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2000 Top Pupil Awards By John "Award" Del Percio,
January 13, 2001

Best Hardware

In the future, we may have a separate section for each category of hardware. At the moment, there is too much hardware scattered among too many different categories to keep them separate. Here we will rate the single most advanced piece of hardware in the industry.

AMD Thunderbird/Athlon

There has not been much in the way of "must-have" gadget hardware produced this year, in favor of more practical amenities. This years Hardware of the Year award goes to AMD for their Athlon/Thunderbird processors. It takes a lot to beat Intel at their own game, but AMD has given them a serious run for their money. Intel may still be winning the marketing war, but AMD has certainly won the pricing war, with chips 40%+ cheaper than Intel's chips, yet equal, and in some cases (namely with the Thunderbirds) faster than the Intel chips. The Durons, too, have given the Celeron a good chase, held back only by the missed "back-to-school" season sales. The Thunderbirds are the definite must-have chip for gamers, with 3DNow!, and the ability to get a faster chip for a lower price. You can definitely get a nicer video card with the money you saved. AMD has, for a time anyway, saved us from the clutches of mass-marketed Rambus driven Intel chips.

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