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Star Trek: Starfleet Command II (dev team) By John "Award" Del Percio, December 07, 2000
Team :Taldren
Publisher :Interplay
Release Date :Mid-December, 2000
Demo Available : No

IRC Chat Transcript with the Taldren's Starfleet Command II: Empires at War Development Team

Starfleet Command was one of the most detailed, tactical, and thrilling games set in the Star Trek universe of its time. Naturally, we just had to get in touch with the development team of its sequel, Starfleet Command II: Empires at War. Here is the transcript from the logs our our live IRC chat with a few members of the team.

I have color coded the chat so you can better follow it. All GameVisions staff members are in red. Usually (if you see another name in brackets after the one in red) it is a question asked by someone. Otherwise, it is our own comments. The Raven Software team members are color coded as follows:

JinxxTaldren - Blue - Joshua Morris - Lead Designer/Asst. Producer
DavidFerrell - Green - David Ferrell - Scripting?

As with any live chat, it is a free forum. There may be questionable or offensive language contained herein that would not normally be found on GameVisions. GameVisions, nor the GV Staff members involved are responsible for any such thing. They are the words of the public who joined the chat, re-pasted in their entirety.

19:57:50 *** JinxxTaldren is on channels: #gamevisions

19:57:59 <GV-Award> ahh, right on schedule :)

19:58:19 *** Mode change "+o JinxxTaldren" by GV-Award

19:59:02 <JinxxTaldren> Ok im back

19:59:13 <JinxxTaldren> Im getting in a scripter.programmer

19:59:24 <JinxxTaldren> My name is Joshua Morris

19:59:24 -> *GV-LordHavoc* be sure to log this just in case mine fails

19:59:59 <JinxxTaldren> and Im the Senior Designer/ Associate Producer on the game.

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20:00:08 <JinxxTaldren> I will be handling most of the questions

20:00:11 *** Join: mudd2 (

20:00:11 <JinxxTaldren> =)

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20:01:34 <JinxxTaldren> yeah what screen?

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20:01:44 <JinxxTaldren> you should have access to take a shot from Beta?

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20:02:12 <JinxxTaldren> oops didnt whisper that

20:02:13 <JinxxTaldren> ;>

20:02:20 <GV-Award> hehe, I was wondering :)

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20:04:23 <JinxxTaldren> i see half you people every day on mplayer ;>

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20:05:20 <JinxxTaldren> get a BETA to get you the shot you need

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20:05:36 <JinxxTaldren> damn how do i fricken whisper in the java client

20:05:59 <GV-Award> hehe, haven't used it :)

20:06:09 <JinxxTaldren> lalala

20:06:13 <GV-Award> Ok, everyone

20:06:19 <GV-Award> Welcome to the SFC2 chat

20:06:30 <GV-Award> Welcome Jinxx

20:06:51 <JinxxTaldren> hello

20:06:55 *** Quit: JinxxTaldren (Quit: JinxxTaldren)

20:07:16 *** Join: JinxxTaldren (

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20:07:29 *** Mode change "+o JinxxTaldren" by GV-Award

20:07:32 <JinxxTaldren> thanks

20:07:36 <GV-Award> np

20:07:38 <JinxxTaldren> wasnt seeing chat

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20:07:45 <JinxxTaldren> thought i was on mplayer for a sec

20:07:51 <JinxxTaldren> ;>

20:07:51 <GV-Award> Jinxx: anyone else coming, or are you the whole development team tonight? :)

20:07:57 *** Join: ScottB (

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20:08:08 <JinxxTaldren> ScottB is on the team

20:08:14 <JinxxTaldren> I think we are it...

20:08:23 <JinxxTaldren> everyone esle is working on the patch =)

20:08:33 *** Mode change "+o ScottB" by GV-Award

20:08:41 <GV-Award> hehe, patched before release, eh? :)

20:08:48 <ScottB> Dave's here too

20:08:51 <JinxxTaldren> did i say patch?

20:08:59 <JinxxTaldren> I mean "point Release"

20:09:12 <JinxxTaldren> works for Id

20:09:15 <GV-Award> heheh...yeah, patch :)

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20:09:29 <GV-Award> at any rate, lets get this show on the road, ready?

20:09:36 <JinxxTaldren> sounds good

20:10:19 *** Part: DavidFerrell (

20:10:19 <GV-Award> <Lance> Is the new music really 'New' or is it just an orchastra playing the same ones in SFC1 sorta stuff?

20:10:24 *** Join: Blyre (

20:10:25 *** Blyre is on channels: #gamevisions #gamevisionsopen

20:10:34 <ScottB> Brand spanking new original compositions

20:10:42 *** Join: DavidFerrell (

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20:10:56 <JinxxTaldren> can you give Dave Ferrel mod too

20:11:01 <GV-Award> <Lew> Will Dynaverse 2 Servers be running when the game hits the shelves, or will there be a lag time from release to server launch?

20:11:05 *** Mode change "+o DavidFerrell" by GV-Award

20:11:10 <JinxxTaldren> thanks

20:11:12 <JinxxTaldren> Music

20:11:18 <JinxxTaldren> when we say new we mean NEW

20:11:25 <JinxxTaldren> NEW NEW NEW

20:11:28 <JinxxTaldren> and very good

20:11:30 <JinxxTaldren> =)

20:11:36 <JinxxTaldren> I think youll like it

20:12:03 <GV-Award> Heck, I liked the SFC1 music. It was more Trek-like than the real thing :)

20:12:09 <JinxxTaldren> its about 1.5 time as big as the SFC soundtracl

20:12:19 <GV-LordHavoc> <Armageddon> Is the SFC2 app going to be multithreded? i.e. if i run it in win2k w/ multi processors will it behave better?

20:12:33 <JinxxTaldren> also you can get both soundtrack on MP3 if you preorder =)

20:12:37 *** Join: thomas_davie (

20:12:37 *** thomas_davie is on channels: #gamevisions #gamevisionsopen

20:12:54 <GV-Award> <Modulus> In the Dynaverse, how is combat going to work? will it be "open" where people can join a battle that is already in progress, or will 2 fleets have to meet in a sector then initiate a battle.

20:13:21 <JinxxTaldren> We are working to have servers running by release....

20:13:47 <JinxxTaldren> We are hoping to release the server side files to people so they can have a server up by release as well

20:14:37 <JinxxTaldren> Im not getting text

20:14:38 <JinxxTaldren> brb

20:14:42 *** Part: JinxxTaldren (

20:15:54 *** Join: JinxxTaldren (

20:15:55 *** JinxxTaldren is on channels: #gamevisions

20:16:13 *** Mode change "+o JinxxTaldren" by GV-Award

20:16:14 <GV-Award> wb

20:16:20 <JinxxTaldren> next question?

20:16:36 *** Quit: Lance|Loggin (Quit: Errection reset by beer)

20:16:41 <GV-Award> <Overon> why hasnt interplay made a press release announcing sfc 2 has gone gold and when can we expect sfc 2 in stores?

20:16:55 <JinxxTaldren> I don't know

20:16:58 <JinxxTaldren> good question...

20:17:01 <DavidFerrell> Its on the website now

20:17:22 <GV-Award> Heck, I just recieved the release about Giants. That went gold two weeks ago :)

20:17:23 <JinxxTaldren> sneak attack on the xmas shoppers?

20:17:30 <GV-Award> I think it's safe to say PR is a bit behind :)

20:17:36 <GV-LordHavoc> since it didn't get answered earlier: <Armageddon> Is the SFC2 app going to be multithreded? i.e. if i run it in win2k w/ multi processors will it behave better?

20:17:47 <JinxxTaldren> but you should see it out next week

20:18:03 *** Join: greyhawke115 (

20:18:04 *** greyhawke115 is on channels: #gamevisions

20:18:29 <JinxxTaldren> we developed on win2k

20:18:46 <DavidFerrell> The server will see an imporvement but in general game play should be about the same

20:18:49 <JinxxTaldren> and yes I know the dyaverse 2 is multithreaded

20:19:01 <JinxxTaldren> it should work nicely on win2k

20:19:03 <JinxxTaldren> =)

20:19:08 <GV-LordHavoc> <no_socks> will the new game support 3rd party MODS and custom sound files to be added like SFC1?

20:19:11 <ScottB> There's a difference between multithreaded and symetric multiprocessing

20:19:16 <ScottB> Yers, the game is multithreaded

20:19:31 <DavidFerrell> Yes to mods

20:19:43 <JinxxTaldren> no_socks, Yes expect the same custom mods

20:19:52 *** Quit: maldo (Quit: )

20:19:54 <JinxxTaldren> but its up the the community to make them =)

20:20:09 <GV-LordHavoc> <Blyre> How much configuration options will be allowed within the standalone server interface?

20:20:34 <DavidFerrell> There are a ton (tm) of options

20:20:34 <JinxxTaldren> you can change a LOT about the game

20:20:41 <JinxxTaldren> including making your own maps...

20:20:50 <GV-LordHavoc> <[Hacked]> For those of us who pre-ordered to support SFC2, etc: Any idea when the orders will be shipped, and will they be shipped a little faster than they were when Klingon Academy was released?

20:21:02 * GV-LordHavoc suspects that's more of an Interplay question than taldren itself

20:21:07 <JinxxTaldren> no comment on KA...I have no clue

20:21:17 <JinxxTaldren> I would think they are shipped the same time...

20:21:25 <JinxxTaldren> so you should get them the same time as stores...

20:21:40 <JinxxTaldren> but then you get a bonus if you preorder in stores too ;>

20:21:49 <JinxxTaldren> at least EBand Babbages

20:22:03 <GV-LordHavoc> <ArcturusRhan> Who will host Dynaverse and how many initial campaigns?

20:22:29 <JinxxTaldren> Hosting will be done by YOU and Interplay will also support some servers

20:22:40 *** Join: TalonClaw (

20:22:41 *** FA-Dave is on channels: #gamevisionsopen

20:22:43 <JinxxTaldren> Think of the dyaverse as quake servers....

20:22:44 <GV-LordHavoc> <Roland_Windemeer> Question: What is the new campaign mode like? How does it improve on SFC1?

20:23:08 <JinxxTaldren> the more Muscle you put into the machine and bandwidth the more players you can have logged on to the server

20:23:18 *** Part: greyhawke (

20:23:35 <GV-LordHavoc> yeah the user hosted server model is very effective if the popularity is sufficient to get a lot of servers, and gets good coverage for people in different parts of the world usually, and of course the usual reason - it's cheap :)

20:23:36 <JinxxTaldren> well its the same as the dynaverse 2 multiplayer system

20:23:42 <JinxxTaldren> but with 1 person ;>

20:23:46 <JinxxTaldren> so a LOT

20:24:20 <JinxxTaldren> Yes i think our game is popular enough to be user server supported

20:24:26 <GV-LordHavoc> <Fenris> will the dynaverse 2 be shipping in the box, like it says on the box cover, or are the rumors true that dynaverse 2 will be patched in later?

20:25:03 <JinxxTaldren> It ships in the box....and will continuously be patched....

20:25:21 <JinxxTaldren> it should be working at release or within a couple days...

20:25:34 <GV-LordHavoc> <Overon> why has the plasma I implementation have the concept of "bank burn off" where an entire bank if plasma I's is depleted if one plasma I in that bank is fired in offensive mode?

20:25:39 <JinxxTaldren> that is what the team is workign on now =)

20:25:48 *** Quit: Roland_Windemeer (Quit: Leaving)

20:26:16 <JinxxTaldren> Overon, that not the case...

20:26:34 <JinxxTaldren> it will still fire the other loaded plasmas...but only at fighters

20:26:44 <GV-Award> <Modulus> In the Dynaverse, how is combat going to work? will it be "open" where people can join a battle that is already in progress, or will 2 fleets have to meet in a sector then initiate a battle. (my question was not answer earlier)

20:27:07 <JinxxTaldren> we chose to let you see the arming cycle of the offensive plasma of the group

20:27:27 <JinxxTaldren> there is no join in....

20:27:40 <JinxxTaldren> but you can mug someone when they come back out of a battle ;>

20:27:49 <GV-LordHavoc> <TalonClaw> Will Damage Textures be supported on 3dfx cards when the game ships?

20:28:07 <JinxxTaldren> Im not certain... I think its a patch item

20:28:28 *** Quit: Goff-afk (Quit: )

20:28:41 <GV-Award> <Overon> jinxx, if I fire 1 plasma I from a bank of 3 at a ship size frigate or larger, that's firing it in offensive mode, and it results in the entire bank, ie the 2 remaiining plasma I's to be depleted, so I have to recharge the whole bank completely even the plasma I's that I have never fired

20:29:02 *** Part: greyhawke115 (

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20:29:26 *** Quit: mudd2 (Read error: Connection reset by peer)

20:29:28 *** Quit: [Hacked] (Ping timeout)

20:29:32 *** Join: greyhawke115 (

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20:29:44 <JinxxTaldren> Overon that should not be the case....if it is its a bug and should be fixed

20:29:56 <GV-LordHavoc> <DJSatane> Will MPlayer have lobby ready for playing SFC2 when game hits the store shelves? or we gonna have to wait week or more for that?

20:30:05 *** Quit: thomas_davie (Quit: )

20:30:27 <JinxxTaldren> Even tho i dont work at mplayer anymore I will make sure they are ready =)

20:30:38 <JinxxTaldren> they will be online...

20:30:43 <GV-Award> <ArcturusRhan> Will Q-ships I pilot be easily identified by a probe and therefore blowing the whole Q-ship concept away!

20:30:44 <GV-Award> <Lew> hehe, you might be able to run checkers and pong on that

20:30:52 <GV-Award> (oops, caught two lines)

20:31:18 *** Join: mudd2 (

20:31:19 *** mudd2 is on channels: #gamevisions

20:31:27 <JinxxTaldren> you dont pilot Q ships...

20:31:32 <JinxxTaldren> but they are in convoys

20:31:52 <GV-Award> <Hacked> I heard that the mission API was changed quite a bit for SFC2. Will the SFC2 bonus disk come with the new mission API?

20:32:09 <JinxxTaldren> I think the API is on the CD?

20:32:25 <JinxxTaldren> if im wrong on that it will be a free download on the website...

20:32:29 <GV-LordHavoc> <Patgod> will there be PLAYABLE TALDRENS in the release version of SFC2, if not can they be in SFC2 gold

20:32:49 <JinxxTaldren> you mean Orions?

20:33:25 <GV-LordHavoc> <Blyre> hehe playable Taldrens

20:33:25 <GV-LordHavoc> <Lew> hehe

20:33:26 <GV-LordHavoc> <Patgod> no Taldrens

20:33:27 <GV-LordHavoc> * Lew slaps Patgod around a bit with a large trout

20:33:48 <JinxxTaldren> ummm No ?

20:33:51 <GV-LordHavoc> <Overon> will pf's be player controlled and will romulan pf's be able to cloak when theya re controlled by a player if they are able to controlled by a player

20:33:59 <DavidFerrell> The API is on the CD

20:34:01 <JinxxTaldren> well i guess you can play with me....i will be online ;>

20:34:31 <JinxxTaldren> PFs can be controlled but only launched by tenders and bases

20:34:48 <GV-Award> <DJSatane> Jinxx, According to your earlier MPlayer chat Plasma D is not in the release, but you said it may be added in a patch, is that still the case? How soon will that happen, and will all ships that supposed to have Plasma D get patched accordingly for example R-KCR?

20:34:48 <JinxxTaldren> not sure about cloaking maybe

20:35:08 <JinxxTaldren> still true and not the first patch

20:35:25 <JinxxTaldren> yes the ships that needed to be tweaaked will be

20:35:44 <JinxxTaldren> and other things will be added like H&Rs on AMDs

20:35:59 *** Join: Papa (

20:36:00 *** Papa is on channels: #gamevisions

20:36:01 <JinxxTaldren> no moy...

20:36:04 <JinxxTaldren> maybe later

20:36:07 <JinxxTaldren> sorry

20:36:10 <JinxxTaldren> damn

20:36:10 *** Join: jualdeaux (

20:36:11 *** jualdeaux is on channels: #gamevisions #gamevisionsopen

20:36:13 <JinxxTaldren> dir

20:36:32 *** Quit: Lance (Quit: <WhiteNoiz> must find descrambler to access porn channels)

20:36:39 <GV-Award> <Hacked> Question: Are there plans for a Starfleet Command 3, if so, can you give out a little info for us? :)

20:36:46 <JinxxTaldren> LOL

20:37:01 <JinxxTaldren> lets see how much you guys like SFC2 first...

20:37:13 *** Join: theSea (java@

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20:37:24 <GV-LordHavoc> <Overon> will plasma d be included in sfc 2 in any patch for sure?

20:37:47 <JinxxTaldren> we might have plans but iit all comes down to you guys and how much you make the game a success

20:38:07 <JinxxTaldren> Oven I see no reason why it shouldnt make it in

20:38:28 <GV-LordHavoc> <Blyre> On the making maps thing: Does this mean that there will be an editor included?

20:38:32 <JinxxTaldren> it was in and got yanked late due to a couple art/spec file/hard point issues

20:38:54 *** Part: theSea (java@

20:39:12 <GV-LordHavoc> will it be back in a patch?

20:39:27 <GV-Award> <MiniGoff> do fighters have to land to reload? do they get multiple shots per reload?

20:39:30 <JinxxTaldren> yes i would think so just not the first patch

20:39:34 *** Join: theSea (java@

20:39:35 *** theSea is on channels: #gamevisions

20:39:53 <JinxxTaldren> yes they need to reload based on what wepaons they carry

20:40:04 <DavidFerrell> Just a note Plama I works fine. By default come up in main mode must set to defensive to fire at fighters

20:40:09 <JinxxTaldren> heavy weapons must reload after a number of shots 1/2

20:40:26 *** Part: theSea (java@

20:40:33 <JinxxTaldren> also fighter that are lost are replaced if 1 fighter makes it back home

20:40:38 *** Join: theSea (java@

20:40:38 *** theSea is on channels: #gamevisions

20:40:39 <GV-LordHavoc> <TalonClaw> Will there be a strategy guide? If so, when will it be out and will it be better than the last one?

20:40:46 *** Part: theSea (java@

20:40:50 <JinxxTaldren> so a CVA that have 16 fighters can in effect have many more...

20:40:57 <JinxxTaldren> if managed correctly

20:41:13 <JinxxTaldren> yes there will be and SFCshadow is writing it...

20:41:19 *** Join: theSea (java@

20:41:20 *** theSea is on channels: #gamevisions

20:41:20 <GV-LordHavoc> <Lew> What's the cap for the maximum number of players for each race/total server for the public metas?

20:41:28 <JinxxTaldren> he is sorta a newbie but he might do an okay job

20:41:33 <JinxxTaldren> j/k

20:41:42 <JinxxTaldren> ive read the strat guide and it is excellent

20:41:59 *** Part: DavidFerrell (

20:42:05 <JinxxTaldren> brady games will have it out by the end of the year

20:42:18 <JinxxTaldren> no cap on players....

20:42:25 <JinxxTaldren> up to the machine/admin

20:42:25 <GV-LordHavoc> <Overon> will the shipping version of sfc 2 have included, inside the box, hit and run protection?

20:42:26 *** Join: DavidFerrell (

20:42:26 <GV-LordHavoc> <Blyre> A crash helmet included in every box? heh

20:42:26 *** DavidFerrell is on channels: #gamevisions

20:42:49 <JinxxTaldren> Overon is based on how many active marines you have on your ships..

20:43:09 <JinxxTaldren> so frigates still will get overon pathetically by B10s

20:43:16 <JinxxTaldren> err overun

20:43:28 *** Join: esper (

20:43:30 *** esper is on channels: #gamevisions @#xshells @#Tetrinet #TeenZone @#shadowfire

20:43:39 *** Part: ^Cody^ (

20:43:46 <GV-LordHavoc> <jualdeaux> So the strategy guide will be out at release?

20:43:59 <JinxxTaldren> i would estimate a little after release...

20:44:00 *** Join: Cody (

20:44:01 *** Cody is on channels: #gamevisions @#morbs @#United +#warez #TeenZone #shadowfire @#caution #ryders

20:44:16 <JinxxTaldren> but well worth the wait...

20:44:24 *** Join: JWest (

20:44:24 *** JWest is on channels: #gamevisions @#SFCSidechat #gamevisionsopen

20:44:29 <JinxxTaldren> and worth having in your collection

20:44:30 <GV-LordHavoc> <Lew> With groups of fighters, if I have 16, how many seperate "groups" of fighters is that? One big group of 16, two of 8, groups of 4?

20:44:42 <JinxxTaldren> it wont be 90% walkthroughs like most guides

20:44:46 *** Part: esper (

20:44:53 <GV-Award> SFC1 was perhaps the most grossly over-complicated game ever. Not in the sense that it was extremely tactical (that it was, but that's not the issue), but in the seemingly "random" actions that occured. Will SFC2 be a bit more "organized?"

20:44:53 <JinxxTaldren> there will be hadcore multiplayer stuff in there...

20:45:01 <JinxxTaldren> and gerneral tactics

20:45:45 <JinxxTaldren> no we want to be as random as possible and confuse people whenever possible...

20:45:47 <JinxxTaldren> j/k

20:46:11 *** Mode change "+o DavidFerrell" by GV-LordHavoc

20:46:11 <JinxxTaldren> could you rephrase the question?

20:46:33 <DavidFerrell> 4 groups of 4 fighters

20:46:34 <GV-LordHavoc> david: sorry for not noticing until now

20:47:03 <DavidFerrell> Yeah I had a scroll back problem. Got out of sink. DONT SCROLL BACK

20:47:09 <GV-Award> Essentially, SFC1 seemed completely random. The same things didn't always work twice (even under the same conditions), and it just seemed completely sporradic. Nothing holding it together but a bunch of skirmishes (campaign), or a few chance meetings (multi)

20:47:17 <GV-LordHavoc> david: or use an IRC client...

20:47:23 <JinxxTaldren> yes i did that 2 times before i figured it out =\

20:47:28 <GV-Award> Will SFC2 try to bind the campaign to be a bit more coherant, and make multiplayer more immersive?

20:47:51 <JinxxTaldren> if you mean the campaign then yes its better

20:47:57 <DavidFerrell> Absolutely. The Dynaverse II sets up missions based upon location

20:48:01 <JinxxTaldren> but you will still get a few odd events

20:48:19 <JinxxTaldren> if you mean the tactical game then i dont know what to say i thought it worked well

20:48:31 <GV-LordHavoc> <Aldaron> Have the plasmas been tweaked from the demo and in what way?

20:48:39 <DavidFerrell> If you are in one of your planets hexes you will most likely get a planet/base defense type mission

20:48:45 <JinxxTaldren> we changes fleet interface and stuff to make it easier in that reguard

20:48:50 *** Part: Arc (

20:48:55 <DavidFerrell> In deep space a patrol

20:49:03 <JinxxTaldren> yes what Dave said...

20:49:12 <DavidFerrell> If you see an enemy on the map you should be able to fight him

20:49:33 <DavidFerrell> or he might get sucked(tm) into your mission

20:49:33 <JinxxTaldren> next?

20:49:36 <GV-LordHavoc> <DJSatane> Question for: <DavidFerrell> How does Plasma I work in offensive mode and what are its restrictions in SFC2 in the box?

20:49:49 <GV-LordHavoc> (althou Aldaron's question was not answered)

20:50:19 <DavidFerrell> In Defensive mode you can fire once per turn at cap ships. They will fire automatically at enemy fighters

20:50:22 <JinxxTaldren> plasma is the same as the demo....

20:50:31 <DavidFerrell> Just verified this with the gold version

20:50:58 <JinxxTaldren> holding costs etc

20:51:02 <GV-LordHavoc> <TalonClaw> How does a war start? Is it by continually attacking the enemy until tension causes war or can one person venture into enemy space and start a war?

20:51:16 <JinxxTaldren> some races will start at war...

20:51:29 <JinxxTaldren> and fighting friendly nieghbor can make a war

20:51:46 <JinxxTaldren> a server admin can set who is at war with who at the beginning of the game...

20:52:10 *** Quit: ScottB (Quit: )

20:52:26 <GV-LordHavoc> <Hacked> Question: Will the new FMSE and ShipEdit still be included with SFC2?

20:52:34 <JinxxTaldren> leaving poeple alone can also stop a war after a while

20:53:06 <JinxxTaldren> Hacked it will be downloadable as soon as we verify they are working with the game...

20:53:07 *** Quit: Fenris (Quit: (I was using Polaris 2000) Version:(1.0) Webpage:( Wasted:(8 Minutes and 30 Seconds Online))

20:53:11 <JinxxTaldren> for free

20:53:23 <GV-LordHavoc> david: BTW you didn't answere for offensive (the subject of DJSatane's question)

20:53:38 <GV-Award> <Moyzan_AFK> question: I'm from Quebec and i want space hockey! will that be a standard multiplayer gametype? :)

20:53:48 <JinxxTaldren> i dont want to scroll back =

20:53:51 <JinxxTaldren> im scared

20:53:57 <DavidFerrell> Sorry Offensive will charge like a single T

20:54:00 <DavidFerrell> Type F

20:54:11 <GV-LordHavoc> Jinxx: I recommend using an IRC client

20:54:15 <JinxxTaldren> space hockey made it into the gold version of the game!

20:54:39 <DavidFerrell> GOAL!

20:54:44 <JinxxTaldren> i was late or i would have used a real client

20:54:46 <JinxxTaldren> =\

20:54:58 <GV-LordHavoc> <Overon> question for David Ferrell: the isc-ca has 6 plasma I, if it has 6 plasma I that are all fully charged, and it fires one at a cap ship, how many plasma I are left that are fully charged?

20:55:35 <JinxxTaldren> Overon is obsessing on the plasma I's

20:55:38 <DavidFerrell> Depends on mode. If in Defensive it has 4.

20:55:38 <JinxxTaldren> fear the frog

20:55:52 <GV-Award> <DJSatane> Question for: <DavidFerrell> When you fire plasma I in offensive mode at cap ship does it empty charge from all plasma I's at the hardpoint? Or just 1?

20:56:06 *** Join: Arc (

20:56:06 *** Arc is on channels: #gamevisions

20:56:17 *** Join: HorizonX (

20:56:18 *** HorizonX is on channels: #gamevisions #TeenZone @#xshells @#shadowfire @#Myst

20:56:36 <DavidFerrell> Ok I'm verifying in game once again. Just a sec.

20:56:40 *** Part: HorizonX (

20:56:45 *** Topic changed to "GameVisions || || LIVE: Chat with Taldren on Starfleet Command II underway || ask questions in #gamevisionsopen" by GV-LordHavoc

20:56:46 *** Topic changed to "GameVisions || || LIVE: Chat with Taldren on Starfleet Command II: Coming Soon!" by ChanServ

20:56:46 <JinxxTaldren> next question in the meantime

20:56:59 <GV-LordHavoc> <Blyre> Question: Will there be any cinematics or other such devices to move the game's story along?

20:57:13 <JinxxTaldren> only the opening movie....

20:57:31 <JinxxTaldren> we chose to spen time and money on gameplay...

20:57:33 *** Part: Cody (

20:57:50 *** Join: ^Cody^ (

20:57:50 <JinxxTaldren> spend even

20:57:50 *** ^Cody^ is on channels: #gamevisions #gamevisionsopen @#morbs @#United +#warez #TeenZone #shadowfire @#caution #ryders

20:58:14 <DavidFerrell> Ok Modes are Offline, Mainl, Defensive, and Full Defense

20:58:17 <GV-LordHavoc> jinxx: a wise choice :)

20:58:36 <DavidFerrell> Main is charged an acts like a single F per Hardpoint

20:58:44 <JinxxTaldren> buy 2 million copies of SFC2 and ill give you movies in our next game ;>

20:58:51 <GV-LordHavoc> <Lew> When will each multiplayer metaverse campaign end? After a set amount of time, or when there is only one empire left?

20:59:01 -> *chanserv* set #gamevisionsopen topic SFC2 Chat -ON AIR- || GameVisions || Join #gamevisions to see developers replies ||

20:59:08 <DavidFerrell> Defensive, you can fire once per turn at a cap ship and the rest go to fighters

20:59:09 <JinxxTaldren> when you are the only empire left...

20:59:19 <GV-LordHavoc> <Blyre> Question: Am I correct in assuming that SFC2 will be just another space battle generator?

20:59:23 <JinxxTaldren> each campaign might "end" before that

20:59:33 <JinxxTaldren> but you can continue to play as long as you like

20:59:34 -> *chanserv* set #gamevisions topic SFC2 Chat -ON AIR- || GameVisions || Join #gamevisionsopen to ask questions ||

20:59:35 *** Topic changed to "SFC2 Chat -ON AIR- || GameVisions || Join #gamevisionsopen to ask questions ||" by ChanServ

20:59:53 <DavidFerrell> In Defensive when you fire one at a cap ship the entire bank does not discharge only ONE torp

21:00:15 <JinxxTaldren> Another? how many are out there now ;>

21:00:24 <GV-Award> <MiniGoff> is gamespeed locked at 7 in dynaverse games?

21:00:32 <JinxxTaldren> SFC2 is more than that....but it does have that element...

21:00:40 <JinxxTaldren> no

21:00:47 <JinxxTaldren> admins can set the game speed

21:00:57 <JinxxTaldren> but its locked at whatever number they set

21:01:18 <GV-LordHavoc> <Aldaron> What happens if in the middle of a battle you get disconnected for some reason for the DYNA2?

21:01:32 <JinxxTaldren> bad things

21:01:41 <JinxxTaldren> lose a ship and 100 prestige...

21:02:12 <JinxxTaldren> get a good internet connection now ;>

21:02:19 <GV-LordHavoc> <Lew> What happens to players whose race has been eliminated from the meta? Can they join another race?

21:02:35 <JinxxTaldren> i think currectly they can continue to play...

21:02:44 *** Part: ^Cody^ (

21:02:45 <JinxxTaldren> but they have no bases to dock at

21:02:56 <JinxxTaldren> so they better band together quickly...

21:03:02 <GV-Award> <Blyre> Have they determined some base system requirements for the Standalone Server yet?

21:04:17 <DavidFerrell> I'm not sure if reqs are set

21:04:19 <JinxxTaldren> win2k or NT...

21:04:35 <GV-Award> give both :)

21:04:41 <JinxxTaldren> other than that the better you machine/bandwidth the more people you can log in at once

21:04:44 <DavidFerrell> or if they are exactly what they are (not including what Jinxx said

21:04:59 <GV-LordHavoc> why not 9X?

21:05:16 <JinxxTaldren> 9X doesnt make a good server...

21:05:25 <JinxxTaldren> technical reasons

21:05:26 <GV-LordHavoc> it does if it's doing absolutely nothing else

21:05:53 <GV-LordHavoc> any chance of a Linux server, or better yet Linux client? :)

21:05:55 <JinxxTaldren> i would have to check on the specific technical reasons...

21:06:09 <JinxxTaldren> but its more than "we didnt feel like it"

21:06:33 <DavidFerrell> I would not bet on Linux as it has been built aroung the NT arch

21:06:44 <GV-Award> yuck :)

21:06:44 <JinxxTaldren> lets get it working on ANY platform first and then work out what to port it too ;>

21:06:53 <GV-Award> <DJSatane> Question for: <DavidFerrell> so Defensive mode you can manually target 1 cap ship and fire single plasma I and rest can only go to fighters right? But if I dont fire any other for fighters, after 1 "turn"(cycle) can I once again use 1 plasma I in defensive mode at cap ship?

21:07:13 <GV-LordHavoc> Linux is really easy for dedicated servers, the only stuff you have to add is standard UNIX networking

21:07:27 <DavidFerrell> DJ yes

21:07:48 <DavidFerrell> If it is set to full defense it will only fire at fighters

21:07:58 <JinxxTaldren> to dave ferral " if i was scatching my butt while firing a plasma I would my fingers smell?"

21:08:05 <DavidFerrell> defense saves one for you to use as you wish

21:08:21 <DavidFerrell> Your fingers allways smell Jinxx

21:08:28 <JinxxTaldren> oh

21:08:30 <JinxxTaldren> thanks

21:08:38 <GV-LordHavoc> <Blyre> Question: Regarding the Orions, are they essentially an AI empire in the game?

21:08:43 <DavidFerrell> Nothing but the truth

21:08:44 <JinxxTaldren> yes

21:09:08 <JinxxTaldren> a scattered AI empire

21:09:12 <GV-Award> <Blyre> Question: On the Standalone Server, will the Host be able to join in the games that they host?

21:09:13 <GV-LordHavoc> <JWest> Dynaverse Admin Q: Can the Sysadmin set a 'designed' specfile as the base, rather than Taldren's, thus choosing which ships and modifications *s/he* wishes to allow?

21:09:36 <GV-LordHavoc> slight collision there

21:09:55 <DavidFerrell> No special specs supported in Dyna

21:09:59 <JinxxTaldren> Jwest I think so...., the sever passes down the ships so i think that would work...

21:10:12 *** Join: Umaro (

21:10:13 <JinxxTaldren> but Ferral might be right

21:10:13 *** Umaro is on channels: #gamevisions @#shadowfire @#United

21:10:18 <DavidFerrell> You can use them but no special support

21:10:30 <JinxxTaldren> we will find out ;>

21:10:48 <DavidFerrell> Hmmm..... I may have to back off of my answer and say not sure. Sorry

21:10:56 <JinxxTaldren> me too

21:10:57 <GV-LordHavoc> what about that host playing in games question?

21:11:09 <JinxxTaldren> we havent really tested that

21:11:38 <GV-Award> <ArcturusRhan> What special missles made it into the final release for Miraks?

21:11:52 <JinxxTaldren> im not sure if that is possible either....I dont think i would reccomend it...

21:12:21 *** Join: Skawpya (

21:12:22 *** Skawpya is on channels: #gamevisions #gamevisionsopen

21:12:22 <JinxxTaldren> no new missles....

21:12:51 <GV-Award> <Blyre> Question: Will the Standalone Server have new methods of making sure that everyone playing on it has the same version of the game?

21:12:52 <JinxxTaldren> well the fighter got new missile types but they arent mirak only

21:13:14 *** Quit: Modulus (Quit: Leaving)

21:13:15 <JinxxTaldren> there will be a method to verion check...

21:13:19 <JinxxTaldren> version check

21:14:04 <GV-LordHavoc> <Patgod> what happens if say your in like an SNP, die and dont have 100 BPV to lose?

21:14:30 <DavidFerrell> You better hope you have strong friends

21:14:39 *** Join: snow (

21:14:39 *** snow is on channels: #gamevisions #ryders

21:14:44 <JinxxTaldren> lol

21:14:48 <GV-LordHavoc> <JWest> And now, behind door three: Will changes in models show up as 'modified' games? And if so, can the sysadmin distinguish them from other, more dangerous mods?

21:14:58 <JinxxTaldren> you get another frigate for free

21:15:24 <JinxxTaldren> we arent supporting models in that fashion....

21:15:26 *** Quit: Moyzan_AFK (Quit: )

21:15:30 <DavidFerrell> if you mod with the same model name its ok same as 1

21:15:34 <JinxxTaldren> its basically the same support as SFC1

21:15:35 *** Quit: snow (Quit: xShells Internet Services -

21:15:37 <GV-Award> <JWest> Prestige Economics: Were any of the Prestige trading suggestions utilized?

21:15:42 <JinxxTaldren> we can see what we can change in patches

21:15:47 *** Join: snow (

21:15:48 *** snow is on channels: #gamevisions #ryders

21:15:49 <JinxxTaldren> a few more questions?

21:16:05 <GV-Award> aye

21:16:14 <GV-Award> <Lew> How long does it take (in real time) to move from sector to sector in the multiplayer meta (I know it varies, just wondering what the min-max range is)?

21:16:52 *** Quit: Aldaron (Client closed connection)

21:17:45 <JinxxTaldren> no trading of prestige...

21:17:47 <GV-Award> <DJSatane> Question for: <DavidFerrell> in ships like I-DD which only has 1 Plasma I per hardpoint (it has 2hardpoints of 1xplasmaI), you can still turn each hardpoint into "main" mode and use that as if it was F plasma?

21:17:51 <DavidFerrell> It will depend on turn speed

21:18:08 <JinxxTaldren> about 3 min +\-

21:18:17 <JinxxTaldren> but the server can change that....

21:18:24 <JinxxTaldren> to whatever they want

21:18:38 <GV-LordHavoc> <MiniGoff> what will stop 3 guys with good ships from banding together and single handedly taking over an empire?

21:18:46 <DavidFerrell> Plasma I yes but I can't think of the difference off hand

21:19:07 <JinxxTaldren> Goff time and repairing...

21:19:14 <JinxxTaldren> AI will also slow you down...

21:19:27 <GV-Award> <Blyre> Question: How much documentation will be included with the Standalone Server program?

21:19:35 <JinxxTaldren> it take a long time to wear down a sector

21:20:10 <GV-Award> <SFCShadow> <joke mode on> IIf I turn on the game and there are plasma I's in it, will it cause brain seizures and fainting from lack of comprehension?<Joke mode off>

21:20:11 <JinxxTaldren> the server text files are commented and I think dave is working on a mini manual

21:20:42 <DavidFerrell> Shit another thing still to do

21:20:47 <JinxxTaldren> Ok 2 more and we should wrap it up?

21:20:49 *** Quit: Patgod (Ping timeout)

21:21:02 *** Join: Patgod_SDK (

21:21:02 *** Patgod_SDK is on channels: #gamevisions #gamevisionsopen

21:21:22 <GV-Award> ok

21:21:32 <GV-Award> <Blyre> Question: Do you have estimates yet on the approximate numbers of players can be supported on the Standalone?

21:21:45 <JinxxTaldren> yes 1

21:22:00 <DavidFerrell> Good answer

21:22:37 <JinxxTaldren> if you mean a user run server it all depends on what hardware net connection you want to comit to it

21:23:07 <JinxxTaldren> and we dont have an answer until you guys try it

21:23:07 <JinxxTaldren> ;>

21:23:18 <GV-Award> <Overon> how many pages is the sfc 2 manual and when was it written in comparison when the game went gold?

21:23:42 <JinxxTaldren> thats a dave question...

21:23:43 <GV-Award> (and is it spiral bound as the original was, or was it fused with Plasma I Torpedoes? :))

21:23:43 <JinxxTaldren> =)

21:24:10 <DavidFerrell> about 220+ pages and it seems like it was finished eons ago

21:24:17 <DavidFerrell> aeons

21:24:24 <DavidFerrell> eyorres

21:24:30 <JinxxTaldren> the strategy guide should be more up to date....

21:24:41 <DavidFerrell> A really f****ing long time

21:24:50 <JinxxTaldren> ok that it?

21:24:54 <DavidFerrell> All the data should be good

21:25:00 <JinxxTaldren> it was fun chatting =)

21:25:06 <GV-Award> it was

21:25:06 <DavidFerrell> but use the online help too

21:25:10 <JinxxTaldren> yes the manual data should be good

21:25:18 <JinxxTaldren> if not totally complete

21:25:19 *** Join: CTone (

21:25:19 *** CTone is on channels: #gamevisions

21:25:26 <GV-Award> I'd like to thank Jinxx, David, and the rest of the Taldren team for making it to the chat tonight

21:25:37 *** Part: CTone (

21:25:42 <GV-Award> I hope you all got your burning questions answered, and that it will tide you over until next week or so :)

21:25:46 <GV-LordHavoc> <MiniGoff> what is the airspeed of an unladen swallow

21:26:00 <JinxxTaldren> i hope it was informative and im sure youll all enjoy your SFC2 purchases next week ;>

21:26:09 * GV-LordHavoc couldn't help copying that one

21:26:11 <DavidFerrell> are you implying that coconuts migrate

21:26:11 <DavidFerrell> ?

21:26:14 *** Join: CTone (

21:26:14 *** CTone is on channels: #gamevisions #gamevisionsopen

21:26:28 *** Part: Reptor7 (java@

21:26:32 *** Quit: Scip (Quit: Scip)

21:26:34 <JinxxTaldren> i think we handled plasma I's if nothing else

21:26:41 <GV-LordHavoc> davidferrel: not sure what relation swallows have to coconuts

21:26:48 <DavidFerrell> Free Plas I for everyone

21:26:49 <GV-Award> hehe, please inform NASA of your research in plasma :)

21:26:52 <JinxxTaldren> thanks all for coming

21:27:00 <GV-Award> One last question....

21:27:01 <GV-LordHavoc> award: heheh

21:27:03 <GV-Award> What's next for Taldren?

21:27:07 <JinxxTaldren> seeya on mplayer and in your dynaverse campaigns

21:27:10 <DavidFerrell> SLEEP

21:27:14 <GV-Award> Any thoughts on an Earth Final Conflict game or anything?

21:27:15 <JinxxTaldren> good answer

21:27:20 <DavidFerrell> thats whats next. SLEEP

21:27:23 <GV-Award> hehe

21:27:34 <GV-Award> enjoy your hybernation....and have a nice holiday.

21:27:43 <JinxxTaldren> no we are looking into battlestar Galatica 1980 next

21:27:48 <DavidFerrell> We really wanted to do a Far out space nuts game

21:27:51 <GV-LordHavoc> jinxx: heheh

21:27:56 <DavidFerrell> but we couldn't do the license

21:28:05 <GV-Award> hehe

21:28:12 <JinxxTaldren> richard hatch will do voice overs i hear

21:28:20 <JinxxTaldren> but he has to write our scripts =\

21:28:23 *** Quit: Patgod_SDK (Ping timeout)

21:28:31 <DavidFerrell> Flying motorcycles

21:28:38 <JinxxTaldren> anyway

21:28:39 <JinxxTaldren> im out

21:28:39 <GV-Award> (We'd also like to thank Umaro the server admin for providing this lovely forum for the chat </plug>:)

21:28:43 <JinxxTaldren> thanks for coming

21:28:55 <GV-Award> Thank you.

21:28:56 *** Quit: MiniGoff (Quit: )

21:28:57 <JinxxTaldren> thank you hosts...

21:29:00 <DavidFerrell> Good night and pleasant plasma :)

21:29:01 <JinxxTaldren> you were very good

21:29:02 <JinxxTaldren> =)

21:29:03 <GV-Award> It was our pleasure

21:29:10 *** Quit: JinxxTaldren (Quit: JinxxTaldren)

21:29:12 <GV-LordHavoc> pleasant plasma? heheh

21:29:13 <DavidFerrell> Thanks to all

21:29:13 *** Quit: Papa (Read error: Connection reset by peer)

21:29:13 *** Quit: theSea (Quit: theSea)

21:29:17 *** Mode change "+o Umaro" by OperServ

21:29:18 <GV-LordHavoc> rest well

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