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Unreal Tornament
Unreal Review by Jay, February 6, 2000
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Developer : GT Internative
Publisher : Epic Games
Release Date : Out Now
Demo Available : No - Download
Table of Contents

Closer Look

No holds barred...

Its offical, the government has legalised no holds barred street fighting in an attempt to control fighting umong miners...well in Unreal Tormament that is. It all starts by taking you through the beginning of what happened to the world 100 years after deathmatch was invented. Throughout this informative introduction we are shown the streets on a city in which deathmatch is legal. We end up going to a shrine which shows two fighters, you and your opponent. You are recognised in the Tornament as one of the greatest fighters ever, with your legendary skills.

Unreal Tornament comes across nothing like the original game in which we were an escapee of a wrecked prisions inmate transporter which was shot down and crashed landed on a planet. This game does keep some of the original weapons including the ASMD shock rifle and Ripper. All the landscapes are set in different places to each other. For instance you could be on earth fighting in the streets of a city and the next level could be on a island floating in outer space.

From the start...

When you first start playing Unreal Tornament, you have to orginally start with the deathmatch series in which you square of against a set number of opponents to kill each other and achieve the require frags for that level. The first person to that goal is the winner. After completing the majority of the deathmatch series you are awarded with a new series to play in, which involvels you to play in a team. The next series after deathmatch is domination. This involves controlling 'points' in the level. Once you have the points under your control you start earning points and the first one to 100 points is the winner. Other series include Capture The Flag, Assualt and Challenge.

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