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Quake3: Arena Review by Jay, February 3, 2000
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Developer : ID Software
Publisher : ID Software
Release Date : Out Now
Demo Available : No
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Closer Look

Free For All and Team Deathmatch...

In addition to Capture the flag, are a series of modifications built into the game. One of them is called Free For All (FFA). Free For All is exactly how is sounds...a deathmatch game with up to 10 people on one level at any time. You can add bots and remove bots during the game to make it easier and harder for yourself aswell which is an much better than quiting to the title screen and starting again. Free For All also constantly restarts each tiome you complete it so, in a snse, you could go on forever. All of the features in Capture The Flag are in this aswell. Such as sounds when you hit your opponent, 'Excellents', and...of course all the weapons. If you ever get board of playing free for all, which is unlikely, you change the setting of the game including Time Limit and Frag Limit to add more depth into Free For All.

Team deathmatch is another one of the many modifications built into Quake3: Arena. So if you do become ultamitely sick of Deathmatching you can try it in teams. Team Deathmatch is brilliant in the sense that you can configure your game so well to how you want to play it. For example you can pick how many people are one either team, how is on either team and there skins. You get some good maps to play Team Deathmatch on. These are off the original Tornament part of it. In Team Deathmatch you also have the option of allowing Friendly Fire on your team. If you chose 'Yes' to this and start killing you ow team-mates on purpose they will kill you back. So to be safe you should leave it off. Either way is fun, but having it on yes does test you reativity and reflexes as if there was someone coming around a corner and he was on your team, your immeidate reaction normally is to shoot. But if you are good enough you wont shoot. This takes alot of practice and does become really hard.

Tornament and Deathmatch...

Tornament is a great modification. It runs more or less the same as the tornament in the main game. But on the skirmish version of tornament you can choose as many bots as you want on one level to go head to head. For example, if you chose a level which had one person (opponent) verus yourself and you chose 8 bots to go on the level. You would end up have you and someone else fight and the other 6 would be spectators unitl someone loses then they take over. Its a great idea if you want a long game of Quake3: Arena, as when I tried this I was on it for about 2 and a half hours on one map. In tornament mode you can run on either frag limit, time limit or both (whichever comes first in your game). If you set the time limit to 10 minutes and the frag limit to, say, 20 and acheived the frag limit before the time limit you would win. Same goes if the time ran out before you ended up getting 20 frags.

Standard deathmatch is great. The god old fashioned style deathmatch. Just you and abunch of other people going head to head against each other to see who is the best. In deatchmatch there are about 20 maps to chose from, which is the highest out of the others (Capture The Flag, Team Deatchmatch etc.) You can set time limits, frag limits and bots numbers for the game to meet your satisfaction on how hard you want the game to be.

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