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Soldier of Fortune Review by Rage, April 20, 2000
Developer :Raven
Publisher :Activision
Release Date :Out Now
Demo Available :Yes - Download
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Closer Look

Eye Candy?

Soldier of Fortune uses a modified Quake2. Although heavily modified, the graphics can't hold up with the recent 3d shooter releases. One thing i noticed is that the textures are extraordinary cheap looking. Again, I dont know what Raven was up to when making those.

Getting hot in here
Uhm...I'm hungry
Your enemy: sabre
Lil' bit of gore

Although being dated, the graphic engine runs very smooth, even on a P233 it should run without any problems. Unfortunately I've encountered some of the old Quake2 bugs. First, it's a pain to climb ladders. Sometimes you get stuck on a ladder or you can't start climbing at all. Second, elevators move too fast. If you fall of it's very hard to get back on the elevator since it keeps moving up and down.


Soldier of Fortune has a great soundtrack that keeps your adrenaline pumpin while blasting away your enemies. Creative's Environmental Audio is supported and adds to the atmosphere. The gun sounds are fairly unrealistic and would better fit into a cartoon than a 3d shooter. Since Soldier of Fortune's big thing is the gore and violence, there are plenty of realistic death screams, you shouldn't play this with open windows...


Strangely Soldier of Fortune multiplayer "feels" different than single player. The gameplay is way to fast for a game like this. Altough the game speed can be adjusted it reminds me more of a blood and flesh salad than a game. People move too fast to even think about using some kind of tactics. Soldier of Fortune uses for internet games, they require you to register a new account, which is luckily done very quickly.

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