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Soldier of Fortune Review by Rage, April 20, 2000
Developer :Raven
Publisher :Activision
Release Date :Out Now
Demo Available :Yes - Download
Table of Contents

· Introduction
· Closer Look
· Facts
· Final

Getting the details

Soldier of Fortune claims to have a great AI (artifficial intelligence) system, much better than anything on the market. Unfortunately this is not true, infact the AI is far from great. A nice example: Having wiped away his mate an enemy is standing next to me without doing *anything*..nice knifing.

The base
Equipment menu
Getting ready to snipe
Where'd he go?

The "secrets" are simple and easy to solve. Running around the corner and activating a switch is a common task. One thing that keeps Soldier of Fortune from being great are the cheesy cutscenes and the horrible dialogues, your "partner" Hawk shows up here and there on the missions to to give you updated mission information or open a door. Somehow, Hawk always finds the easy way in and out. This and other logical glitches are annoying and unnecessary. A thing Raven could have prevented..

Gimme Guns!

In the beginning of each episode you’re able to equip yourself with available armory and inventory items. There are 12 weapons and 7 items in Soldier of Fortune. The weapon models are pathetically simple. Compared to other games they are edgy, clumsy and just ugly. The models are too wide compared to the hand or even to themselves. I have no idea what Raven was up to when making the models. Some guns have primary and secondary fire such as the heavy machine gun that fires grenades on secondary.
Here's a list of the weapons:

  • Combat Knife
    Just a bisic combat knife, can be thrown too
  • 9mm Pistol (Black Panther)
    Your basic pistol
  • .44 Pistol (Silver Talon)
    Pretty powerful handgun.
  • Shotgun (Berserker)
    Standard shotgun. Firing .12 gauge buckshot
  • Submachine Gun (Raptor)
    Small SMG. Rapid fire
  • Silenced SMG (Bulldog)
    Silenced UZI. Slightly less powerful than the SMG
  • Heavy Machine Gun (M-75 Guardian)
    Heavy Gun with attached phosphorus grenade launcher
  • Sniper Rifle (Eagle Eye)
    Uhm... what can I say
  • M202A2 "Flash" Rocket Launcher
    The "BFG". Do not use in closer quarters combat
  • M343D Flamegun
    Great for close quartesrs
  • H-24 Slugthrower (Heavy Hitter)
    Powerful weapon with attached greande launcher
  • Microwave Pulse Gun (MPG)
    This will cook your enemy's flesh
Silver Talon
Silenced SMG
Sniper Rifle

Weapon balance is pretty good although th heavy machine gun is almost unbeatable. Soldier of Fortune features a great variety of different skins. Most of them were done pretty nicely and the GHOUL system does a great job animating them. Raven hired the Motion Capture specialists from House of Moves. Each player model has over 200 animations so movement looks pretty realistic.

A really annoying thing is that grenades are extremely difficult to throw. It's virtually impossible to toss a grenade into a room.

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