and Quake 2 are one player game, which involve working your way through the game in a series of levels and sections. Quake3: Arena runs much differently however as it solely revolves around the multiplayer aspect of gaming.

Quake3: Arena is set aound a series of 25 maps, each carefully designed to maximaze enjoyment. These 25 maps are seperated in 'Tiers', which range in difficulty running from Tier 1 (easiest) to Tier 7 (hardest). The fun aspect of every level is that you arent constantly set up against a set number of opponents, for example, you could play 4 players on one level and 1 on the next.

You may have heard rumours that the single player game of Quake3: Arena is just a warm up for playing human-to-human across the Internet. This isnt true, as the AI (Artificial Intellegence) of all of the bots in Quake3 is superb. For example, if you are staging a stand off against a bot, it wouldnt just start unloading at you. It would, however, carfully plan its attack making use of its resources and weapons. Plus, if there was alternative way to kill you, it would go for the easiest one.


Quake3: Arena has built in modifications such as the classic team game 'Capture The Flag'. Capture the flag is a team game in which you square off into two teams and try to steal each others flag. You 'Capture The Flag' when you steal the opponents flag and touch your flag, which has to be situated in you base. New features have been added to this version of Capture The Flag however, as you can order your team mates around. These can be such commands as "Stay at base" and "Go for the flag". You can also order you team to gaurd you if you have the flag or if you just fancy some company.

There are lots and lots of skins concealed into Quake3: Arena. They are alot different to Quake 1 and Quake 2 however, as for example, one of the skins available to you is an 'eye', which has mounted guns and a pair of legs. Classical...

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