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Unreal Tornament
Unreal Review by Jay, February 6, 2000
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Developer : GT Interactive
Publisher : Epic Games
Release Date : Out Now
Demo Available : No - Download
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Closer Look


After completing the first series which is deathmatch you are awarded a new series called Domination. Domination is a good modification in which you have to work as a team to control the level via certain points in it. You normally have yourself plus three other team mates against four compuer bots who also have the same objkective as yourself. The location of the points and who controls them is shown on the left hand side of the screen. This is a major advantage, because if one point isnt in your control you know exactly where to find it. Below are a few pictures from Domination.

In domination the maps are specifically designed for quick access to all points no matter where you are. The weapons are also configured per level, as you may not have certain weapons on certain levels.

Capture The Flag

The next series after domination is Capture the Flag, first seen on Quake Internet gaming. After the very sucessful results of this modifction from Quake other companies decided to incorporate it into there games, as either built in or as a modification. Unreal Tornament has Capture the Flag built into the game at it is an important part. Capture The Flag feauters about 10 maps which range from temples to floating rocks orbiting earth. The game consists of two teams which each have their own flag to defend, a blue team and a red team. The teams are easily destinguished so you do not get confused easily on who you are shooting at. Once you start the game you have to collect some weapons as you need something better than an enforcer to defend/attack bases with. There are weapons situated all around your base so you need not go far you find a wepon such as the Redemeer or Rocket Launcher. To score a point you have to enter there base, getting rid of any resistance from the enemy and pick up there flag. Once you have there flag you must get it back to your base and youch your flag while holding theres. Getting away from the bases is the hard part as you have people shooting you with every weapon possible. There are also points in Capture The Flag levels where you can adopt a snipers position and start to lay into your opponents with head shots from a level away. You'll know when you get a head shot and a message and voice appear on the screen, plus there head explodes. Above with the domination pictures are some Catpure The Flag pictures to look at aswell.

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