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Tomb Raider Review by Jay, May 5th, 2000
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Developer : Core Design
Publisher : Eidos Interactive
Release Date : Out Now
Demo Available : Yes - Download
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Closer Look

The Prophecy...

"He will be the shadow across the sun; the bringer of plagues, his wrath will consume all lands and will be ceasless". No, its not Ricky Martin planning to release his new album ... its the plot for Tomb Raider the Last Revelation. You start the fourth game in the Tomb Raider series as a 16 years old Lara, who has embarked on a journey with the world famous archaeologist, Professor Werner Von Croy who is an inspirational figure for Lara. This adventure was arranged by Lara's father, Lord Henshingly Croft, who thought it was an educational experience for his eager daughter.

This is where the game begins, as Von Croy guides you through a level of simple tasks. This also acts as a training exercise which is good news for newcomers to the series. In this training level Lara learns her standard abilities such as running, swimming, climbing, crawling and rope swinging ... among others.

The game plays basically the same as the other Tomb Raiders, although the puzzles don't just involve moving items, pulling levers and using keys. Now Lara has to open doors, rope swing, shoot objects and even combine items to progress, such as the classic laser sight which combined with a number of weapons lets you sniper your foe.

People familiar with the series will remember how difficult the third Tomb Raider was. This is not the case with the fourth as the levels are shorter and the game can be saved at any point rather than finding save crystals. But another feature to add a slight amount of difficulty is the ability and necessity to travel back and forward through levels in search off levers and artifacts in order to progress to other areas of the game.

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