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Unreal Review by Jay, February 6, 2000
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Developer : GT Interactive
Publisher : Epic Games
Release Date : Out Now
Demo Available : No - Download
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Closer Look


Assualt is one of the best additions to a first person perspective game I have ever seen. It completly diverts you away from the killing frenzy seen in Capture The Flag and Domination to a more complicated and tactical game, which requires alot of skill and patients to complete. To play Assualt you have to complete Domination, Deathmatch and Capture The Flag to a certain degree of excellency, which in turn takes quite a while depending on how good at the game you are. There are about 10 missions in Assualt which get alot harder as you progress through them. The levels range from the a Boat on a harbour to a World War Two famously known battle. Assualt is also very widely played in multiplayer across the Internet with the built in Gamepsy-like server generator showing you over 500 servers with over 7000+ players in total allowed on at once.


Challenge is some of the finest battles you will experience on Unreal Tornament showing off its true brillance as a multiplayer game. These levels are set in many many different locations ranging from an Oil Rig to a Egyptian like tomb. The computer controlled opponents on these levels are very difficult to kill and can really get to you at some points when they just constantly kill you and you loose all patients with the game however. The final battle after all these spectaular battles have occured, takes place on a ship in space in which you can go out side off in space and float about for a bit (but just be careful the end boss doesnt see you and ASMD rifle you into space and you get classed as killing yourself and you loose a point, which is highly annoying by the way). Have a look at some of the pictures below for Challenge and these should help you judge how good this game looks. However, you HAVE to experience this game for youself because, in my opinion, it contends for game of the year just 2 months into 2000.

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